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santurcr1234     01/19/2019 06:34 AM


I need some help, I have Approved i797 H1B but the name in H1B petition and the new passport is not matching.

Here is the story:

My old Passport details:

Surname: Blank
Given Name : XXXX YYYY

My New Password

Surname : YYYY
Given Name : XXXX

My H1B i797

If I give the DS160 with the details as per my new passport and schedule for Visa Interview will that create any problem during interview, need someone help here.


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testofh1b     01/19/2019 03:48 AM

Hi Friends,

I attended interview with my at Delhi Consulate, here are the questions :

Questions to Me

VO: Please hand over your passport and I 797
Me: Handed over

VO: Name of Sponsor company?

VO: What does your employer do?

VO: Do you have end client
Me: Yes, but I will be working from my office and visit clients on need basis

VO: Do you have client letter
Me: We do not have this policy

VO: Oh okay, are you a product firm
Me: Yes

VO: You will be working on Internal Project?
Me: Yes

VO: do you have internal project details Doc
Me: No

VO: Please give me your I 129
Me: Handed over

VO: Your Designation

VO: Your Salary


VO: Where is the office located?


To My Wife

VO: When did you get married?
VO: Marriage was arranged or Love?
VO: Wedding album pls?
VO: How many people attended wedding?
VO: What will you be doing there?

After around 5 to 7 min of extensive interview, he returned all the documents , our passport and gave us a 221 (G) Blue color form and asked me to submit following documents:

1. LCA, I- 797, I-129 with DHS cover letter
2. Petitioner's tax returns of past 2 years
3. Internal project details , time lines, budget and employees assigned to it

I am working on the documents to be submitted, I am really worried now? any one in same boat or had same experience please advice .

P.S. : One more information, my designation and salary was different then what was mentioned in LCA, but I had a supporting doc stating, change of Designation is firm's internal affair and beneficiary still requires same skills to perform his duties

Please advice

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Thangam     01/18/2019 18:04 PM

Hi Friends,
I am having my H1B Visa stamped till May 2019, but i am having travel plan to India in Feb first week to bring my family back to USA.
I will be returning within 2 days from India with my wife and child (US Citizen) and my wife is also having stamped H4 visa till May 2019.

#1. What will be the minimum validity should exists in H1B Stamped visa to get into USA Port of entry from India?
#2. My Wife is having stamped H4 visa till May 2019. What will be the minimum validity should exists in H4 Stamped visa to get into USA Port of entry from India?

Will it be any issues in my case #1 and #2?

Note: My passport and my wife passport both are having more than 6 months validity and it's a new passport where my current H1B stamping and my wife's H4 visa stamping is done.

Appreciate your answers!!!

Thanks always!!!

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Rbe3105     01/18/2019 08:46 AM

My experience at the Chennai consulate on Jan 8th.
I went with my wife and my slot was at 9:45 AM.

This is how my interview went.

Questions to me:

1. Employer
2. Client Name
3.What does the client do?
4.What is your role?
5.What are your responsibilities?
6.Client Location?
7.Do you know about your rights?

To my wife:
1.When did you got married?
2.How many kids do you have?
3.Is your kid a US citizen?

And the VO said she is approving our petitions.
All the questions were straight forward and our responses were short and crisp.

Good luck to everyone.


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samss77     01/17/2019 19:50 PM

I am a FTE at a startup in Bay Area. I am on 7th year on my H-1B with approved I-140 from previous employer. Filled up DS-160 in mid December as I wanted to go for stamping in last week of December but couldn't get dates until Jan14th in Tijuana. I took the services of Jorge Gonzalez. He is a very reliable guy.

I got Mexico Visa from Mexican Consulate in San Jose. No appointment is needed. Just walkin and get a token. It took about an hour. I paid $36 to get Mexican Visa.

My A.S.C(Biometrics) appointment was on 01/14 at 12PM and Visa interview on 01/15 at 8:30AM.

01/14/2019: Arrived at San Diego airport at 8:15AM. Jorge picked me up at 9:30AM. Drove straight to the San Ysidro border. At the border, stopped at Mexican immigration and they checked my visa. It was less than 5 min there. After that he drive me to a hotel and checked into hotel at 10:30AM. Freshen up a bit. The finger print appointment center is 3 blocks away from the hotel and is walkable. They took my finger prints and and took a photo and it was over in about 30 minutes.

01/15/2019: My interview was at 8:30AM. Reached there half hour early. There was an airport level security in the consulate. Here is how the interview went. It lasted less than 5 min.

Me: Good morning! how are you doing?.
Visa Officer(VO): I am good thank you.

Visa Officer(VO): Since how long you are working for this company?
Me: Over 3 months

VO: Do you work directly for them?.
Me: Yes

VO: What do they do?.
Me: They make ******

VO: What is our highest qualification?
Me: I have Masters in Electrical Engineering

VO: I see you complemented 6 years on H-1B. Did your current employer or previous employer filed for your Greencard?.
Me: Yes, my previous employer filed for my greencard.

VO: Do you have I-140?.
Me: handed over I-140 from my previous employer to him. He looked at it and typed something in the computer for a minute.

VO: Your Visa is approved, you can collect your passport tomorrow at 3PM
Me: Thank you have a good day.

01/16/2019: Picked up passport at 3PM. Drove straight back to Otay Mesa border.Jorge stopped at the border and asked me to get I-94. Got I-94 and was in the San Diego airport at 4:30PM. Took 6:05PM flight back home to San Jose.

Tijuana to be a safe city. I took Uber to get around the city and it is easiest and safe mode of transportation.

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HXA6120     01/17/2019 00:13 AM

Had visa appointment on Dec 13 and was told that the visa has been approved. Later in 3 days the passport was returned with 221(g) which said follow instaructions over email. Got an email 3 hours after the interview to fill out DS 5535 form. I submitted the form the same day.

It has been 1 month now and the status still says admin processing. I am wondering if the form format matters? I returned a word document as that was sent to me. Do they require pdf. There was no instruction given anywhere to return the documents in pdf format.

Anyone else in the same situation since December or recently?
I hear it takes several months to process.

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kshriram     01/17/2019 09:07 AM

Hello everyone,

Interview Date: Dec 31 2018.

This Forum was very helpful for me. Sharing my H4 visa interview experience in Chennai.

VO:Good Morning
ME:Good Morning Mam.

VO:How long have you been married.

VO:How did you get married

VO:Do you have a valid work permit.
ME:I have a valid H4 EAD, so answered Yes.

VO:What does your husband do.

VO then said 'Your Visa is Approved'. Overall it took just 5 mins.
I received my passport in 4 days.

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docs     01/17/2019 07:21 AM

Fingerprints on Dec27th
Intw on Dec 28th

Went together along with my wife, The VO officer asked common questions , who is employer, how much salary, when did you complete masters, how long are you in US, how much salary.
After that she said our visa is approved and did not mention anything about the time for processing. I thought it's usual 2 days as per my previous experiences.

Almost 3 weeks passed by and 2 days ago my wife got her passport back and am still waiting for mine. On Jan 16th, I got email from embassy asking to submit scanned copies of client letter, approvals and paystubs via e-mail.

I made my return travel plans on Jan 18th which is obviously postponed now. Just waiting for the response now. Does anyone know how long such cases take?

My only suggestion is book the visa intw as soon as you land here, just to give time for such delays.

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h1bdec2018     01/17/2019 01:47 AM

Dec 14: Drop box submission
Dec 31: received email asking me to attend for Finger Print and Interview . on Jan 11
Jan 11: VO said Application is approved (no 221 G or any slips)

CEAC still shows "Administrative Processing" with below description. Does it take 3 weeks to for Visa to be issued?

Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks. Please follow any instructions provided by the Consular Officer at the time of your interview. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days.
For more information, please visit U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad.

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manasa2019     01/16/2019 23:02 PM


I was onL1B and my extension is filed and my 240 days getting over next month.

I had a approved H1B for client X, and currently I am at client Y under same employer. Change of status amendment filed but didn’t receive any status yet

Since my 240 days getting over, I need to be out of the country.. Can I attend the visa stamping with the old petition with Client Y letter and LCA and with the amendment receipt...

Please advise..


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