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tejvalecha     10/09/2013 09:26 AM

Query if a person on B2 tourist visa can stay alone while primary visa holder/ sponsor on vacation.
Hi My father has come on B2 visa. He has his return ticket after 3 months. I want him to stay with me for these 3 months. I have to travel to India for some official purpose for 2 weeks. I have a query if my father can stay alone for 2 weeks while I am on my travel to India.

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anup patil     07/23/2013 00:49 AM

Can any one help on the first time visa processing. I mean are there any one who has attended the interview for first time and travelling for first time on any kind of visa. If any one has done so for H1, please share the experience.

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jd- ()     10/20/2012 21:12 PM

in my passport, i have:-
Last name:- (blank)

in my h1b visa, i have
First name:- FNU
last name:- XXXXX YYYYY

I have already recieved my SSN long back..with the name XXXXX YYYYY

now i am going to apply for a DL, wat problem i can face due the passport visa names mismatch.?
wat name should i use going forward here in US for all other things including DL? Shuld i use last name blank(as in passport page) or shuld i use as per visa page? or any other way?

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Naidu- ()     09/13/2012 07:41 AM


  I have lost my passport in Denmark when I was in Denmark in 2008 and I got a new INDIAN passport from Indian Embessay-Denmark, mentioning my old passport number adn stating the reason as passport lost. But the address in the passport is Denmark residence address only. But curently I am in Chennai - INDIA and now my company is sponsoring me the B1 visa to US and if I will go for the interview, whether this denmark address will become an issue for getting the B1 visa for me?

No idea on this. Can you please advise me on this.

Thanks in Advance.


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Anarveka- ()     05/20/2012 15:55 PM


I got married recently and moved to US on H4.My husband is working on H1B and I don't have a SSN.I have a NRE account back in India having balance more than $ 10k.
I want to know if this matters when we file our tax return ? or it is mandatory only for US citizens ?
Can any one please guide.

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Vaidyanathan- ()     03/07/2012 23:56 PM

I had applied for B1/B2 visa to US for myself, my wife and daughter for sightseeing through SOTC travels and attend my son's graduation ceremony. The total tour program was for 15 days.. The visa approved for myself and my wife but duaghter's visa got rejected under 214b. Re-applied for daughter again got rejected. Documents carried to proe that she has a jobin India and would return to join duty in India and other financial and residential proofs were not seen by the interviewing officer. Does this mean visa will not be issued in future also. Does it mean other country including schengan visa will not issue visa for her .

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vishnu- ()     09/20/2011 02:02 AM

I have to appear license examination in USA please let me know the visa procedures and how to proceed about it

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Poornima- ()     08/12/2011 19:47 PM


Just wanted to share this information. May be useful for someone. I came to USA in H4 category. Only recently i came to know that H4 are eligible to get an Identification card in California though they are not eligible for getting SSN. It is good to have a state identification card rather than carrying the passport everywhere.

- Poornima

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Saikrishna- ()     11/02/2010 08:02 AM


I got H1B Visa in 2008 and expires in 2011.Now I am planning to go US in Dec-2010. So please let me know what are the documents should i carry and also let me know which documents need to update. Because i am having 2008 yr documents when i was i applied VISA.

Also let me know what are the questions will ask in Immigration point in in US. How could i over come if they ask such kind of questions.

Please send your feed back on my email id :[email protected]

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Rakky- ()     02/25/2010 18:48 PM

Hi I have applied for SSN on jan 1st Week 2010 but still not received yet, Frequent visit to SSA office in Vain and proper response from them. They told it is in process and they are not able to provide any info or help. Any suggestion on this?

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