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vipul413     02/23/2020 13:26 PM

Hello friends,
Sharing my Visa experience.

12/05/19 - Attended Visa Interview at Mumbai Consulate and received 221g yellow slip. The ask was to submit LCA, Client Letter, Vendor Letters, including all layers (EVC Model)

12/16/19 - Employer submitted response to embassy via email

02/10/20 - Case status date updated,
Email received to submit passports

02/13/20 - Visa Issued

I know it's painful waiting time but have patience and it'll be all good.

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halden     02/22/2020 02:59 AM

I was on Cap-exempt H-1B, never held regular H-1B.

Lost job on Dec 20th, 2019. So by Feb 17th, it would be 60 days of unemployment.

Fortunately, I found another cap-exempt employer who can sponsor my H-1B and file under premium processing, but they can’t send the petition by Feb 17th.

My question is :

1) I stepped out of US before the 60 day grace period, I will wait until the new employers’ H-1B petition is approved, with that approval notice can I come back to US with out going for a visa stamp? (I have H-1B visa stamp until Oct 2021 from my previous employer who revoked visa)

2) Or is it absolutely necessary to get new visa stamp with new employers’ I-797?

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mzein1292     02/22/2020 01:40 AM

Hey guys,

Is it okay to attend a consulate interview in Calgary if DS 160 form was created for Vancouver, has anyone done something similar before?

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Dattu     02/21/2020 21:04 PM


I am working for an employer A in India and have H1B stamped (First time) with employer name on it and visa is valid till Sep2021 (I have never been to the USA). Current employer doesn’t have any on-site projects, so I am thinking of transferring the H1B to a new employer B (India).


1. Can I transfer H1B to a new employer without traveling (no travel history) to the USA?

2. If I can transfer and my petition is approved do, I need to get my passport stamped again for the new employer?

3. If employer A revokes current petition and after a couple months can I transfer my unused visa to a new employer B ?

4. What documents I should show at Port of Entry ?

Thanks in advance.

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Satnam348     02/21/2020 09:00 AM

 It would be helpful if anybody who has attended h1b VISA interview at Delhi Consulate to share the experience. What kind of questions are they posing

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221gchennaiite     02/21/2020 08:14 AM

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my stamping experience in regards to my H1B visa, This is my first time stamping and my background is F1-OPT-H1B

Interview date: 1/13/2020
Consulate: Chennai

I was interviewed by a female VO, Apparently it happens that she was being job shadowed by a fellow VO officer and during my interview session was explaining her colleague all the internal steps.

VO: Hello, good morning, Can i have your I797, Passport and Offer letter
Me: Good morning, here you go
VO: What is your highest level of education
Me: Master of Science from USA
VO: When did you graduate
Me: Answered
VO: What is your annual salary
Me: Answered
VO: Location
Me: Michigan
VO: Do you work at client site ?
Me: Yes
VO: Can i have your client letter
Me: Yes, passed her my client letter
VO: Returned my passport along with other docs and said, Please send this client letter to the email in this sheet, (Passed me a copy of 221g blue sheet with client letter check boxed ticket, i even tried to ask weather the hard copy would sufficient, but she insisted me to email the document as that would be more appropriate for additional processing)
I thanked her and left the office

Consulate Interview: 1/13/2020
Document Submission: 1/14/2020
Client verification: 2/5/2020 (My client mentioned in the letter got an audit email from USCIS and client replied instantly)
Followed up with usdocs and consulate regarding the status on 2/12/2020 and got a generic response from both
Email to submit passport: 2/13/2020
Case updated after 1/13/2020: 2/20/2020
Case issued: 2/21/2020
Email to picup passport: 2/21/2020 (picked up same day)

My experience that i learned during the waiting period:
Its easier said than done but patience is the most critical thing during this period, its good to read other experience in forums and social media to get a relative idea about the timeline but do not get booged into others experience too much, as we start to panic and question by comparing our scenario to one and other, each case is different and takes its own time. I know its frustrating but waiting is the only thing that can be done and getting obsessed in reading/comparing other experiences wont change your current state. Most importantly be positive and do not lose hope.

I wish everyone all the best on your visa stamping :)

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Feb13hyd     02/20/2020 09:21 AM

Anyone here attended interview on 13th Feb ay hyd.

Can you share your experience?

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vkparthipan     02/20/2020 04:05 AM

I have attended the interview

11th feb biometrics
12th feb interview

Visa status - issued using DS160 confirmation number
Passport tracking status using passport number - ready to pickup

Is it means passport is ready to pickup ? But I did not received any emails .

Can anyone clarify it here . Thanks in advance

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srk_23     02/20/2020 02:47 AM

Hi ,

Sharing my H1B interview experience.

Background: I've been for working for a reputed MNC for 5 years. This is first H1B interview.

Biometrics: 03 Feb, 2020
Interview : 20 Feb, 2020

Interview Questions:

VO: Good Morning, How are you doing today?
Me: Good morning officer, I'm doing great. How are you?

VO: I'm fine. Is this your H1B?
Me: Yes

VO: First time on H1B
Me: Yes

VO: You work for XXXX Company.
Me: Yes ( I felt confident after he gave great expression)

VO: How long you've been working for this Company?
Me: XX Years.

VO: What is your designation?
Me: told my designation.

VO: What are your roles in US?
Me: Explained briefly (30 secs )

VO: Do you know your rights?
Me: Yes, I do.

VO: Your VISA approved. Have a great day (Kept the passport with him)
Me: Thank you.

I've gone through all the interview experiences shared in this portal and this helped me to prepare better and to be confident.

As I read many experiences here, I'm not worried much about the current processing status of Passport. Awaiting to collect the passport.

Good luck everyone.

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Feb13hyd     02/20/2020 00:09 AM

I have attended interview on 13th feb. Interview ended in less than a minute. VO handed over me a white slip with no docs requested.passport was retained.

Ceac site still showing admin processing with last updated date as of 18th feb 2020.

Anyone with same experience?

BTW i work FTE with Fortune 500 company in leading position. This is my first time h1b COS.

Comments will be appreciated.

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