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rsinha     01/29/2017 13:58 PM

Hello ,

My I 485 application was received on August 3 , 2016 and at that time PD mentioned on I 797C was July 26, 2016 . I applied under EB 1C at Nebraska .
I completed the Biometric September 8, 2016 and haven't received any further communication from USCIS .
Is anyone applied around this time and would appreciate to have their comments .
Would also like to know the time required under this category

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smOCT-EB3-485     01/27/2017 16:44 PM


I have been following this forum for several months now, and the insights provided by the members have been very helpful in calming down nerves during this apparently eternal waiting game. Below is my timeline

3/28/2016 - PERM Filed / PD
6/30/2016 - PERM approved
8/2016 - I140 filed and approved (premium processing)
10/17/2016 - I765/I131/I485 received by USCIS
11/25/2016 - Biometrics done
Early January - received combo card in the mail

Currently my status shows online as:
I131 - Case was received
I485 - Fingerprint Fee received
I765 - Card Mailed

Has anyone with a similar timeline gotten any update on the 485 processing?

Also, does anyone have any experience transferring the petition via AC21 / new employer? Does that extend processing time?

Any input here will be most appreciated!

Thank You for reading!

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huckleberry     01/24/2017 13:41 PM

My PD is Jan 2016.
Perm approved in May 2016.
Married after perm approval.

File I-140 and I-485 the first week of July 2016. Added Spouse to application (485).
Case was assigned to NSC.
Received the combo card within two months.
Biometrics completed by Sep 2016.

Case transferred to TSC second week of Nov 2016.
I140 upgraded to premium and approved on second week of Dec 2016.

No updates on I-485 for either myself or spouse.

Can you please share your time line if you were transferred to texas service center from NSC?
Also, how likely am I to get an interview since I was married after perm approval. I was in relationship with my spouse for over 7 years. Have tons of pictures together over the years.

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Ggone     01/23/2017 10:42 AM

I am on EB3 with All Chargeability Areas Except Those Listed on visa bulletin
My PD: April 2016
My I-140 And I-485 received by TSC on : Dec 30/2016
 I-140 And I-485 Notification : Jan 10,2017 (arrived on mail Jan 17,16)
I-485 and I-765 Biometric Notification : Jan 15,2017 (arrived on mail Jan 21,16)
I-485 and I-765 Biometric Appoinment : Feb 02,2017

I hope it helps,

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EB2NSCCC     01/22/2017 17:56 PM


Please find below my timeline:

12/8/2016: Submitted I485, I-131, I-765
12/9/2016: USCIS received the application
12/28/2016: Receipt notices arrived

This was sent to the Nebraska Service Center. Has anyone with a similar timeline as above received the biometrics notice already?

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EB2NSCCHI     01/21/2017 09:04 AM

Hi! Thought I'd share my timeline with you.

Submitted PERM: 12/30/15
PERM approved: 4/26/16
Filed I140, I-765, I-131 and I-485 concurrently: 6/3/16
Notice date: 6/9/16
Biometric notice: 7/2/16
Biometrics appointment: 7/19/16
Combo EAD card approved and mailed: 7/27/16
Received combo EAD Card: 7/30/16
I-140 approved: 10/11/16
I-485 approved: 1/18/17

Now just waiting for the actual card to be mailed!

It's been a long and stressful process but so worth it.

Does anybody know if there is anything I need to do after I receive my Greencard?

Good luck to everyone!

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brianl     01/18/2017 20:31 PM

Does anyone have same issues in I-485 EB2 processing time?
My case have been pending almost 10 months, and should wait after 60 days then do the 2nd inquiry!!
PD time; Jan.2015
I485 filed: Mar.2016
Biometrics: Apr.2016
So far, I have received any news from NSC, USCIS.
Does anyone know what's going on in the process time?

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ssdesign     01/18/2017 16:05 PM

I dont know if this is normal but this is what my timeline looks like.
Would appreciate knowing if someone was or is in similar situation.

I applied for Employment based adjustment of status for myself along with my family (wife and 2 kids).
I am on L1-A in EB1 category.

My lawyers filed I-485 / I-140 / I-131 and I-765 all together.

04/11/2016 - Filed (Nebraska processing center)
05/06/2016 - Finger Printing Notice received
05/17/2016 - EAD card ordered for me and my wife (serves as Advanced Parole I-512)
05/24/2016 - Finger Printing Done
05/25/2016 - EAD card received
06/29/2016 - Advanced Parole received for Kids

Since then there is no further progress.
Both I-140 and I-485 are pending.
No RFE received.

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can     01/17/2017 23:31 PM

Hello All

Need urgent help!

I am an applicant for Green Card and I am currently waiting for my GC (I-485) to be approved. I received my EAD card and my sponsor company does not want me to start with them before I receive my Green Card. Can I work with my EAD for another company and start for my sponsor company after I receive my Green Card? Does it create any problem during my I 485 process? I have offers to start but my lawyer wants me to wait until I got my green card and start with sponsor company.

I am at California and I wan to to stay here until I got my Green Card (offers are in California too ), my sponsor comapny is in East Coast
Thank you

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karamelya     01/17/2017 14:52 PM

Hello All,
Its been a while since I've received my documents, so please see the timeline below. Hope this helps.
10/2014 Submitted docs to lawyer
08/2015 Labort Cert filed
02/2016 Labor Cert approved
02/2016 I-140, I-485 and I-765 submitted to NSC
03/2016 Married, dependent has been added to my case
03/2016 Fingerprints
04/2016 I-765 approved, the work permit is on hands
06/2016 Transfer to TSC
08/2016 Interview (marriage questions)
11/2016 I-485 Approved

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