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rsk91     10/11/2017 20:58 PM

Hello Everyone,

  I had my Visa Interview on Oct 4th. I was n't given 221g slip. I was asked just basic questions like employer, location and package. Thought it's approved.
But when I check the status now it's still showing as "your passport is still with us emabassy/ consulate" and " administrative processing ".

Did any one face similar situation? When can I expect my passport ?


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wolverineMS     10/10/2017 23:48 PM

I had my visa interview on Oct 5th in Chennai consulate. The conversation with the VO was as follows:

VO: Passport please
ME: gave the passport
VO: Who is your petitioner?
VO: Do you work for a client?
ME: I work directly work for the employer.
VO: Is this for an existing position?
ME: Yes
VO: Where will you be working in the US?
VO: What does your company do?
VO: What is your highest qualification?
ME: Masters in Computer science
VO: What is your salary?
VO: Did you complete the masters in US?
ME: yes
VO: Were you out of status anytime?
ME: No

VO was typing something in her computer and then said that she cannot process currently and requires additional administrative processing(Gave me 221g blue slip). She herself said that there is nothing to worry. When I asked her that I have planned my return journey to US in 2 weeks, she said that shouldn't be a problem.(She retained my passport)

This is my first H1b stamping after F1 stamping. I have been in H1b for 4 years.

Anyone have an idea how long will it take to get the visa issued?
If you have similar experience, kindly post your insights.

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rkp1234     10/10/2017 14:03 PM

My wife attended H4 visa interview on Oct 4th at Hyderabad consulate and her visa was approved. But, Visa status is still in Administrative processing. Are there any delays in issuing the visa ? or is it normal now a days. we have attended in 2016 for H1 and H4.But, We received passports then in 3 days. now it is taking too long. Anybody has same issues ? Please share.

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f1h1bi140     10/10/2017 10:22 AM

Sep 19th, Finger printing.

VO: Good Morniing, I love your sons hair.
Me: Good morning , Thank you.
VO: Can I have your I797 and Passport.
VO: who is your employer.
ME: ABC, merged with petitioner XYZ.
VO: When did the merger happen.
ME: 6 months ago.
VO: What is your salary.
ME: xxxx(I said monthly salary and he added a zero to the number and said is it xxxx0. I said yes and he said ok. Misunderstanding on both ends, but it was ok.)
VO: Highest level of education.
ME: Masters in *** from ABC univ.
VO: Is your son a us citizen?
ME: Yes
VO to my wife: How long have you been married.
H4: X years.
VO: Have a safe trip to US.
We said thank you and left.

Sep 25th: Got a message saying passport is ready for pick up. Picked the passports next day as we got the message late in the day. Was surprised to see wrong employer details and expiry date on my passport. Went back home and was surprised to see incorrect petition number on my DS160. Immediately emailed the support team. After 2 days of back and forth with the support(they are in USA), they asked me to submit our passports for correction. Submitted the passports for correction on Sep 29th and received them back on Oct 4th. It was nerve wrecking, but was a happy ending.

Hoping that this will be helpful to members on this forum. We had a doubt if we can take our son with us or not. Not sure about other Embassy's, but @Hyd kids are allowed.

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Vishnu Vardhan     10/07/2017 10:34 AM

Questions asked in the interview

1.Who is the sponsoring your H1B?(Who is your employer)
2.Will you be working in the client place or with employer?
3.Who is your client?
4.Where will you be working in US?
5.What is your highest qualification?
6.What is your salary in US?

Then the golden words "VISA IS APPROVED."

Please be relaxed while taking up the interview.The interviewer will be very friendly and if you dont get the questions please ask them to repeat instead of answering it wrongly.

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needhelp12345     10/06/2017 02:45 AM

Hi Everyone,

I applied for the H4 visa and my interview was on the 14th of September 2017 at the Delhi Consulate.

Before this, I had visited the USA on my B1/B2 visa in March 2016 (for a month), August 2016 (for a month), November 2016 (was going to stay for a couple of weeks, but stayed for 6 months as my wife was working on her opt), July 2017 (2 months).

My wife and I officially got married on 9th April 2017 in Las Vegas.

Later on in May, her H1B got selected in the lottery. It got approved in August 2017.

My interview went absolutely fine. She asked me what my wife did in the USA (she is a dentist), looked at the marriage certificate, looked at the vegas wedding album, asked if there was no indian ceremony, i said no because we did not have any in Vegas. Asked me what i did etc etc, told her i worked in microfinance, she said she had read the book etc on it and seemed quite impressed as she did not know a lot of people in india who did microfinance.

Towards the end the VO asked me - "did you stay in the USA for 6 months?", i gave the reason. Then asked me "Were you ever separately questioned at the CBP?" - i said yes, in July, the CBP office grilled me for half an hour as she was not able to understand why did i stay in the US for 6 months. Maybe she thought i was working illegally, which I wasnt.

Then she gave me a yellow slip 221g which said "administrative processing" and retained my passport while saying "I'am gonna keep this as it should not take long, you keep the yellow slip with you and get it along we need more documents or need to call you in" then i think she said "dont think we would need to do that"

Then i told her that my return flight was booked for 22nd September, so should i cancel it? "she said someone will call me and let me know if they require me to change the plans and she would be working on the case this week."

Then i asked her "it should be fine right?", she said "ya ya"

Its been over 3 weeks now, but no information from the consulate. ceac status still says "administrative processing"

case created : 13th September (strange and my interview was 14th September)

Case last updated : 14th September (interview date)

Any idea what might be going on?

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Jmmeher     10/04/2017 09:44 AM

No matter how much you are prepared to give answer in proper sentence....you will end up saying just the required answer.

Here is my experience.

VO : Good morning
Me : Good morning officer.

VO : Who is your employer?
Me : answered

VO : who is your client?
Me : answered

VO : Ohh.. it's in xxx city
Me : No... It's head quarter is in xxx city and I will be working from yyy city.

VO : what is your highest qualification
Me : answered

VO : what's your salary?
Me : answered Indian salary

VO : what's you salary over there?
Me : answered

VO : what is you designation?
Me : In India my designation is xxx and over there it will be yyy

VO : Did you just said yyyy?
Me : yes.. my designation will be xxx and my role will be of zzz.

VO : will your parents accompanying you?
Me : No.. I will be going alone.

VO : pointing towards pamphlet...you got this?
Me : yes . I have one.

VO : Go through this. I am keeping your passport, it's approved
Me : Thank you

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Rahul Masurkar     09/30/2017 13:49 PM

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning
VO: can I see you I-797
Me: gave the doc
VO: what is your highest degree and annual salary
ME: I have done my M.S from XYZ university and my annual salary is XYZ
VO: your visa is approved
ME: Thank you

Overall It was good experience. Some tips for people who have interview in Mumbai consulate

Please leave early for your interview. Even if you are local in Mumbai. It takes > 2 hours to reach consulate from suburbs and sometimes it is difficult to get an Ola cab in the morning (if you have morning interviews) which is very stressful. Arrange for Ola cab the previous day, Ola has an option of schedule later. Leave 3 hours before the interview, if you reach early do not stand outside the consulate, there is a starbucks nearby (10 min walk) , spend time there instead of standing near the consulate.

If you arrive couple of hours early, sit inside the consulate, you will get a chance to soak the atmosphere and relax (yes it actually helps sitting inside the consulate).

All the best!!

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c4siva@yahoo.co.in     09/29/2017 09:15 AM

I have attended along with my wife and Kid.

Me : Good Morning!
VO: Good Morning...
VO : can i see your I 797.
Me: gave the doc.
VO:How long you are working with Wipro?
Me: answered.
VO: Will you be working with same Client or different
Me: answered.
VO: is this your first H1B.
Me: answered. yes.
VO: How much you will be earning in USA?
Me: answered.
VO : where you will be working?
ME; Answered
VO: what you will be working on ?
ME : answered.
VO : your position at onsite
Me: answered.
VO to my wife : when did you both got married ?

finally he said it is approved.

However after returning from consulate, i was checking the DS-160 status @ https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx, it says that the status is Admin Processing.
Can someone help me understand whether this is the normal status posted for approved visas also while they print visa on passport etc...OR will there be some other status ?

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daravind     09/27/2017 15:56 PM

Hello All,

I want to share my successful visa experience in Matamoros,Mexico.

Day 1 (Friday) -

     Traveled from Houston to Brownsville,TX.
     Salvador Picked us from one of the meeting point.
     Entered in to Mexico. (I don't have to take Mexico visa as I have valid US Visa stamping for 10 more days.). If you don't have US Vlaid visa it will be 30$ for temp Mexican visa.

Day 2 Saturday -

   Morning 9am Finger prints appointment. Its done in 30 mins.
   Back to Hotel and

Day 3 Sunday - Rest

Day 4 Monday -

    Visa Interview @8am. Completed by 8:30am.
    Visa Interview Details

   Went inside @8am Normal security check.
   Went to Window 1 where they verified all documents (I-797,DS-160 and Passport)
   Told me to sit near Window 5 and VO will call.

   VO: Good Morning
   Me: Good Morning
   VO: Please give me your passport and I-797
   Me: Hand it over
   VO: Who is your Employer
   Me: XYZ
   VO: Where is your company located
   Me: XYZ Location
   VO: Whats your highest degree
   Me: Masters in Computer Science
   VO: Thank you. You an pick up Passport @3pm if its ready.
   Me: Thank you !
   Overall it was good experience. Salvador really helped me from Day 1 pickup to Day 4 DropOff. Best Western (Salvador's) restaurent is good and they have restaurent in the
   hotel. If you request him early he will put refrigerator in the room.
   If you are planning to go for visa stamping I wish you all the best.

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