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someguy990     03/09/2016 19:10 PM

Submitted GC app on March 1 2015 to TX. Priority is current (rest of world). Received EAD & Travel approval very fast (2 months). After that there has been no update on my case. 1 year is over since submission.

TX center crossed my application processing backlog date in Nov. I submitted an online SR, they responded 3 weeks later saying wait 60 days. In Feb, after 60d, I submitted another SR (this time over call). They responded 3 weeks later saying wait 6 months with no explanation for the delay. Very irresponsible on USCIS's part.

How to find out what is doing on? Should I keep submitting online SR before the 6m wait now until they approve the I485? Since 1 yr is over I guess most likely I will get a REF also for a new medical.

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chiku85     03/09/2016 00:59 AM

October 23, 2015 : Application Received By Texas Service Center
October 29, 2015 : I-140 Approved
November 16, 2015 : Fingerprinting and Bio metrics
January 19, 2016 : I-131 and I-765 Approved
January 26, 2016 : I-485 Approved (I and My Spouse both got approval)
January 28, 2016 : Received Permanent Resident Card in Hand.

Hope this helps.!!!!

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matildda     03/09/2016 11:04 AM

Hi everyone,

I found this very helpful forum and decided to share my experience.

EB-2 (Rest Of The World)
Priority Date: 15-Mar-2015
I-140 premium processing
I'm married, but applying alone (my husband will apply later due to personal reasons)

 5-Jan-2016: I-485, I-131 and I-765 sent to Nebraska Service Center (NSC)
 7-Jan-2016: receipt notices issued for I-485, I-131 and I-765
14-Jan-2016: I-140 approved
 4-Feb-2016: Fingerprinting
12-Feb-2016: received combo EAD+AP card

After that, no more updates.
Hope this information can be useful for someone.

Good luck to everyone!

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podapoda     03/08/2016 18:21 PM

Hi everyone,

Service Center: Nebraska
Application forms: I-485, I-140, I-131, I-765
USCIS received date: 10/27/2016
Biometrics Date: 12/15/2015 (Santa Rosa, California)

EAD Card received: 12/24/2015
Approved Date I-140: 02/19/2016

More than 4 months passed, I have not received any updates on I-485 yet... Anyone with similar experience?

Thank you

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cascarin     02/26/2016 15:41 PM

Thanks to all who have post in this forum. Your posts have been really helpful to dissipate my frustrations and stress due to the delays of this process.

My case is an EB2 class (employer filed). I was under a H1b visa applying with my family (wife and son) with H4 visas.
H1b visa expiration date was Feb-4-2016
We are from Mexico.

Service Center: Nebraska (NSC)
Application Forms: I-131(AP), I-765(EAD) & I-485(GC)
USCIS Received Date: Sep-30-2015
USCIS Notice Date: I-131 & I-765(Oct-5-2015), I-485(Oct-17-2015)
Biometrics Date: Nov-3-2015 (Seattle)
Approved Date: I-131 & I-765 (Jan-26-2016). Thankfully it was approved 9 days prior my H1b visa expired.
EAD/AP Combo Card Received in mail: Feb-3-2016
Green Card Approval: Feb-19-2016
Green Card Received in mail:Feb-25-2016

I hope you find this helpful. Patience, politeness and being optimistic is the key to reach the goal.

Best Regards,

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ads2154     02/25/2016 20:09 PM

All – a quick question (hopefully). If my green card were to get approved tomorrow and I were to get my green card in the mail a week later, how quickly would I be able to switch to a new job? Is there a legal requirement (i.e. by the US government) for me to stay at my current job for a certain period of time once I receive my green card? Or is it as simple as, once I receive the physical green card I can switch jobs. Also, once you get your green card, do you have to get a stamp of some sort on your passport?

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ikps     02/23/2016 17:05 PM

My wife and I are Canadian citizens living in Michigan on H1-B visas (both of us) and have applied for Green Card through the EB2 process. Our case is being handled in Nebraska. We have a 2 year old son who is on a H4 visa. We both hold PhDs and are hired as full-time tenure track professors in two different universities. My wife is the main applicant and our son and I are both dependents on her application. Below is our timeline up to this point:

12/2/14: Wage determination filed
2/12/15: Wage determination complete
3/20/15: PERM filed
10/5/15: PERM approved
10/23/15: Medical examination completed
11/13/15: I-131, I-765, I-140 (premium processing) and I-485 filed (concurrent)
11/17/15: I-485 application received at USCIS office
12/1/15: I-140 approved
12/10/15: Biometrics notice received. Appointment set for 12/16/15
12/15/15: Biometrics completed ahead of schedule as walk-in (proof of travel provided at office)
12/16/15: Advance Parole for our son was approved/received
1/6/16: I-512 for myself and my wife approved
1/14/16: EAD combo card received

Since then, there has been no other activity. Since November 2015, it has been over 3 months that our application is being processed and its nearing four months. Any thoughts?

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miles556     02/23/2016 16:01 PM

October 26th 2015 - USCIS received I-485 / I-765 / i-131
November 24th 2015 - I-765 approved
December 4th 2015 - received EAD/Travel combo card.

No movement on I-485 at all. Still "Case was received" since Oct 26th 2015.
Also, nothing on I-131. "Fees Were Waived" since Oct 26th 2015
I've been waiting 121 days as of Feb 23 2016.

I've seen other EB3 cases approved between 100 - 110 days.
No updates for me, still hoping. Waiting can be hard some days.

Priority Day March 13th 2015.
Service Center: Nebraska

Anyone else in EB got their I-485 approved ?

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KIMCAN     02/17/2016 00:58 AM

Hi All,

I have applied for a Green Card based on EB2 category. I have been called for an interview. Has anyone gone through this experience? If yes, what did they ask you.

I did marry less than a year before my application so I suspect it is that they want to confirm my marriage is legit.

Would love to hear your experiences and what types of questions were asked.



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KIMCAN     02/08/2016 15:01 PM

Hi All,

I am a Canadian applying for a Green Card through the EB2 Category (Employment Based). I am still waiting for my Green Card and have been quite frustrated with the process so far. It is taking much longer than anticipated. My husband is also applying of the same based on being married to me. I have had to log many customer service requests and only had success with one.

As you will see below, my case was transferred right before the USCIS were about to hit their 60 day window to respond to my RFE which essentially delays my entire case again.

Please share your timeline if you have had something similar happen to you in the application process.

09/01/2015 - Filed I-485 / 1-765 / I-131
09/04/2015 - USCIS Received Documents (Day 1)
09/08/2015 - Finger Print Fee accepted (Day 5)
10/13/2015 - Biometrics Appointment Notice (Day 45)
10/22/2015 - Biometrics Appointment (Day 54)
11/06/2015 - RFE (Day 64)
11/24/2015 - Response to RFE Received. USCIS said to contact them if they do not respond in 60 days. (Day 65 - Clock resumes from when they received RFE)
12/10/2015 - Logged Customer Service Case on I-765 being outside normal processing time. (Day 81)
12/14/2015 - Email / Text Notification that records indicate I-765 was approved on Nov. 11, 2015. (Day 85)
12/17/2015 - Email / Text Notification EAD mailed (Day 88)
12/21/2105 - Cobo Card EAD / Advance Parole Received (Day 92)
01/12/2016 - Case Transferred to another USCIS Office (NBC) in Lee's Summit. (Day 114)

Have not heard anything since 01/12/2015 on my I-485. We are now on day 141. Why are case got transferred... I don't know. Employment based Green Cards don't usually have interviews. My husband still has not received his EAD or Advanced Parole combo card. He is going crazy not working.

Please share your timeline.



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