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kokra     03/17/2019 06:45 AM

Thank you for sharing your visa interview experiences. Here is mine

Finger Printing: 10th Mar, 2019 (Time: 13:45)
Interview: 13th Mar, 2019 (10:30)
Passport Pick-up: 17th Mar, 2019

VO: What are you going to do for XXXX Company?
Me: Work as XXXX (told as per LCA)

VO: Which place are you going to work?

VO: XXXX in XXXX state?
Me: Yes

VO: Are you going to work in client location?
Me: No, will be working in house.

VO: What is your highest qualification?

VO: Do you know your rights?
Me: Yes


VO: Do you know your rights madam?
Sp: Yes

VO: How long have you been married for?
Sp: XX years

VO: How old is your kid?
Sp: XX years

VO: What is name of your kid?

VO: Your visa is approved!

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srpurre     03/17/2019 00:05 AM


I got email from Hyd counsulate to appear for 2nd interview after submitting my passport, end client letter and LCA in 1st interview.

Please let me know if any one faced the same scenario. Any suggestions or inputs will be help full.

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kpp123     03/16/2019 13:29 PM

This thread has been really helpful for me. So, I am sharing my experience

Background : FTE working at a Fortune 500 company, M.S & B.Tech in CS

Biometrics: March 10
Interview : March 11

For some reason at Hyd Consulate, they have 2-3 interview counters outdoors (close to the people waiting in line to get token) and its very noisy. I ended up at one of those counters and it was hard to hear most of the questions VO asked

Me: Good morning
VO: Please give me the passport
VO: How long have you been working with this company?
Me: X months
VO: Whats your title?
Me: X X Engineer
VO: X Engineer?
Me: No, X X Engineer
VO: Where is it located?
Me: X X just outside X
VO: Is this your 1st H1B?
Me: No
VO: Were you on OPT before?
Me: No
VO: How many years experience do you have?
Me: X years
VO: What's the full name of your company XXX?
Me: X X X
VO: Smiles..Ah, I see
Me: Do you have our product?
VO: Just smiles. Remind me again how long have you been working for this company?
Me: X months
VO: Do you know about your rights?
Me: Yes
VO: Your visa is approved
Me: Thank you.

Checked status on ceac.state.gov & cgifederal.secure.force.com
March 11: Admin processing
March 14: issued
March 15: Dispatched passport by courier
March 16: Received passport
Few Suggestions/tips:
1. Keep things simple, answer in simple sentences and try to give one word answers (unless VO asks to explain things)
2. If you are going for H1/L1, try to wear a suit (Skip tie..its too hot)
3. There are bunch of Xerox/printing facilities on the cross street. Some of them have lockers & A/C waiting rooms (for Rs.100 each)
4. Book Interview on Monday mornings or as early as possible in the week.
5. In Hyderabad, Biometrics are open on Sundays

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Bhoomika     03/15/2019 18:56 PM

I am hoing for my stamping in April to Mumbai consulate.

My I797 expires within 7 month in November. Will it create any issue as only 7 months is remaining for my H1B?

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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nik125     03/14/2019 14:26 PM

OFC: 11th march and Interview on 12th march
Questions asked.
1. is this first h4 or extension?
2. which city your husband live?
3. do you have any children?

Then visa approved...

Different Status:

March 11: case created
March 12: admin processing
March 13: Issued
March 14: collected pp.

Hope this helps to h4 people.

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coold     03/14/2019 09:29 AM

I had my H1B visa stamping interview at New Delhi US consulate on 26th Feb. I have been working in US for last 8+ years for different clients in EVC model. I changed my employer April last year and it's my 3rd interview for H1 stamping (1st with this employer). VO asked few general questions about my employer, client I work for, kids etc. Finally she asked if I am having a client letter. I handed over the client letter and after reading it for few seconds, she took it inside along with my passport and original I797. Came back and said my visa is approved and it would take 5 days. However the CEAC website still shows my status under "Administrative Processing" since day of interview. I got no phone call/email for additional documents. Anyone experienced something similar recently? If so, How long it took ?

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bitsnpieces     03/14/2019 06:31 AM

I gave my in-person interview at US Consulate on 13th March and my case went under administrative processing. The officer asked me the following questions:

VO: What company do you work for?
Me: xxxxx
VO: What is your job title?
Me: I am a Data Engineer.
VO: Are you direct hire?
Me: Yes I am a direct hire.
(Typed something...)
VO: Is this your first time stamping?
Me: Yes.
VO: F-1 to H1B change of status?
Me: Yes.
VO: What University did you go to?
Me: xxxxxxx
VO: What did you study?
Me: I completed my Masters in Software Engineering.
VO: Have you ever been out of status?
Me: No
VO: Do you know your rights?
Me: Yes I do
(Continued to typed something...)
VO: ok sir your application needs some additional processing, nothing to worry you will here back from us in 4-5 days.
(He retained my passport and DS-160 and gave me a 221g white slip).
Me: Do you need any supporting documents from my side?
VO: Not at the moment, but you will receive an email if anything else is needed.
Me: For sure, thank you.

March 14th: Got an email for re-interview on 19th March.

Anyone else had the same experience? Would appreciate any inputs, what documents to carry and other things.


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Arjundwh83     03/14/2019 06:07 AM


I had my H1 interview at Hyderabad on 03/15. I answered all the questions that were asked. After that I was asked for my LCA, CLIENT LETTER and I797. I provided the requested documents. After few minutes I was sent to a different counter where my passport along with my wife and kid passport were asked. The visa officer took our passports and kept it with her and told us that my case was in administrative processing. However when I check in CEAC it shows REFUSED. Can someone please throw some light into my case. I am really worried.


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naveen_nl     03/13/2019 09:02 AM


I completed my H1B Visa stamping last month and have never traveled to the US till date. I got an offer for a different employer and planning to change my employer. Please let me know on:

1) Since I have not traveled yet to the US after H1B stamping, is it possible to apply for a H1B transfer?

2) What are the chances of rejection if I apply for a transfer now?

3) In case of a transfer rejection, will it impact if I stay with my current employer and travel in future?

Please let me know on these. Thanks a lot!


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sunny1106543     03/13/2019 02:33 AM

MY wife had changes to her status from f1 to h4- f1 to h4, she got her first renewal as h4 3 years back. she submitted for drop box, got called in for fingerprint and interview. in interview, they asked if she was in status and how long she is being married, etc basic questions.
they gave her white 221g slip- all blogs say, additional admin processing before a final decision can be made. when can we expect? and should we wait for email?

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