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mass95     07/17/2019 06:18 AM

H1 Drop box - issued
07-17-2019, 05:13 AM
drop box - H1B visa hyderabad- change of employer from one US based big company to other .
Friday- 7/12 drop box, submitted copy of I797, 2 new photos passport
Monday 7/15- Status changed to Application Received in the AM , Administrative processing in the PM
Tuesday 7/16, Status remained Administrative Processing
Wed 7/17- afternoon Status changed to issued.

So Administrative processing is not a bad thing. for genuine cases , visa will be issued in 2 days.

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221g_H1_firsttime     07/17/2019 01:41 AM


I had my H1B visa interview on July 10th. Interview went well at the end VO asked me if i was out of status anytime. I said No and i was given a small white slip which say administrative processing. VO told it should take 3-5 business days but its taking longer. This is my first H1b visa stamping from F1. I have also observed there was a change made to my sevis end date on July 12th. My case was updated on 11th and 16th but it still shows Administrative processing. Anyone in same boat? How long will it take ?

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AntoVn     07/16/2019 18:45 PM

In 2018 I applied for H1B amendment extension and received an RFE and am waiting to hear back from USCIS. In the meanwhile, I filed for H1B extension in 2019 using premium processing and received RFE. Will my H1B extension be delayed till my amendment extension comes through?

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[email protected]     07/16/2019 16:06 PM


I am currently in USA and planning to go Mexico for the visa interview. I am working as FTE for a financial banking company and have approved petition till 01/2021. Earlier visa stamping i had with some other company and it got expired and have the approved petition with a new financial banking company. What are the options i have if i get 221g after the interview. Whether i have to go back to India. Please let me know

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raj2019     07/16/2019 15:31 PM

Hi all,

I was really worried to go for visa stamping after reading the issues our friends here are facing. This is my 3rd stamping. Below is my experience.

Dropped my passport at Chennai VFS on July 5. You need only your passport, current and previous 797 copies and 1 passport photo (they will tell you that the pic does not match the criteria, just force them to use the pic you have taken in Costco or wherever, they are trying to make you go get another pic locally)

July 9 - Status changed to Administration Processing (this is the process, do not panic)
July 10 - Status changed to Issued and Shipped
July 11 - Received the passport

I was nervous as anyone who go for Visa stamping. Please do not panic, things will work out. This forum has been of great help to understand the process and help guide me. But we also need to understand things are not as bad as it seems here in the forum. I am sure most ppl who have got their visa are not posting here. Good luck to all.

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Sirisha.26     07/16/2019 14:36 PM

My husband's employer forgot to apply for H4 extension. i94expired in August 2018. We got to know about that in may 2019. Me and my kids left the country with the advice of attorney and submitted the documents via drop box in Hyderabad....and they called for the interview...

VO asked some basic questions to me and my kids..
And then she asked me about the overstay...
And I explained ...that was our first time going to US..
Just they forgot to apply for the extension...
I explained the same..

She retained my kids passports...and returned my passport..and gave me 221g white slip with second box marked..
And my kids Visa got issued..and I collected the passports.
My case was still showing Administrative processing.
We attended the interview on June 6th.
Till now no Update.

Anybody has the similar experience....

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ktlo1234     07/16/2019 11:55 AM

Hi All,

I am on H1B working as FTE with a major tech company. My wife travelled to India last week and since she is eligible for dropbox, she went for H4 dropbox facility and submitted all the documents. Within 2 days she got passport back with 221g form asking for

from Petitioner:
1. copy of petition with all supporting documents filed with USCIS
2. A letter form the personnel department at the US end client company stating that there is a vacancy for you
3. A detailed description of the project to which you will be assigned.
From you:
1. copy of W2 for last two years

I am confused now, why they are asking all these things for H4 stamping. My wife is not working and never worked in US.

Any recent experience or any information would help.

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rahulbadam     07/16/2019 05:49 AM

Below is the detailed communication between me and visa officer.

Visa interviewer :step forward
Me : hi Gm
Vo: give me passport
Me : gave passport
Vo: scanned barcode
And asked i797a copy
Me : gave the i797a copy
Vo: who is your employer
Me : told my employer name
Vo: you have stamping on emporia state university
Me: yes, I have stamping for emporia state university
Vo:- from which school did u graduate
Me :Npu
Vo: when did u transfer to Npu
Me : told her exact dates
Vo: she asked why did u transfer
Me : gave reason
Vo: based on your passport number it says that your are from farmington university
Me: I said yes
Vo: why did u join that uni Dont you know that there were no classes conducted in that university
Me: I said I was not knowing that before
I applied for 3 uni I got 2 admission
One is Farmington and other is cummbersland
But cummberland admission i got so late , so I did not have a chance so I joined this university

Vo: did u attend any classes in farmington
Me: I said no , but I used to visit the university once in a month because it is 2 miles away from my home

She took my passport and i797a copy with her and came back after 7 to 9 mins

Vo:-she asked from which university did u get your opt
Me: Npu

Vo: why did u join farmington
Me: I said during my stem extension my university lost accreditation, I have no other choice
So I applied 3 universities I got farmington and cummberlands admission but cummberland admission was little late , so I joined farmington ,

I forced that person in farmington to provide me classes , he was keep on told to see them the other week

VO: Wait for 10 mins again she way typing what I have told her

I went to USA on emporia university and later he transferred to npu
And I got opt on Npu
And later npu lost its accreditation in dec 2016
And I joined farmington in may2017
And started working at GM after transferred to farmington
AND my Sevis terminated in oct2018
And later I moved to h1b

Again waited for 5 to 10 mins
And said that your i797a copy is not there with us
I am keeping your passport and i797a copy with me
This is your case tracking number , if this case tracking says ready to pick up
Please check and collect your passport and i797a copy

Me:- I asked her how long this process takes
Vo:- she said I don’t know how long it will take.

Could any one suggest if this is a positive sign or a negative sign, are there any similar cases who have faced.

Please let me know if there are any kind of inputs.

Thank you

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behlg1188     07/16/2019 05:32 AM

H1B + H4 stamping through dropbox at Delhi. Background - 14 years on H1B with 10 + years with current employer and last 3 visa stamps through same employer. Previous visa was through drop box as well with no issues.

8 July - dropped documents at Delhi VAC ( nothing special for the process except photographs, more than likely the picture you are carrying will be rejected, i had 2 different from Costco and CVS and both were rejected, my wife had 3 different types and all were rejected. there is a picture shop nearby charges Rs 400 and with the guarantee that if rejected he will retake the pictures for free)

9 July - Case created
10 July - Administrative processing
11 July - AP
12 July - SMS and email - your passport is ready for pickup, but CEAC Status remained AP (" Passport ready for pickup " and CEAC status "AP" means 221g)

14 July- picked passport, 221g white slip - "come for fingerprint and interview any time in next one year, no appointment needed"

15 July - attended interview at embassy and visa approved. 221 g candidates dont need to wait in lines, you can enter anytime between 8 30 AM and 1000 AM and they will let you through and you are told to get your fingerprints done at counter 3, after that you merge with all other candidates in interview queue, which also moves pretty quick. 15 min max for us and we had approx. 25 -30 ppl ahead of us

Questions routine - what you do? how long in US? where you live? how many kids, age? are they US citizen? how many previous visas with current employer, any change in job profile since your previous visa? Wife kept standing beside me and wasn't asked a single question.

16 July - ISSUED

Bottom line - Drop box is still an option but majority will be called for interview, if you don't want unnecessary tension for 2-3 days avoid drop box and schedule regular interview, if possible. That way you know then and there - Approval, 221g or Rejection

Good luck !

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Gautham2403     07/16/2019 04:43 AM

Came to India on vacation, went for dropbox as i already have an existing h1b visa and i changed employer recently.

Jul 2nd dropped of documents at chennai ofc center.
Jul 9th got an email that passport is ready to be picked up
Jul 15th picked up passport and when i opened i found that i was issued 221g blue slip with requesting to attend interview. No documents were requested
Jul 16h attended interview

VO: Took my passport and latest i797 copy and blue slip, went throught my passport and found f1 visa
asked the exact timeline i was on f1 and opt
ME: Explained those details

VO: Who was your first petitioner
ME: explained

VO: You don't have a visa stamp for that on your passport
ME: I didn't travel to india during that time, before traveling to india i switched to company B and after that i got my visa stamped now i moved to company C so applied for VISA again

VO: So company B wasn't your initial sponsor A was your initial sponsor
ME: Yes A was my initial sponsor i have i797 of A if you want

VO: No thats alright, took a blue slip and marked visa refused for admin processing, I am going to hold on to your passport for administrative purpose you can check your case status here and handed a blue slip 221g

A little bit of background i went to us in 2013 aug for masters after that i joined company A and was working as contractor for company B. After a year and a half took full time with company B and came to india for stamping and went back with no issues. After a year and half i joined company C full time and went for stamping.

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