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Anky1123     11/21/2019 07:13 AM

21st Nov 2019
Working as a FTE in a big a firm.

Interview lasted less than 2 mins and approved.

VO - Give me passport.
Me - Good Morning and gave the passport.

VO - Good Morning, give I797.
Me - Gave it.

VO - Are you working at Employer location or client location?
Me - Told

VO - What is your position?
Me - Told

VO - What project are you working on ?
Me - Said a line about my role at work and then the officer said that's fine and asked the next question.

VO - What is your Highest degree?
Me - Told

VO - Gave me 2 papers one with Passport collection details and other about Rights in the US and said Visa is approved.

Note : Approval rate is far more than it appears on the forum. So don't be nervous and answer questions confidently. All the best.

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BravArado7     11/21/2019 02:33 AM

Location: Hyd
Date: 21st Nov 2019

Interview lasted for less than a minute. VO asked basic questions about job, employer, location and family. I have a full time job with a top 3 company in US. Then asked if I knew my rights working in states. I said yes then asked about masters and informed your application will have to undergo administrative processing.

My concern is no slip was given and I can see my status as administrative processing on CEAC. Anyone else in similar situation?

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Srikanthj     11/21/2019 01:06 AM

Wanted to share my positive experience .Since this page is mostly having experience of candidates who have some kind of delay

I was following these forums a month before my journey and it was nerve wrenching

My case: 3rd h1b renewal with COE previous h1 in EVC model current one is FTE to same client which is good numbered American company

Day1(18-Nov) 11AM - Dropped passport and copies of current and previous I797
                          5 PM - passport status changed to (being delivered to post)

Day2(19-Nov) 11AM - passport status (delivered to post)
                           1 PM - application status ( application received)
                           4 PM - application status (administrative processing)

Day3(20-Nov) 9 AM - application status ( issued)
                          1 PM - passport status (received from consular section and being processed for delivery)
                          3 PM - passport status ( ready for pickup)
                          4 PM - passport in hand ( I live in same city)

I know this might not help a lot if people but sharing my experience hoping that atleast 1 out of 1000 people gain 1 or 2 percent confidence to come back home

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H1b_Renewal_Hyd_221g     11/20/2019 23:21 PM

Hello everyone. My experience was as follows:

- I work as a FTE at a known company in US. I have been on my H1B for the past three years and I was due for my first H1B renewal during my travel to Hyderabad. I went for Dropbox and dropped the documents on 12th Nov at Hyderabad Visa office.

- Next day, I got a message saying my passport was ready for pick up. I went and picked up the passport on 18th Nov and noticed that my visa wasn't stamped and instead I was given a white paper (221-g) asking to appear for interview between 10AM - 11AM any weekday.

- I went to the interview on 20th Nov. Fingerprints were taken before appearing in front of the visa officer. The lady asked me a few basic questions regarding my role, how long I have been with the company, my salary, university I studied at and if I ever had a transfer of university, any prior issues with visas. At the end she kept my passport and told me that my application would need some processing. And then I left. The same thing happened with a couple other 221-g candidates who were in front of me in the queue.

As of today (21 Nov), according to CEAC website, my application is currently in "Administrative Processing". I hope it gets approved as soon as possible. I will try and keep this thread updated. Anyone in the same boat are welcome to comment, so we can keep track of each other's progress.

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rome31     11/20/2019 15:55 PM

Can someone share what are the nearest dates available in Delhi for dropbox appointment. Is it possible to get dropbox during mid or end of december.

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vkparthipan     11/20/2019 15:14 PM

When i filing my h1b extension filed with Client A extension approved, now i moved to different client Client B but within 50 miles amendment not required so did not filed it.

Planning to go for india February and need to go for an interview also, during that time i can produce the new client Client B Client letter only. is that will create any stamping problem . plz advice. Thanks!

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gauthamkolluru     11/20/2019 09:07 AM


On 18th Nov 2019, I had my H1B visa interview at the Chennai Consulate. My passport was taken but informed me that it is currently under administrative processing. Even today the status of my visa stamping show Administrative Processing but I received an email today from the embassy that my passport is ready for pick up. the details of the interview are as follows:

1. What is your designation at the joining company?
A: Answered

2. Since how long have you been working with them?
A: This is the first time I'll be joining them

3. Where is the company that you are joining?
A: Answered

4. Can you tell me your responsibilities?
A: Answered

5. So, will you be working at the client?
A: No, I will be working from my joining company itself but on the project of the Client

6. What is your pay?
A: Answered

7. Can you show me your client letter?
A: I don't have the client letter but I do have the letter from my Project Manager

8. So, your client doesn't provide a letter?
A: I think so, else my company would have provided me even with that.

9. Ok, can you also gimme your LCA copy and the petition document?
A: sure, and handed them over.

Then the VO went behind and had a very brief discussion with somebody came back and handed me over the blue slip 221g with all the documents except LCA and informed that the visa is under Administrative Processing.

Today, 20th Nov 2019, I have received an email from ustraveldocs.com that my passport is ready for pick up from the location I have chosen but still the status of my visa stamping is showing Administrative Processing.

Has anybody faced this earlier? Can somebody throw some light on such issues and the outcomes?

Thanks in advance guys!


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cryonole     11/20/2019 05:51 AM

Background: STEM OPT completed on June 30, 2019 and H1b (non-cap) kicked in.

H1b Interview: 2 mins interview on Sept 19 and I was given a 221b blue pending letter at the Mumbai consulate. Passport as well as i797 were handed back to me (no docs withheld by the CO).

Docs submission: Sent all the docs requested on the blue pending letter on Sept 26. Got an automated response from the Mumbai, Tech X team.

Changes to case last updated date: First update on Oct1 and second on Nov 6. No email communication about what these updates were regarding.

Current status: Admin processing with no apparent movement even after waiting out for 9 weeks since the interview (8 weeks since submitting docs).

Any one with a similar experience? Any advice? I've been reading that one gets an email asking to submit the passport after the processing is complete. Any idea who the sender is- Mumbai Tech team OR USTravelDocs? I'm trying to be sure that I did not miss this email (due to Spam filtering, etc.)

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Asder     11/20/2019 04:51 AM

Closing my experience at US consulate Mumbai
First time H1B stamping (F1>OPT>Stem OPT>H1B>H1B transfer>Stamping)

Interview : 22 October 2019 (No slips issued, No 221g, visa approved in 2 minutes)

Status was stuck in administrative processing all along without any update in 'last updated date'.

Emailed customer support 3 times but got same response (Under processing at embassy).

Emailed Mumbai Consulate on 14th November and got a reply that case was refused under 221g - BUT 'last date updated' changed to 14 November (still in AP).

'Last updated date' again changed on 19 November (Still in AP).

Finally status changed to 'Issued' on 20th November.

Took almost a month even though VO approved my visa verbally and without issuing any 221g or slip.

Hope this helps!

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sriram G     11/20/2019 04:36 AM

I have my biometrics scheduled for 14th and Interview on 15th.

I had my Visa Interview at the Hyderabad Consultate on Nov 15th. My appointment is at 10AM. I reached consultate by 9 AM, I was allowed inside and after completing my security check and later given the biometrics and i was sent to waiting area and asked me to wait for some. Initially I was bit tensed, later I was releaxed.

I reached the counter 12 and there i stood in the line. The one before me came for their B2 Visa and their's was rejected. Now my turn Came -

VO : Petitioner Name?
Me: Answered
VO: Client Name?
Me: Answered
VO: How long you been working for the client?
Me: Answered
VO: Is it your Entension?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your Salary?
Me: Answered
VO: Have you ever travelled to US?
Me: Answered
VO: How was you interviewed?
Me: Answered
VO: LCA copy?
Me: Given
VO: Client Letter?
Me: Given

Finally Golden words Came - " Your VISA is issued"
The whole interview took me around 2-3 mins

14th - Biometric
15th - Interview
16th, 17th, 18th - Admin Processing
19th - Visa Issued
20th - Passport Ready for Pickup

My Experience is smooth and this site helped me a lot.

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