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rkarthi19     02/22/2020 02:35 AM

Yesterday I visited to US Consulate-Chennai for B1 Visa.

VO- Good Mornining
Me- Good Morning ., How are you mam

VO- I am good., How are you
Me- I am also good mam.

VO- Passport please
Me - Here it is mam.

Then Following questions asked in Interview

1. Which place you are going? Ans- Spartanburg

2. What is the purpose of this visit? Ans- To supervise the installation of warranty work in Ring spinning machine and to ensure no error during that work. After observation, i will collect details and will come back to India to submit detail reports.

3. How long you will stay? Ans- 2 months

4. What is your Designation? Ans - Assist. Manager

5. What is your salary in P.A ? Answered. And my company sponsoring complete trips.

6.Have you travelled aboard before? Ans- No

7. Experience in current company? Ans - I have total 10 years experience and 1.4 years in current company.

8. Why the length of duration is 2 months. ? Ans - Mam, surpervising all machines will take 2 months.

Then, She said unfortunately your VISA not approved. try next time. And gave 214b form.

She didn't even seen any documents. Not looked at me at all... Simply typing something .

What may be reason for Rejection.

When i can reapply...

Please guide.

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JC_chennai     02/18/2020 06:41 AM

Last week i gave H1 business visa interview and got rejected in first attempt. I am single, 30 yrs and does not own any property/assets in India and have never traveled Abroad.
Result : Rejection
Me: Good Morning
VO: Your Passport
Me: handed over(with smile)
VO: Purpose of visit
Me: I am travelling to get the training on new features which we are releasing and to analyze physical data centre for testing.
VO: How long you will be staying there?
Me: 2 weeks
VO: Any specific dates for this training.
Me: handed over training schedule plan
VO: Why do you need 15 days for training? Can't finish earlier?
Me: This is the shortest possible plan, we have divided the itinerary into two weeks, 5 days for the requirements gathering and 5 days for data centre visits .
VO: Who will be looking after your position in your absence?
Me: My colleague.
VO: How can i assume that you will come back to India after this training?
Me: My family lives here in India and i got a decent job with which am very much satisfied(with smile). On the top of this we have got a strict timeline from our client, being lead of QA team i need to execute planned action items after coming back.
VO: Why can't you have training online?
Me: We had this training online earlier and faced a lot of issues while integration so my manager wants me to see the data centre.
Me: No, but my parents do own two houses.(again with smile)
VO: Sorry, i cannot approve your visa this time and handed me 214(b).

Don't know what went wrong or may be VO was not in good mood.. Don't know being single how can i show my strong ties with India.Please give me some suggestions and feedback so that i can re-apply.

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Stuti22     02/18/2020 06:40 AM

Hi, I gave my interview today for US B1 visa and it was accepted.

I feel that it depends largely on the profile you have, below are the questions I was asked:

Me: Hi, good morning. How are you?
VO: I am good. How are you?
Me: Good

VO: Please give me your passport
I gave her my passport

VO: Are you going for business purposes?
Me: Yes and some brief about why I am going. She didn't say anything

VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: No, I haven't

VO: Are you working for XYZ company?
Me: Yes, I am

VO: How long have you been in the company?
Me: I have a total experience of 6 years, with around 1 year in XYZ
VO: How much time did you say?
Me: it is approximately 1 year

VO: what is your current salary in lakhs?
Me: answered(above 15 lpa)

VO: what is your designation?
Me: answered

VO: Have you ever travelled outside India?
Me: Yes, to Italy and Singapore
VO: For tourism or business?
Me: Tourism

VO: why are you going?
Me: There is a new product launching, hence I am going there to attend business meetings for the same.

Your Visa is approved!

I feel it depends largely your profile and confidence. I have a good experience, travelled outside India and I am married. Hence, I feel it helped me a lot!

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gauravu     02/17/2020 00:16 AM

I applied for B1 visa and gave interview at New Delhi

VO- Passport please?
Me: (hand over)

VO- Purpose of the trip?
Me- I am going to meet my client.. (VO didnt allowed me to complete my answer and moved to next question)

VO- For how months planning to visit?
Me- 2-3 weeks

VO- Monthly salary?
Me- 60000

VO- Unfortunately I cannot give a visa.

I think their agencies do a lot of research after you submit ds-160 and submit fees.
You just go for the formality.

He didn't even listened to me.

People like me have genuine reasons to go and come back, still, they do not allow us visa. whereas US people can travel to any country without any problem.

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lucky_2022     02/13/2020 09:48 AM

Good evening

I attended interview today at Chennai and it got rejected.

VO: Passport please ?
Me: (Hand over)

VO: Where you are going ?
Me: I am going to Atlanta

VO: what is you duration of stay ?
Me: 2 weeks

VO: What is purpose of visit ?
Me: Am going for business meetings ?

VO: Why you only ?
Me: I have completed a project here which was highly appreciated by client. At onshore client has similar setup so I will give some inputs to onshore team.

VO: What is your experience in current company ?
Me: 1 year

VO: What is your annual salary ?
Me: 6 LPA

VO: I sorry you do not qualify for visa this time. (And she hand over 214B print)
Me: (Highly disappointed, feeling like crying)

I want to apply after 6 month. Please guide what went wrong.

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k1te     02/12/2020 01:25 AM

I attended my visa interview on Feb-2nd and got rejected 214(b) slip.

Location: Chennai

VO: Hello! (Lady without any expression)
Me: Hello! Good Afternoon

VO: Good afternoon. Passport please.
Me: Yes

VO: Where are you going in the US?
Me: Plano, Texas

VO: How long you will be staying?
Me: 10 days, from March 10th till 20th.

VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Me: My company XXX is currently working on a third party application for their day to day business from last 20 years. Now company wants their own application to be created. Since Indian branch is just started (last year) there are no experienced people who can explain everything. So they are sending me to US for training and meetings so that I can talk to each and every department in person.

VO: What is your designation?
Me: Senior Software Engineer

VO: When did you join this company?
Me: 2 months before. 21st Nov.

(I understood that it is very unrealistic that a senior software engineer is building a application. But it is the truth.)

VO: What is your annual Income?
Me: 11 Lakhs per annum, 86000 per month

VO: Have you been to any country before?
Me: Not yet.

VO: Sorry I cannot approve your visa. Please give this slip to your employer.

(received 214(b). It states that I was not able to explain my ties in India. VO did not ask a single question about any ties and did not even look at me. She was looking at her monitor and was typing.

Please help what went wrong here. Is it because of the designation and purpose? Purpose is genuine and I was confident.

Thanks in advance.

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Kalpesh 2424     02/07/2020 23:47 PM

This was my 1st attempt

Here is the list of questions asked
Good morning VO
Good morning...

Q1. Passport please
Yes...her it is

Q2. Where are you traveling in US
Told here city name

Q3. How long are you traveling
2 weeks

Q4. What is the purpose of travel
Business meeting and conference on AI
Told them in details about conference

Q5. What is your designation?
Told them Data scientist

Q6. When did you join your current company (one of the renowned name in US)
This is my 3rd month in **** company

Q7. Have you travelled to other countries before
Yes, Singapore

Q8. What was the purpose of travel there
Business meeting

Q9. What is your salary in lakhs per annum
Told them

Q10. Why it is 2 weeks
We will have brainstorming sessions on ideation and development lifecycle of data powered ***** for **** business.
Also, in the following week I am going to participate in the AI conference on enhancing efficiency in *****. industry.

Q11. Are you going to present something

She was writing something continuously.

Unfortunately, your visa cannot be approved this time.

Ok, thank you officer.

May I know the reason of rejection?

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Janakrishnan     02/07/2020 09:46 AM

Hi Everyone,

As my brother going to apply for a B1 visa.
Here below are the doubts to continue his DS-160 application.

In 2013 he started a proprietorship firm (AR Overseas Trades).

In 2016 he changed his firm into a private limited company with slight name change. (AR Global Sourcing Private Limited).

He filled present work experience as Managing Director for the company from 2016 to till date.

And previous work experience as sole owner or proprietor from 2013 to 2016.

What the doubt here is the previous experience field have supervisor name details and it have only DO NOT KNOW option to select.
As a owner he shouldn't have to report / work under a supervisor. So what to do here?

And I'm traveling with him,


I'm his brother as well one of the board director of the company.
So here which one I've to choose.

I request Senior members to look into this and advise your suggestions to move further.


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ravisgupta     02/07/2020 04:01 AM

Dear @BALDI or @ansh999 or Expert person

I have been rejected twice for B1 visa - First was in Mar-19 and immediately i applied and second rejection was in may-19

I have total 12 years of ex and this is my second company ( From last 13 years i am with this company only )
Package / month is >1 lac
Married and in old passport i had been to Japan
After second rejection in my new passport - i have two visa stamps

My Dept is changed after rejection

Now my company is asking me to re-apply for B1 visa
Please guide me where i am lacking

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calistaangie     02/07/2020 01:04 AM

Hello everyone.
i need advice.in 2018 i applied for avisa filled the Visa application form for a B1/B2 visa and i was going for a friend's graduation i paid the interview fees but only got an interview date that was after the graduation so i cancelled the appointment.

Now am applying for a B1 visa for a conference and the application is totally different from the one i had applied before.
Will this affect my application.
As in can they link this application to the one before even if i never went for the interview?

your response will be highly appreciated

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