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Parucrav     06/02/2018 19:09 PM

I have applied for EAD renewal within 180 days from the current EAD expiry date. I have received the new EAD card today and surprisingly the new Renewed Card valid from last week with expiry date in 3 months(first week of aug). In fact the old card spicy date is until aug end. Our Visa is valid until year end. Not sure why the renewed card expiry date is less than the existing one and how do we need to handle this case? Can someone please guide/ advise on how to Proceed on this?

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geppis     03/20/2018 11:42 AM

So finally, after submitting my wife's EAD renewal back at the very end of October, my wife's EAD Renewal was renewed. Today she received the Renewal notice in the mail, with the card to set to be mailed this week.

Just for reference, her timeline looked like so:

Oct 19th 2017 - I-765 Renewal mailed to CSC
Oct 25th 2017 - Application Received by CSC
Oct 30th 2017 - Receipt Notice received
Jan 24th 2017 - First SR raised online
Jan 27th 2017 - SR answered - within normal processing time
Feb 8th 2017 - Notice received that case was transferred to new office (Vermont)
Feb 20th 2017 - Request Raised with Ombudsman for information on case
March 3rd 2017 - Ombudsman accepted request and reached out USCIS for information
March 14th 2017 - Ombudsman makes 2nd request to USCIS for information related to case
March 19th 2017 - Renewal approval notice arrive via mail.

So it took 5 months to the exact day for my wife to receive her renewal notice. It's absolutely insane to think that processing times have now pushed out that far, just relieved that she can now no longer worry regarding her status. We don't look forward to going through all this again when i renew my E3 visa at the end of the year.

Good luck to you all & i hope you receive your EAD's in the mail shortly!

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amijoe2001     03/19/2018 01:31 AM

I applied for my wife's EAD on Dec 6, 2017, after my H1B extension upon getting approved I-140. I completed I-765 on my own without lawyer's assistance. (My company lawyer quoted \$1200 for this. I only paid USCIS fees of around \$400). I sent completed documents to Nebraska center (since Michigan falls under Nebraska jurisdiction as per I-765 instructions) on Dec 6 and receipt was sent on Dec 12, 2017. However, receipt number was starting with EAC meaning it was sent to Vermont.

We received approval notice on March 17, 2018, and EAD card on March 19, 2018. Processing time as per on USCIS site was more than 115 days for Vermont. (As of Jan 31, 2018, they were processing Oct 9, 2017, applications). So I was expecting a response by the first week of April. I was expecting an RFE or denial since I sent wrong I-797 for H1B principal's spouse. (or at least I felt it was a wrong one). I realized it just after mailing it but did not find any way to notify USCIS or send an updated document. I could only notify address change.

I thought of sending an inquiry yesterday. But to my surprise saw an approval notice from USCIS in my mailbox on March 17. I guess USCIS did not send RFE to notice because either I only thought I sent wrong I-797 but sent correct one (I have two I-797, one for approved I-140 and another for H1B extension based on approved I-140. I sent the second one.) or USCIS had the records with them and did not need me resend another I-797.

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nomadkate     09/24/2017 14:19 PM

I found a video clip in youtube stating that if a US American abandons you and does not have plans petitioning you, a foreign wife may file a self petition with or without husbands signature. My question is what kind of visa should I apply for when I enter the US because as of the moment I just want to be able to avail of the travel perks my sister gave me and see where our marriage is really going and talk to him personally before having him send me a declaration of divorce or what not. After all he is still living w my dad and odd enough that he does not communicate w me anymore for more than a year now.

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sdhar     09/22/2017 16:55 PM

I applied to Dallas service center with SS, old F1 OPT EAD copy.
In 3 days I get a EAC number and they say that they have forwarded my case to Vermont Service Center.

Can someone explain why?
How does this impact time to issue the EAD card?


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joyjoy     06/27/2017 22:12 PM

Hi All- I would like to know about EAD for E3D dependents. Please help with your experiences.

1. How much time it takes to process EAD for E3D? Any states where it will process faster?
2. Will bio-metrics is must to get done for EAD?
3. Can I apply EAD in USA and come back to Australia while it is in process and go back when I get bio metrics request or approval?
4. Is it mandatory for me to be in US while EAD is getting processed?
5. If my husband changes his E3 employer do I have to file for your new EAD or can I apply for change of status in US?

Please advice with your knowledge and experience.


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visa145     05/20/2017 07:19 AM

Hi there,

I have an approved I-140. I would like to apply for H4-EAD for my wife, but she is in India at the moment. Can I go ahead and apply for H4-EAD or does she needs to be in US to apply for it.


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Porwalpoonam     05/17/2017 15:43 PM

Hi Friends,
my name is Poonam Porwal and I came U.S on L2 dependent Visa. I wanted to apply for Employment Authorization Document(EAD) but I am confused with the filing fee, whether it will be $410 or $495 for me.
As per the form I-765 I fall in the a(18) category.
Please guide me.

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aussie1522     02/09/2017 22:36 PM

I was working on E3 for one year with a consultancy and then I got an offer in a FTE role. Unfortuantely, there is no premium processing to transfer E3 to a different employer. The timeframe to transfer is almost 3 months. My FTE Company attorney suggested to step out of the country and get the visa stamped at the US Consulate. They filed the LCA for the new job and sent all the supporting documents. My wife and I went to Australia for the visa interview.

VO checked all the documents and below are the questions

VO: Documents
Me: Passport and LCA

VO: She asked for the petition
Me: and I said I dont have one.

VO: She asked me how did I get this offer and what visa was I before and my previous employer.
Me : Showed her my previous petition and explained her my situation.

VO: She asked me if I know anyone from the new company
Me: Replied


VO: How long have you married
Wife : Repled

VIsas granted and we got the passports in 2 days.

After entering into the country my wife applied for the EAD and she got it in 3 months. First time she got it in one month.

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