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Kiran JR- ()     06/07/2004 08:49 AM

These rouges are worst than hardcore criminals..
They should better stop this dirty business and start a online program on cheating the innocent people. So, subscribers please dont get trapped by the advertisements given by this ASSHOLES.

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Bold- ()     05/18/2004 23:09 PM

I ordered gifts for my mom in india for mothers day. These thugs don't give a shit about anybody's sentiments.

The order was placed on May 02, till date May 19, its not delivered, 4 emails have been sent, no replies yet. No phone number to call. Never buy from rediff shopping.

Frustrated Rediff Shopper.

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IndiaTimes again- ()     05/06/2004 09:20 AM

I had similar bad experience with Indiatimes. Really, they are worst in the internet shopping business...
I had also ordered for the gifts to be sent to my mother and chose from their list of cities and no order came and no money was sent back as refund.

They do not reply to emails. I sent many and they don't even read them before they send you a 'copy pasted' reply that they probably send to every unhappy customer that does not address your issue!

On advise of Ms.Chandrika I am now getting somebody in India to call them and give them good.
But not so lucky as her as they also do not pick up their phone and my relative is trying each day..

Amount is not big but it is principal that is important. If I do not get my money back I will think this is my punishment for being stupid and ordering from them.

anybody with same experience?

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A Mazumdar- ()     05/04/2004 17:30 PM

Hi guys,
      I just wanted to send a mobile phone to someone in India and was silly enough to use REDIFF SHOPPING. After a lot of emails/faxes, I finally
was able to confirm that I was the person I was claiming to be.
Anyway, suddenly after 5 days of receiving the confirmation from them, they came back to me saying that the shipping address was not serviceable, hence my order was cancelled. But what is sad about this is that I had chosen the address from a list of cities from their web site only...what I dont understand is that why a city should appear in the list if it isnt serviceable?
          Now I am going around in circles claiming my money back.....BEWARE of these THUGS...

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Atul- ()     04/23/2004 10:14 AM

Last year I sent a saree to my sister in India on Diwali. The saree was a Tusser Silk as per the description, worth about Rs.1500.They even had a picture of it on the site. Couple of major issues with the saree that was delivered: They cheated by sending a handloom cotton saree which will not be worth wearing if you are form a decent family. And the package did not have my sisters name though the address was correct. My sister was scared to even receive the order as the name was John ... on it. She even was skeptical if she should open it. Only when I called her did she open it. But the saree was so bad that she couldn't use it for a day.
When I tried contacting the Customer Service they wouldn't respond to my e-mails. So beware if you sendign stuff to india using rediff Shopping.

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Chandrika kumar- ()     04/19/2004 00:28 AM

Just a word of caution for people who want to send gifts/flowers to loved ones in India and are tempted to use Indiatimes...
Dealing with them has been a nightmare. They not only did not deliver my order (they did very promptly charge my credit card though), but did not even have the decency to reply to my queries regarding my order! They have just one customer care number that too in Delhi; which is accessible only if you call them at some ungodly hour from the US, and then too its your luck, if they answer or no.
Finally after a lot of phonecalls/emails I was able to get them to atleast cancel my order!!
It took another 20 odd days for them to refund my credit card charges...
The whole experience was like pulling teeth. Customer care is abysmal and if you do not persevere with your phone calls, emails and threats to sue them...they will happily take your money..
Please beware, before you buy anything for your loved ones on teh internet, make sure you read the feedback you can find on the company and make sure they have a phone number you can reach easily from the US.

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