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minhn     11/10/2019 09:51 AM


I received a biometrics waiver on 09/20/2019 and it stated that it is not necessary to appear at the ASC appointment. However, I received a mail yesterday from USCIS and it is a biometrics appointment (11/12/19). I will not make it to the appointment date, so my concerns are: is is needed to go the appointment? (my case status is fingerprint review is completed (09/24/19). And can I reschedule the appointment a few days after the appointment?

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Princessjoy     11/09/2019 20:49 PM

Please has anybody gone for biometrics earlier than scheduled day. like if you have an appoint for 10th and you decided to go on 9th of same month. just got a notice and it clashes with my exam in school but i do not want to cancel it. i will also be going to work after my exam so the whole day seems to be fixed

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ReynaG87     11/09/2019 10:05 AM

Hi guys,

I had posted my timeline before, but I wanted to update and ask a question.

I went to do my biometrics yesterday and this morning I had a text and e-mail saying my case has been updated. The email said they received my biometrics and now they’re reviewing my case. It said my case is in the initial review status.

I submitted my application December 2018 to the Texas Service Center. I’m a CR6.

Does anybody know around how long does it take for them to make a decision after this?

Thank you!

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sasha26     11/09/2019 00:15 AM

My timeline:

Filed i751 in Nov 2018
Green Card expired in Feb 2019
Received extension letter
Biometrics done in August 2019
Website status update 'Fingerprint Review Was Completed on 21st September 2019'

Anyone else have similar timeline that is being processed in California Service Center? Have you received your green card?

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Cofi     11/07/2019 08:53 AM

Im from NJ, i have sent my application for i751 in February 2018 and USCIS receive it on February 20th. Since than, i had RFE on April 26 2019(14month latter!!!) with i have respond and they recive my answer on May 17th. After that absolute nothing. Went to take my stamp in Newark immigration bc my 18th month extension expired, did service request on September 18th got respons that my case is not ready for decision bc security checks are still pending. Did another service request yestrday and ask for tier2 officer and now im waiting. More than 20 months my case still pending, its very frustrating and i hope is gonna finish very soon.

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tp80     11/06/2019 13:27 PM

My packet delivered on Oct 31st 2019 but no email or text from USCIS yet. My check also not en-cashed. Is it normal ? I included G-1145 form for e-notification and texts.

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aeroplane     11/05/2019 21:27 PM

please guys, i want to ask what the effect of changing an address (within the same city) will have while i-751 is still pending. The address change is just within the same city, like 3 streets away from each other. Will this have a negative effect on the pending i-751 ?
Thanks guys

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ashjo16     11/05/2019 13:09 PM

Anyone has real timeline for California Service Center

USCIS received my case on Jan9th 2019

Biometric done: April 30th 2019

waiting now....

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Shao0919     11/05/2019 07:49 AM

Filed i-751 August 2018
My status in USCIS website was changed to finger print review was completed - April 2019
Biometrics appointment notice October 2019

Now I cant even check my status online at all

My concerns are
Why they ask me for biometrics when they already said my finger print was reviewed and completed?
Is this going to delay my case?
I filed before december 10 2018, does it mean the interview is a must?

My case is at Texas location
It feels like it will take longer than the processing time.....

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Bishop178     11/04/2019 23:28 PM

January 19 Uscis received form

January 25 check cashed

Till them 7 months to send biometrics letter

August 19 did biometrics

August 21 biometrics completed

Still waiting


I hope they answer on time . Patiently praying

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