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bug1983     10/31/2015 14:56 PM

Hi I have a question about priority dates
Let say that mine is December 2010,this is the second time I apply for adjustment ,will they count from the date they receive my new application(my wive was a GC when we send first time)?,I all ready received my new EAD
any ideas...

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Bonany93     10/31/2015 08:55 AM

 I was wondering what is the timeline for AOS in Miami Florida
It's been 3months since case status said CASE IS READY TO SCHEDULE FOR AN INTERVIEW.

My case went to Lee's summit mo
5-28-15 uscis package sent
6-28-15 biometric appointment

So we had forgotten to send application for ead .
Then we sent it in September
 10-6-15 case is received for ead
 10-14-15 uscis stated that they were able to reuse my previously captured fingerprints and biometric since then nothing.

#1 when will I probably received a schedule date for interview, what should I do?
#2 when will I possibly receive my ead card ?
 Cause I have a job that's been waiting for me a long time
And I really want to get back to work.

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heartu10     10/30/2015 22:08 PM

Hello guys. I am in a bit of complicated situdation with my case so I hope I can get some opinions from you.
My timelines are as below

*Came to US with K1 visa : 06/03/15
*Married to USC : 06/22/15
*Priority date : 08/03/15 (I-485, I-131, I-765)
*Biometrics : 08/27/15
*EAD/AP received : 10/05/15

## Field Office: Oakland Park, FL

Well, long story short.. my name was misprinted on EAD card and partially, it was my fault.
My name is AA BB CC and name was on card was BB AA CC. (first name and middle name are backwards)

My dilemma begins from here..

1. If I send the EAD card back to NBC, it would take for 2 months or so to reissue the new card not to say of I need to pay filling fee again. (380USD for just EAD, 740USD for combo)

2. Another lady posted a week ago(her priority date was 3days earlier than mine and EAD/AP card issuance date was prettyl close to mine too), she got an interview date on November from the same field office.. I have not heard anything about the interview yet. No NPIW, no interview date nothing... When I visited the field office because of the name issue, the officer said since I came to the US with a K1 visa I might not need to have an interview. I was told that interview waiver case takes longer to obtain GC compared to the ones have interview. Is that true?

I am not sure sending back EAD card to USCIS and wait for another 2 months while spending another 380 USD for the replacement of the card is a good idea since it might be my turn for the GC approval soon enough.

Interview is conductiing for the cases around my priority date, in this case can I expect the GC will be approved anytime soon even though my interview is waived?

I already inquired to USCIS and they said I just need to wait...
I am not even sure if I can get a job with this card (first name and middle name backwards... spellings are all correct..).

Any suggestions or opinions will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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kbhouston     10/30/2015 18:50 PM

In in Houston, waiting for interview, AOS by marriage, for me and my daughter:
Time line:
USCIS package received date: 06/02/2015
Biometris date: 06/25/2015
EAD/AP received date: 08/19/2015

But really no changes on the website since then, Should i be worried because my status hasn't change to: Ready for interview at least? Or is that normal?

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A.a.a.S     10/30/2015 13:26 PM

What is the timeline for adjust status marrige baise in Wisconsion?
When will i get my EAD card and interview?

I filled for i-485 i-130 i-131 i-765 on 09/11/2015
Recived date September 14
Fingerprint fee recived September 16
Biomatric done October 09
No update since then, can someone help me and tell me the timeline in Wiscansion?

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rp2103     10/30/2015 10:15 AM

I ma going to share my interview experience soon but before that anyone knows
How long does it take to change status online after the interview. my interview was 5 days ago and they didnt change status update after that...
anyone else experienced same thing??

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Greciaz13     10/29/2015 23:15 PM

Priority date:August 28
Biometrics:September 22

Since then I haven't Received anything and the wait is driving me insane. I also moved To another state so I don't know if thats making my case take longer or I might just be really impatient lol.

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Johnk     10/29/2015 20:32 PM

Hi guies I really need help if someone can help me.
It's being 2 months since I submitted my case and is gonna be my 2nd time to receive rfe about the form 864.for this time they are asking me something like on household size for my sponsor and joint sponsor should not be 0 or 1.
I don't get that . What should I put then? I don't understand what they reAly need. I need help , I don't have money to gethe an attorney.

Thanks a lot for your precious help

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Happilymarrried     10/29/2015 20:25 PM

Does anyone here filling or already filled recently AOS ( I-485 based on marriage )
from Denver, CO?
Just wondering how fast Denver Officie Field process its cases.

Thank you.

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amazinggrace     10/29/2015 20:13 PM

Has anyone had an interview in Georgia and was given a greencard?
Please what documents did you take and what questions were asked. Thank you

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