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prakash.kapu     05/20/2019 05:21 AM

Any one from farmington university who have been successfull in getting h1b visa stamped and travelled back to USA.

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Tiger099     05/20/2019 01:27 AM

Hope this helps!!

This is 2nd h1 interview

Interview on May 09
Issued may 16

How long working with xxx?

Who were you before that ?

How did you find this job ?

How many interviews did you have?

Team size?

What to they do?

Do you like working with them?

What is highest degree?

In what?

Have you had any issues with visa when you were in college ?

VO: we need to do some admin processing and it will take 1 week.

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saikatam     05/19/2019 16:52 PM

My Husband applied for amendment and extension on March 2019. I am working on H1. But currently, my extension is pending with USCIS more than 240 days and my I 94 got expired. I am planning to apply for h4 and h4EAD using my husband's extension receipt number.

1) Is it possible to apply h4 and h4EAD using my husband's receipt number?
2) Also, my husband's company moved his extension to premium processing yesterday. If I apply now for H4 and H4EAD will my application will also be considered for premium? Please advise.

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ramsid89     05/19/2019 15:25 PM

Am on H1-B and my wife who will be traveling to USA in H4. Can she work as a remote employee for an Indian employer and get paid in INR while in the USA. Is that considered as legal as per H4 visa regulation?.

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ND1505     05/19/2019 00:43 AM


My H1 visa extension with my Employer was first put under 221(G) after interview in New Delhi embassy. While issuing 221(G) they didn't ask for any document from me. I have been directly working with my Employer for last 4 years and that was my 2nd time stamping with them. Embassy then send my petition back to USCIS for NOIR. As per the response from my Employer USCIS reaffirmed my I-129. My Employer received the communication regarding re-Affirming the I-129 petition on 25th April. My Employer contacted the embassy with attaching the re-Affirm letter but they haven't responded to their queries about the next steps even after 15 working days. I have also emailed and called but they told me that they have escalated the case but haven't heard from them yet. I have called NVC non immigrant visa help line (603-334-0888). Customer Associate told me that they don't see any communication from USCIS to embassy regarding my case.

I didn't withdraw my H1 extension visa application. What are the options with me now to move the process? Do I still need to make a new appointment? Please advice.

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H1h4problematic     05/18/2019 22:58 PM


I am 27 weeks pregnant, v had to visit India for personal reasons. Me and my husband opted for Dropbox separately. My H4 visa got stamped with no problem. But my husband received a blue slip asking him to attend interview with additional documents.
He did attend interview at Chennai Consulate and got another blue slip, VO returned his passport with other documents saying AP.

I must travel back to US within 3weeks or else I will not be able to travel. Can I travel alone to US without my husband visa stamping? Will it be a problem at port of entry for me?

Please can anyone give any information on this.

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robro     05/17/2019 13:01 PM


I submitted passport and docs via dropbox in Hyd consulate on 5/11. Status turned to application received on 5/13 and on 5/14 to Administrative Processing. Received email from Consulate on 5/16 asking to schedule an interview for 221 G.

I logged into UStraveldocs and scheduled interview for 5/23. But they haven't told me how and where I can get my passport for this interview? I called up helpline, they said the consulate has my passport and I don't need to carry it for the interview. Can someone please clarify?

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vpanala     05/17/2019 11:24 AM

Hi All,

This site has definitely helped me and would like to share my experience.

VFS Fingerprint date: September 4th 2018
Visa Interview : Septemeber 5th 2018

During the interview was general questions about my employer, work and pay. Then he asked my wife how long have we been married and where we live. He typed all the information and told he could not locate my file in the database so VO returned the Passport and told to visit another window. There was Indian lady at that window and she took passport looked into the computer and went back. After few mins she came back with copy of my I-797 and told to return to same window. VO asked about my employer and informed they need do additional processing before and returned the Passport.

Based on the conversation with our immigration attorney at my company i found that there was USCIS NOIR issued on my case during the site visit done in May last week of 2018. During the visit in May 2018 i did meet the site inspection officer and he reviewed all the documents and finally he found that name of the company listed in my pack check was different from the filing. He informed he will reach out to HR to get the clarification, by the time my HR responded USCIS sent NOIR notice due to name difference in pay check and filing. Lawyer responded in first week of August and i was not informed about the NOIR. I came for visa interview and was issued admin processing. Finally on November 30th USCIS re-affirmed my application, i kept sending my re-affirmation notice to consulate and didnt had any luck.

CEAC First Update: 05th Sept 18 (Interview day)
CEAC Second update: 10th Sept 18
CEAC Third Update: 20th Nov 18

Finally after couple emails i received call from HYDFPU to send the reaffirmation notice to HYDFPU department. Hyderabad consulate reached to my employer on 03/22 through DOS, employer responded on 03/28.

Finally got an email to submit passport on 04/22 at 10am,
Ceac updated 04/23 to AP
Ceac updated 04/25 - 04/26 Status changed to Application received
CEAC updated 05/03, 05/09, 05/10, 05/13, 05/14 to AP (Dates kept changing)
CEAC updated for H4 with issued status on 05/14 around 1pm
CEAC update 05/15 Finally H1B (my application) Changed to Issued around 1pm

Around 12:30pm on 05/16 got email stating the PP is been delivered at Hyderabad VFS and picked my Passport along with dependent on 05/17.

Sorry it was long story, but want to add the experience so i will help others in future. One thing i will definitely advice is please check you H1b status on USCIS site before making your travel arrangement, most of the time we may not be aware of NOIR or any RFE sent to our application which are happening a lot lately.

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DPR     05/17/2019 08:28 AM

Dear all,

Below is my Dropbox experience,

I have submitted the documents to Visa application center,Pune on 9th of May.

10th May - Application Received
11th May to 12th May- Holiday (No change in status)
13th May-Administrative Processing
14th May-Administrative Processing
15th May- Issued
16th May- Passport received


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shas     05/17/2019 07:43 AM

My employer scheduled interview for May 15th 2019 at US consulate Chennai.
I reached consulate around 8 AM. I saw lot of people waiting outside to enter the main queue (Slot wise queue). I was asked to enter queue exactly before 15 minutes (8.30 AM) prior to my Interview slot (8.45 AM). Went through security checks at 2 places. Entered main building where they took my finger prints and asked me to enter preferred language queue. I was able to see Visa officer sitting inside the window and candidates standing outside and answering questions.I saw people getting rejected and I was bit nervous after seeing rejections. Later took a deep breath and my turn came.

Following conversations between VO and myself.

VO - Good Morning
Me - Good Morning sir

VO - Can i have your passport please
Me - Gave my passport

VO - How long you have been working with ABC Company
Me - Mentioned number of years

VO - Who is your Client
Me - Mentioned my client name

VO - How long you have been working with client
Me - Mentioned number of years

VO - Where do you stay in US
Me - Mentioned my stay address

VO - What is your Highest Education
Me - BE in Comp Science

VO - What is your Total US salary

VO - Are you married
Me - Yes

VO - Do you have Kid
Me - Yes

VO - Thank you Sir. I am approving your VISA.
Me - Thank you Sir

VO Took my passport and kept aside.

My interview completed in less than 2 minutes. Visa status "Issued" on the same day.

Waiting for passport to be picked.

All the best for H1-B aspirants.

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