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[email protected]     09/17/2019 05:47 AM


I have my visa biometrics on Sep 27th and appointment on 30th Sep 2019 respectively

I have mentioned all the details in the DS-160 form correctly

But i have made a mistake in the profile created i have interchanged my first and last name in my profile

I made the same mistake for my spouse and child's name.

Is there any way to correct the name in the Visa appointment form before Visa interview.

Any inputs will be appreciated.

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ksguda     09/17/2019 05:05 AM


Following are my events for DropBox in Hyd:

Sept 9: Submitted my documents
Sept 10: Case Status changed to Application Received
Sept 11: Requested for Photos
Sept 13: Submitted my photos
Sept 16: Case Status remains as Application Received; Case updated changed to Sept 16
Sept 17: Case Status still remains as Application Received

I called them to ask if there is something that they need and I haven't heard anything different

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[email protected]     09/17/2019 04:19 AM

 DV Case 2010 Jan.

Left USA to India 2010 Feb.

Applied for H1b Transfer Oct 2018.
got RFE and the approved in Dec 2018.


Bio-metric : Feb 3rd 2019.
VISA Interview : Feb 4th 2019. : Got 221 G form and passports hand it over back.
Feb 11th :Got a letter go for medical check.
Feb12th: attended medical checkup @ appollo,Chennai
July 25th : Got a letter asking to submit passports @ VFS and case changed to admin processing 26th july after submitting passports.
And then changed the case dates multiple times.
Sep 5th : Got a letter asking to submit flight i ternary along with tickets.
Sep 10th: Submitted the flight tickets @ VFS chennai.
Sep 11th : Case status date Changed again Admin processing
Sep 13th : Case status date changed and again admin processing
Sep 16th Morning: Case status changed to Issued.
Sep 17th Morning 11 Am go the passports with stamping through blue dart .

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SKY3003     09/16/2019 13:29 PM

I have been following this page from past 3-4 months, THANK YOU ALL for sharing your experience!

Here is our positive experience in Mumbai consulate, we had Interview on 12th Sep at 9am at Mumbai Consulate we reached consulate 45 mins ahead it was long queue outside consulate since we had kid with us Security let us in without waiting in queue.

 VISAs were approved, VO asked 5 basic questions.

1. Petitioner name?
2. Fresh H1B or Extension?
3. Client Name?
4. Are you going to work from Client location?
5. What is your Salary?
6. What is your Role?

tracking status

11th Sep : Case Created
12th Sep : Administrative Processing
13th Sep : Issued

staff was very supportive, also had very good experience with public parking which is right behind consulate.

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Rahul_Gupta     09/16/2019 09:12 AM

Hi All,

I had my interview on September 12th, i had opted for premium delivery of passport to my home address, can someone tell me if we get an email / sms notification that the passport is out for delivery ? Is there a tracking number provided of the courier company ?

Thanks in advance

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jimjack     09/15/2019 22:31 PM

Hi all,

I had my interview on Sept 11th. The VO asked me very basic things, answered all the questions promptly but VO handed me over a 221g white slip and retained my passport. Below are the questions the VO asked

1. Petitioner name
2. Client name
3. Expiry date on your most recent i797
4. How long have you been working for this client?
5. Highest level of education


Last updated day: Sep 11th
Status: Adminstrative processing

Lady updated day : Sep 13th
Status: Administrative processing

This is my first H1B stamping, is handing over 221g very common in recent days? I have my return flight on Sept 21st, could somebody please suggest if I should move my ticket?

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Trishagupt08     09/15/2019 14:10 PM

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been received 221g blue slip. This is my first h1b and I have not travelled yet. What happens to my h1b if I change my employer before stamping when 221g is still in process?? If my new employer is ready to sponsor for h1b is it possible or should I again go through lottery system??

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rahul.shrma260185     09/15/2019 09:25 AM

Hi All

I had my visa interview on Sep 10th 2019. The interview went smoothly and the VO said that your visa is approved and you should get your passport in 3-5 business days.
Later that day the status of my DS160 application was updated to "Administrative Processing" with an update date of Sep 10th. Then on Sep 13th, the update date was changed to Sep 13th but the status was not changed. I did not get any pink slip or any 221g. I also checked my email and there is no request for additional documents.

Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do to check if any additional documents are required. Please advise, I would really appreciate any help on this.


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ajimad     09/14/2019 05:42 AM

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a positive experience with my VISA stamping in Chennai. I had to travel to india on Aug 18th 2019 on an emergency. So when I travelled, I didn't even have a stamping scheduled. I had an approved I797 valid till 2022. I had heard that the stamping dates were more than 40 days out. This would have been a problem as I did not have so many leaves. But luckily dates opened up and I got the VISA interview scheduled for Sep 10th and 11th. The Biometric/10 printing on 10th Sep went very smooth, no isues. The Interview on the 11th was also pretty smooth.Some of the questions asked were. Firstly he asked for passport.
1) Why are you going to the US.
2) Who do you work for.
3) Who is end client.
4) What is your role.
5) Can you tell me what your responsibilities are? - I gave brief answer.
6) Can you be more specific?
7) How long have you been in the US.
8) What is your salary.
9) Do you live in xxxx?

VO started typing a lot of things. Then said your VISA is approved. You should get your passport back in a few days. Returned my Old passport along with a booklet of your rights when you work in US and a blue paper that said your VISA is approved.

This happened on 11th Sept. 12th Sept I checked status and it said there is no status for the passport number you have entered. 13th Sept, same status that there is no status. But on 13th evening I got a text msg saying your passport is ready for pickup and I went and collected my passport with the stamped VISA.
Everything was very smooth and nice experience. So dont be worried or tensed when you go. Lots of good experiences as well.

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Hareesh431     09/14/2019 03:28 AM

Hi All,

I had an interview in Chennai consulate on 12th September 2019. I was little bit nervous during interview and I could not able to answer properly to the questions.My H1 status will start from Oct 1st. VO asked me that your opt and H1 overlapping. She didn't look at my i797 and gave me 221g blue slip and said that your application is refused for administrative processing, you don't have to submit anything, you don't have to come here again but you have to wait couple of days for administrative processing. I have all genuine documents but VO did not request any document and she took my passport. What would be the final result in my scenario? Would VO contact USCIS to revoke my H1b? I am worrying now.

Is there any one got situation like this?

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