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Chintan- ()     10/11/2009 14:03 PM

i had ordered 1gb mp3 shuffle-order no is-5605444 & courrier id is 6343078932
i had ordered on 29-9-09 & total Rs.474/-
now, i have got mail stating that i have recieved my order on 10th oct-09 but the fact is that i have not received it yet.

kindly look in to the matter. i had ordered other items and those i have received properly on time but this mp3 player order still i have not received and status is showing that i have received it already.
On website of courrier company aramax-status is no shipment found by tracking this order no.

please i m going through terrible mental stress due to this.

kindly reply urgent.


Area Sales Manager - Gujarat

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Ashfaq- ()     10/05/2009 00:10 AM

I have still not received but the website says delivered on 01 october 2009. Also the Aramax website and customer care lady says no such consignment no.

Somebody plz help me as to what i have to do.


Track My Order
Order No: 5600862 Date:2009-09-25 Order Status :Approved
Title Qty Price Delivery Status Consignment Number Courier Name
New Eiroga Multi Sim Fm Mobile phone with vendor Warranty 1 INR 5,199 Delivered
01-OCT-2009 6343070672

Shipping and Handling INR 75
Total INR 5,274

   Shipping Address
   Name: syed khundmir ashfaq
   Address: 21, pd house chinnasamy mudaliar road
queens road cross

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anvaralicp- ()     09/28/2009 08:29 AM

Rediff .com have proven that they are cheaters online- I have ordered some jewellery worth 600 and I was checking the status of order with the consignment number which they have provided at TNT courier and ourier people doesnot have such a number in their system, and surprisingly i found the status is changed to delivered , i have contacted this beggers they are acting super customer care says we have frowarded the complaint concerned dept till now, i did not get a proper reply from this people and neither the items nor the refund i got-- dont trust rediff they will cheat without any shame dont trust rediff give that money to poor people but dont buy any thing from rdiff

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Rupesh Kumar- ()     09/11/2009 22:52 PM

These people are useless, i had ordered a watch, it cost 400 rs and when i received the watch it did not worth 100 rs.when i asked about the procedure to return the product they dont even answer.
The watch i received was not running and none of the buttons working, there were scratches on the watch, seemed they tried to repair it but it was not repaired and shipped as it is.

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Murali- ()     07/27/2009 18:09 PM

I ordered head phone from rediff,it is worst than i ever seen till now.

guys,dont order from rediff..no more rediff pls.

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Abhishek- ()     07/06/2009 08:59 AM

Go in above link and dont hesitate to file complain against these crimes in police.
I just called to rediff at 022-66042000 and got 48hrs of there response time. I am looking at the watch click.

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Abhishek- ()     07/06/2009 07:15 AM


Can we file police case against this cheater ojjas enterproses to close there shop. And also against rediff.
I ordered an helicoptor and got a rain suit in parsel. I lost 1000 INR. I wont leave this agency so easily. Let me know your view.


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sarif islam- ()     06/08/2009 00:51 AM

Rediff Shopping, Plzzz plzzz plzzzzzzzzz Stay away. And do not buy any thing from rediff shopping. From personal experience I want to suggest you plz plz stay away. I order some items and my order no was Order No: 5386820 Date: 2009-05-21 . I order
Cargo Shorts! 32 1 INR 299 Delivered, 29-MAY-2009 6335869363 - You know what happened 1st off all they did not send that one what they had shown in rediff shopping they send me other one.

Bejeweled Ladies Watch!!! 1 INR 299 Delivered, 03-JUN-2009 6326486014 - 2 nd items they send a defected items. It had glass broken and defected.

According to there rule I contact customer care. And that day, I send mail. Both of the cases, but I did not get any reply from them. I send mail not only 1or 2 times more than that .

So I suggest you guys please do not buy . I m not satisfy at all......- Thanks S.Islam

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Ravi Kumar Sangubotla- ()     04/13/2009 02:21 AM

I ignored my similar first experience but want to put it today as I received the same experience this time too. I have ordered an item @ indiaplaza. because of my previous experience I had been checking with them regularly about the shipment, all the time they were saying that item will be shipped as promised. On 10th day( I donno why they need 10 days just to pass on to SHIP an item) they emailed saying the item is not in stock. After me trying to hard to set them right, they cancelled my order. Funny is they will take another 7 days to refund the amount. There is 1 so called e-commerce guru Vaithee as COO , Param from Sulekha as heads of this online shopping portal. Their customer care will reply automated emails, telephone 080-40617000 will be ringing but nobody picks up. Their Customer Care Managers will not be in the office by 12.00 PM ( I came to know from my past experience). I have escalated the issue to consumer disputes. If any want to order @ indiaplaza, take my word its not guranteed. If some are happy appreciate your LUCK not indiaplaza.

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Ashish Gupta- ()     04/06/2009 00:56 AM

: I ordered novels, Ordered Number 18032000392 on 18th March 2009. The status showed Shipped on 21st March and after few days I was told that there is some problem with the courier and they are trying to follow it. After few more days of calling and enquiring they told me that product is not available and they are cancelling it.

Again the cancellation request was taken on 30th March and later they informed me that it was cancelled on 03rd Apr 09.

At all the times they never informed the status to me, it was always me who was calling and asking for an update.

Inspite of calling customer care many times and communicating through email, I haven't received any satisfactory response from them till now. Many times they even promised to call back me with an update which they din't.

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