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nadia- ()     12/11/2011 02:50 AM

hi, i've been accepted in 2012 lottory and now

iam waiting for the interview, my case num

is 2012AS***48**. IS any one like me?
i mean waiting for interview?

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juma nyaga- ()     04/22/2010 00:25 AM

i won the dv lottery 2010 and i visited the embassy on 23 feb 2010 for the interview upon arrival i was told to give sufficient proof of my relationship with my wife and i was given a 221g letter stating further proof of relationship i was to go i went back on 25/02/2010 with evidence but the consular officer insisted it wasnt enough and denied me a chance to bolster the proof without giving a written explanation as to why he had denied me a visa.i wrote to the embassy to demand a written explanation of my refusal they replied by telling me to go in any day from monday to thursday at 01:00 pm with all the evidence i wish to present upon arrival they told me that letter was written by confusion i asked why they said they thought my case was a petition and that my case was closed but i can write a letter to the consular section appealing for a review and resubmission of additional evidence.i did exactly that on the very same day to the consular general.later the even before the reply of my appeal a day after appealing i recieved another email saying that there is no appeal process for dv applications the next friday i recieved an email from the consular general saying that my appeal for refusal has been fully considered after reviewing my submission.i am confused since i dont know what to do next.please advice

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Limo- ()     09/27/2009 08:57 AM

My wife worn the lottery in Nairobi Kenyan and we went to the interview on 22th September where the consular office took our documents and told us to returned on 23th at 1:00 pm. Upon arriving,the interviewer gave us a red peace of paper written that our marriage was for the purpose of immigration and not bona fide. Can any one Pliz help us before the expiry of the fiscal year 2009?

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GEORGE- ()     04/29/2009 11:03 AM

I was at the consular section in Accra for the second time because my wife won the lottery. The consular asked a series of questions and afterwards said our marriage was not legal. I defended myself and my wife and she was like I will conduct investigations and call you later. So am waiting for the call.

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alborz- ()     05/22/2008 05:15 AM


Does any one know if it is OK for the sponsor for a DV lottery winner to MAIL his Financial Support letter from his employer directly to the Embassy in Ankara OR it has to be included with the documents that are Mailed prior to Interview date?

Thank You

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