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PTten     12/04/2019 11:53 AM

How do I contact the USCIS customer service rep?

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cstempniak     12/03/2019 22:29 PM

Good Evening Everyone,
I’ve been very anxious lately about the wait for my green card.

EB3 row
Interview date: 08/08/2019
The interview was fine. The lady was very polite and said we had a clean case, there were no concerns.
She asked us to renew our medical exams though.
We sent the new medical Ex. In the beginning of September. We received a letter saying they received it on September 10th. We haven’t heard anything since that date.
Anyone on the same boat? I check my status daily, and it still says they received the response September 10th. Just wish we could get our cards already... it’s almost time to renew our EAD cards...
Please let me know if there is anyone there experiencing the same thing.

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Luckytobehere     12/03/2019 20:39 PM

Hello all,

I had an interview for employment based petition for a future employer. Meaning it is different than the employer that I currently work for.

After all the regular stuff IO asked for EVL for current employer, I mentioned that my future employer is different from current and at first he got confused. Left the room came back and asked for EVL of current employer, future employer and my current pay stub. I recently had sent the sup j but I got the EVL any way and good that I did it as I saw someone here had the same issue. So I recommend getting EVL regardless.

He read them both asked simple questions on the duties of the job and proceeded with the regular questions of yes no and verification of information. Told us that visas are current BUT he mentioned he needs to review this week and he said he has everything he needs, and if he needs anything he would ask us otherwise we should get our cards in 6-8 weeks.

I want to know is this normal? My status is still interview scheduled but we dodnt get any RFE.

Thanks all.

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NBCEB3     12/03/2019 15:51 PM

Today, I had my interview in Farifax, VA field office. I was really worried and got ton of papers prepared. They only asked for my medical exams, Paystubs and EVL. The whole interview took 15 minutes for me and my wife. Went through some Yes/No questions and one question if I changed my employer or not. The officer was really nice and gave my kids some papers and markers to color :)

At the end of the interview the officer said everything looks fine and they just need to make final review to make a decision. Few minutes back, the status changed online to new card being produced!


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truthisgood1     12/03/2019 01:23 AM

Hello folks
Anyone who got RFE after I485 interview?
I got RFE after my interview which i responded immediately about a month ago but my case status not updated til yet specifying that USCIS received my RFE neither the L1 office has any update regarding it.
If anyone who is in the same situation or anyone who can guide me in my current scenario.
Thank you

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PTten     12/02/2019 00:21 AM

Had my interview 10/30 for Eb3 philippines, not current that time. The IO said they're going to make decision in 2 weeks. A month passed and my PD is current this month. Do you have an idea on an estimate date that they;re going to notify me?

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wait_485     12/02/2019 11:31 AM

Hello lovely people.

I have a little concern. In my I-485 there is 2 mistake.

1. If I ever denied US visa - (Ticked no by my lawyer) This should be Yes as my first attempt to F1 was denied.

2. Any violation - (Again ticked no by my lawyer) This should be Yes too as I got one ticket around 2.5yrs back for speeding.

I know I should have been review it when my lawyer gave the form to review. but somehow I missed that. Now my question is, during interview should I go by the I-485 answers or shall I correct it with VO ? any of ur input will be highly appreciated.


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Luckytobehere     12/01/2019 17:02 PM

Hello all,

Thanks for all of your help. I was going through all the documents necessary for upcoming interview. I did not file I485 and I140 concurrently. I noticed that I do not have the approval of my I140 (I797).

I received the scanned copy of it from my lawyer but I cant find the original one. Is this something that I need to show the original document of I797 - i140 approval?

Any help will be highly appreciated

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citynorman     12/01/2019 09:22 AM

our experience for myself and my wife from start to finish obtaining employment based green card under EB2 category in 2016-2019

work as data science team lead in financial industry in NY, live in CT
advanced degree holder from ivy league school in US
German birth, wife Chinese birth
Married after PERM was approved, were married for 2 years before attending interview
Have a child born in US

10/2016 Ask employer for sponsorship
-- preparing job duties and experience
2/2017 Prevailing wage application submitted
6/2017 Prevailing wage application received
-- preparing job advertisements
7/2017 Test of labor market start
9/2017 Test of labor market end, preparing employment verification
11/2017 PERM submitted
5/2018 PERM submitted
-- preparing I-140 and I-485 applications. Priority date is current so filing concurrently
9/2018 I-140 and I-485 submitted
10/2018 biometrics
10/2018 receive EAD cards (valid for 1Y)
-- gov shutdown 12/2018-1/2019…
3/2019 RFE received for employment verification
4/2019 RFE response submitted
5/2019 I-140 approved
6/2019 transfer to NBC MO
6/2019 RFE for Chinese birth certificate received
7/2019 EAD renewal submitted
8/2019 EAD renewal receipt notice (never received the cards… but still needed the receipt notice therefore glad we paid for renewal even though we haven’t used the cards)
10/2019 interview notice, scheduled for November
11/2019 attend interview
2 days after interview: USCIS online status changed to “chard is being produced”
1 week after interview: receive card
1 week+3 days after interview: receive I-485 approval notice

Interview background:
Hartford CT in afternoon. We waited for ~1h to be called in and spent 1.5h in the actual interview.
Myself and my wife attended with lawyer. Lawyer didn’t do all that much but did help with several questions where we were unsure and we felt good that we had a lawyer with us we felt drained after the interview...

Interview experience:
The officer originally assigned called in sick and another person had to take over. He had to do an initial case review first. Also for some reason our background checks hadn’t come in when we attended the interview
Did ID check and employment verification for both of us (passport, DL, EAD, H1B, pay stubs)
Started going through I-485 form. Recommend you take copies of your form so you can follow along
Confirmed details on I-485 form. Asked wife/husband to confirm several details eg birth date, parents names, parents birth days and where they live. Didn’t ask anything about my work other than confirm my title.
Then in the middle of form said “give me everything you want to submit”. So we gave him our materials for bona fide marriage. We didn’t give him absolutely everything we had brought, lawyer said what we gave is sufficient evidence which is the recommended items on the interview notice. He did ask for last years tax return (filed jointly).
Then went through every single security question on I-485 form. Had some explaining to do for communist party and red light ticket. Communist party questions: “How long and why were you member? Are your parents too? Why no longer member?”. Red light questions: “What happened? Did you pay fine? Did you go to court?”
Continued going through form
Then tell me about your relationship? Wanted to know timeline. Where we met? “Then what”? Why did to travel to [location] for your first trip? When did you decide to get married? Was there a proposal? Then what? Then what? Then what?
Finished with “any questions for me”? Then gave us the white sheet with “case is under review”.

Gotchas for Chinese applicants:
If you don’t have a birth certificate, you can request something equivalent in China, the person there was very familiar with the process
Think about your response to the question “were you ever part of the communist party?”. Might also add to membership section.
If you use an English name in addition to Chinese name can list that under “have you had any other names”.

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Aria19     11/27/2019 04:57 AM

This forum has supported me a lot and I hope my experience is helpful for someone in the same boat. I did not know the process that much in the beginning as my employer and lawyer did most job. I learned a lot right befor my interview and afte reading postings and researching cases. Following is my timeline.

7/17 PR
4/17/2019 RD
5/23/2019 fingerprint
8/12/2019 interview date
9/11/2019 I 131
10/10/2019 I765/EAD
11/13/2019 new card is being produced
11/21/2019 card in hand

I went interview by myself as I am single applicant.
In the beginning IO explained about backlogs if I were aware of it.
She asked few general questions and some Yes/No questions.
She also asked some questions regarding the school I've attended and work since I did OPT for the same employer.
Overall it was somooth and was told that my case looked good. However, she couldn't approve my case due to the backlog. After about 3 months the case was approved.
Although I brought many documents, she only asked my passport and ID. She didn't ask supplement J and EVL, which were already turned in along with I485.

Please be positive and hang in there. I'll try to answer if you folks have any questions.

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