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GCandidate     10/22/2019 15:22 PM

Hi everyone,

I see some August interviewers are getting updates, and I am so happy for you!

I've completed my interview on July 1st and waiting for almost 4 months now. I just wanted to check if any JULY interviewers are getting updates?

EB-3 Boston Field Office.

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LuckRider     10/22/2019 13:28 PM

Hi Good People,
I would like to ask you a quick question. Yesterday I received an interview notice from St. Louis, MO district office. The strange part is this is going to be my 2nd interview. I had my first interview in March, 2019. I started freaking out thinking that they want to deny my case. Please advise. Thanks

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sfbayfiler     10/22/2019 11:17 AM

Did anyone who interviewed between July-Sept whose case was then transferred to national benefits center gotten i485 approval yet?

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jeelu441     10/22/2019 11:16 AM

Hello, My Green Card is Approved. Al Humdulliah.

Interview at Minnesota.

May 5 2019: I-405, I-485, EAD and AP Documents send to USCIS

May 14 2019: EAD and AP Approved

May 17 2019: I-140 Premium process - Approved

May 29 2019: Biometric Complete for both me and my wife

July 8 2019: Case moved from Texas service center to NBC

Aug 26 2019 Interview scheduling

Sept 9 2019 Interview Scheduled , at this time we did our Medical tests

Oct 21 2019: Interview Complete :

Interview: Interview time was 1:15pm, but we went in early around 12pm since its raining in minnesota. We waited for 1 hour and i can see few people with happy face and sad. At this time i felt its my day and i have to do my interview good no matter result.

We are using cross chargebility, since my country of birth is India and my wife is born in Saudi Arabia. I am so nervous if IO aware of this law or not.

They called my token number and interviewer was lady. She took me and my wife to room and asked for Passports and License. (i made huge errors in my I-485 form, in place of spouse name i gave my name and i was tensed about it) After Sworn i told Officer i need to few update's in my I-485 form, she said, she will go over all the form and we will do necessary changes. She went over form with me and my wife verified all answers, address, my company, place of birth and last entry date to USA. She updated changes with RED ink. After that my heart is speeding up, however i got smile on my face, IO said since your PD is backlogging due to birth in India, and your wife is born in Saudi Arabia and dates are Current i am approving the Green card. We ae so happy here, then she asked us for Employer verification latter, pay stubs and Medical documents.

Good luck guys, i guess now a days IO's are aware of Cross-Chargeability i guess. Let me know if you have any questions, only about Cross-Chargeability.

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hope_     10/22/2019 09:40 AM

Just an update here, my status changed last night from "Interview was scheduled" to "New Card is Being Produced"

Interview: Oakland, Florida Office EB3 ROW - August 28th

It's coming guys!! :)
Keep believing and praying!

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december2018filer     10/22/2019 07:56 AM

Any September interview date got approval?

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fridothecat     10/21/2019 19:18 PM

Just a quick update, my status *just* changed to "New Card Is Being Produced".

My interview was Aug 22, San Diego office EB3 ROW.

I checked every 20 minutes and this time there was an update!!! This forum was very supportive during those uncertain days!!!

Stay strong and positive, it is coming!!

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Seenant     10/21/2019 18:56 PM

Hi guys,
I received update last week about my case,
They approved i485 and card was being produced
Then received tracking number for new card and today my card supposed to be delivered, but instead of new card I received i485j approval notice in the mail, and tracking says card is delivered.
Even the receipt number is not same as what shows on the system.
What should i do?

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NurseO     10/21/2019 15:12 PM

Good day all, I finally received my GC in the mail today. Thank you all for everything. This group was very supportive and informative. To all those waiting to receive theirs, You will get it by God’s grace, Amen! Message me if you have any questions in regards to the process.

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truthisgood1     10/21/2019 11:46 AM

Hello folks
Good Morning with Good hopes and wishes
I wanted to know, those who are waiting for their GC approvals and also those whose GC already been approved, the system is automatized for changing their existing status like from "Interview was scheduled......" to card in production or finger prints completed?

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