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sarvu     12/18/2019 07:04 AM

interview date- 4 nov 2019
Vo said i am approving your visa an took passport
5 nov 2019- got an email from the mumbai saying about 221g and to submit DS 5535
5 nov 2019- submitted ds 5535
7 nov 2019- passport collected with no visa
case last updated 5 nov 2019
its been more than 40+ days and dont know what to do any one ? plz help...!

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[email protected]     12/13/2019 10:20 AM

Hello everyone
i had VISA interview on 6th November 2019 at Chennai US consultant.

interview was fine. I was asked normal questions like What was my major project, when did i finish my b.tech(may 2019), i had any backlog or not (ans was no) what am i doing now, to which University i am going for my phd, is it fully funded (yes) then she didn't ask anything about financial as i got admission in fully funded phd program....then she asked what will i do after completing my phd. In the end she gave me pink slip and said to mail them few documents like my cv, previous projects abstract, previous international travels detail etc. She said my Visa is on hold under 221g and said they will process it as soon as i mail those documents.
it's still in administrative processing.

Is anyone facing same problem and please tell if someone had f1 visa interview around 6th November or after 6th November and visa got approved.
Thank you

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Sai Pavan     12/12/2019 18:48 PM

F1 Visa
Date: 12/12/2019
Consulate : Chennai
Second attempt
Vo was a gent in 40s
Me: good morning sir
Vo: pass me your passport
Me: passed
He scanned the passport and looked at the screen for few minutes and said wow. May he is reading my previous interview.
Vo: What is the name of the university
Me : University of South florida sir
Vo: which field?
Me: It is computer science sir
Vo: what is your GRE score?
Me: 310 sir
Vo: did you have any backlogs?
Me: I had two backlogs sir which I completed in my second attempt.
Vo : your visa has been reject and the reason is same as the visa officer told you before.
And he handed me 214(b) slip again
Is there any possibility that I can get visa in third attempt. Please help
Thank you

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thrupti     12/12/2019 02:43 AM

I'm on F-1 visa here in USA studying science, this is my 3rd semester. its been an 1 and half year in us. my husband applied twice for F-2 visa and got rejected. now he is going to try for the third time, please anyone can suggest here?

1.when i came here i had applied to the university and after 2 semester i transferred to community college.
 2. my husband has his own boutique shop, he didn't studied college. he is going to interview in Hindi language.

PLEASE need your experience help, if you need further information reply below.

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mlsgrs     12/10/2019 22:06 PM

Seeking for any help...

I have graduated 4 year university in my home country (2010) and I`m planning to get MBA in USA but it turned out my GPA is low for that.
I have been searching community colleges in California to enroll. I heard that I should able to increase my university GPA by taking re-class from community college (one or two semester year)
Once my GPA increased, I will apply for MBA. So should I apply to F1 visa for community college ? I feel like I might get reject in this situation. If I explain the situation during visa interview, how likely they will approve my F1 visa ?

Thank you so much

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Sady99     12/03/2019 02:50 AM

Good day!
I have applied for an F1 visa, went through the interview process. My case was one of the most complicated cases ever because I was applying from outside of my home country, I was working while being a tourist, I had an educational gap of over 1 year, my previous qualification didn’t match with the program I was going to study in the U.S, and I had a long traveling history but all of it was on my previous expired passports and the passport I presented to the officer was completely new, and most importantly my previous qualification was from a TAL (Technology Alert List) and I had almost all those things in my case that could get me denied. In fact, the visa officer was suspicious about my case, he kept asking me similar questions in one way or the other, he even called another visa officer to discuss my case with her. He was looking for a way to deny my visa but eventually, he granted me the visa after almost 15 minutes of hard questioning because I was a genuine student.
It was the happiest moments of my life, I not only got the visa accepted but found a way to help others get their visas accepted as well. Unfortunately, so many of the students try to memorize the generic answers to the questions they find over the internet and I believe that's not a good idea, that’s not how it works. Visa officers are trained, and they come across thousands of students on a daily bases. It takes them 30 seconds only to find out if someone is trying to cheat the system. I am helping students with their visa interview related problems. If you would like to get proper training before appearing for the interview, you can contact me through the given email. I study each and every single case individually because every student has a different story from the other and just memorizing a bunch of answers is not helpful at all.
Good Luck.
[email protected]

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vattemsaipavan     11/18/2019 21:08 PM

Date : 15/11/2019
Place : Chennai
Time: 8:45AM
counter: 24
Status: Rejected

Vo American Lady of age around 30 years

Me: Good Morning Mam
Vo: Pass me your I20 and Passport
Me: Given required documents
Vo: So you are going for University of Missouri kansas city to pursue master's in Computer Science
Me: Yes Mam
Vo; Why this University
Me: The university offer diverse course. their is an on going research activity headed by Mrs.Lee in data mining has attracted me to choose this university.
Vo: What other colleges have you applied
Me applied to 2 colleges University of Dayton and South east missouri state university
Vo: When have you graduated
Me: Undergraduted from K L U in May 2018
Vo: What are you doing since then
Me: Started my carrer as an intern in eunimart and completed my final year project and joined as system enigneer in TCS
Vo. Sorry for this time your visa got rejected and handed over me 214b slip

can anyone tell me wt's wrng in ans and where i need to correct

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Engineer 999     11/18/2019 04:38 AM

Place : Bombay
Status : Rejected
Date of interview 18/nov/2019
Time : 9:45
Window : 37
Completed In india : B.E in Civil Engineering
Applied for In USA : MBA (Project Management)

Officer rejected one Sardarji with F1 visa infront of me.
VO called me with hand gesture in front of the window even before sardarji lefts the window, I guess he was desperate to reject me.

Me : Good Morning
VO : Good morning, passport and i20.
Me : Given.
VO : why this university?
Me : Course structure and subjects of this university are providing me nice transition from an engineering background to the business sector. University also has two major ongoing.....( interrupts me before completion of my answer and said every American university provides the same )
VO : your visa is rejected.
Me : I walked away without saying a single word as I knew arguing with him will not work.

Can U imagine???? Just one question and got rejected.

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a.w.     11/16/2019 04:27 AM

I am a dentist in India and my parents and brother are also dentists. I have been working in my father's dental clinic for past 5 years. I got a tourist visa in 2017. I travelled to US on that visa in 2017 - for 20 days and then in 2018 after my marriage for 5 and a half months. I got married in 2018 January. At that time I was volunteering in a research project involving oral cancers in India. Our project got selected for a presentation in a conference in USA, so I did not have enough time to get my visa changed to a dependent visa at that time, hence I travelled on the tourist visa itself, presented the work in a 2 day conference and then stayed with my husband for roughly 5 and a half months. Then, I came back to India and have been here since last 1 and a half year doing my work in the clinic. Now, I managed my work accordingly that I could take out time for 1 year, so I wanted to change my visa to dependent visa (F2). Here is how my interview went:

VO: Pass me your passport and I20
I gave it
VO: So, your husband is studying there?
Me: Actually, he graduated last year and currently he is on his....(before I could finish my sentence, VO, finished my sentence saying he is on his OPT)
Me: Yes
VO: Where is he working?
Me: told him the company name
VO: When did he go to U.S.?
Me: told him
VO: I can see you spent 6 months in USA last time
Me: Yes, that happened right after our marriage, I was invited for a presentation in a conference there, so did not have enough time to change my visa to a dependent visa, so after the presentation, I stayed with my husband for 5-51/2 months.
VO: Were you working at that time?
Me: No
VO: Where were you working at that time?
Me: Sir, I was not working at that time. I was with my husband.
VO: Was your employer okay with you leaving work for 6 months?
Me: Sir, I am a dentist and I work at my father's clinic, so before leaving I managed my patient appointments accordingly so that I could take out time for 6 months and after coming back I have been immersed in work for the last 1 and a half year. Now again I have scheduled my patients in a way so that I can take out 1 year now.
VO: So your employer had no problem with you leaving work?
Me: Sir, I am a dentist and I work with my father in his clinic.
VO: Please give me a moment.....
VO gets up, goes to the back and talks to someone and then takes photocopy of my passport, comes back and starts typing something on his computer. He typed for almost 15 minutes and then
Unfortunately, I cannot give you visa at this moment and I have also cancelled your tourist visa
I was so shocked and I could just utter: Sir, what happened? Can you please tell me the reason?
VO: I have given you the slip

It was a generic 214(b) slip. For few moments I could not understand what just happened? My concern is I never overstayed at my visitor visa, yes it was a little over 5 months but it did not exceed 6 months and then I never did any kind of work in US, so why was he asking me that. I am a dentist, that is the only work I know. The 214 slip talks about intent. The fact that I came back on time last year and have been working here for past 1 and a half year in India, itself shows I have ties here. Even now when I am planning to stay for more than 6 months with my husband, I came here to get my visa changed. So, where is my intent wrong, I fail to understand.

Anyway, I dont know what to do next. Does cancellation mean I can never apply for any visa in any category. What should be done? Did anyone face similar situation? Can anyone help me or guide me what should I do next?

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md.chowdhury     11/11/2019 16:18 PM

I am currently inH1b with i485 applied for green card. I have a valid h1b visa stamping. My finance also has a valid f1 visa, to travel to our home country. Our plan is to visit our country this December and getting married there (outside USA). After the marriage I we will come back to USA and will be adding my wife with my i485 application (called derivative 485). The query is, if she re-enters US after the vacation of December, gets married and then applies for i-485 derivative, after marriage in USA, then is it a violation of F1 intent? Is her I-485 derivative/green card going to be denied due to the violation of intent? What is your suggestion.

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