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yasink01     12/09/2016 18:31 PM

Please find my timeline below:

Visa category: TSC, EB2A, Concurrent
Nationality: Canada
I-485, I-765, I-140 and I-131 Filed: November 10, 2016
I-485, I-765, I-140 and I-131 received: November 14, 2016
I-485, I-765, I-140 and I-131 receipt notice: November 18, 2016
I-140 approved: November 21, 2016 (Texas Service Center)
I-140 Approval Notice Mailed: November 22, 2016
I-485 Service center: TSC - Texas Service Center
Biometrics Notice Received: November 26, 2016
Biometrics Date: December 8, 2016
Biometrics Completed: December 8, 2016
I-131 Approved: Pending
I-765 Approved: Pending
Combo card ordered: Pending
Combo card mailed: Pending
I-485 Approved: Pending
Green Card Ordered: Pending
Green Card Mailed: Pending

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skc2016     12/08/2016 11:21 AM

Hello Everyone, I want to thank all the good people in this blog for sharing their experiences and Insights. It does help people to a great extent. Today, I am hoping to get few answers from some of you who might have been through the same page like me or have knowledge on this matter.

Here is my EB3 timeline, Texas Service Center
PD: 04/13/2016
PERM Approved: 07/08/2016
I140 Approved: 08/30/2016
I485/I765/I131: Received on 10/21/2016
Biometrics Date: 11/14/2016
I485 Case Status: Fingerprinting fee accepted on 10/25/2016

I am hoping to either get the I485 approved this month(wishful thinking) or get the combo card approved, so that I can travel back home in January.

I am currently working at a client site as a consultant, and my contract here expires end of this month. I haven't looked too hard for a new project primarily because I really really want to see my family next month (Been ages). My company doesn't pay me while I am on bench. I am currently on H1B. My question is, say if I get my AP approved and do get to travel back home, do I need to be on a payroll even when I am out of the country? If I get called for an interview after I am back, will they ask me for recent pay stubs? Also, if I am have to stay for couple more months here without a new project, will not getting paid for that time be an issue?

Has anyone had any luck getting the applications approved with a similar timeline? Is Nebraska moving faster than TSC?

Thank you so much for your help. Good luck to everyone, may we be able to look back and call this a sweet journey :)

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deepesh.jain     12/06/2016 16:43 PM

Hello All,

I am on H1B and below are my dates:
1. all documents files concurrently in March '16
2. I140 approved in May '16
3. EAD approved in May'16 and card received.
4. I485 pending (was received by USCIS in March '16) - Finger printing was completed in April.

USCIS website says as of Sep 30, 2016, TSC is processing I485 filed on March 23 2016. It's December now and I still do not have any clue.
Does anyone know how long is the wait and when can I expect GC or what my options are?

Thanks in advance for the your responses.

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EB2NSCCHI     12/04/2016 14:16 PM

This forum is both helpful and stresses me out at times when I see people with similar timelines that has experience much quicker progress than me.

My timeline is as follows:

Submitted PERM: 12/30/15
PERM approved on 4/26/16
Filled I-140, I-765, I-485 and I-131 concurrently, receipt date 6/3/16, Notice date 6/9/16
Received notice for biometrics: 7/2/16
Biometrics appointment: 7/19/16
EAD card approved and mailed: 7/27/16
Received EAD card in mail: 7/30/16
I-140 approved: 10/11/16

Waiting on news/update on I-485. Based on the processing times on the website they are suppose to be processing cases filed in June right now. Impatiently waiting to hear anything.

Will update when I hear anything.


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tamalam     11/29/2016 20:09 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am currently a H1B visa holder and submitted application for I 485, I131 and I 765. I performed my biometrics on 17th Nov, 2016. My H1B visa stamp will expire on 8th Jan, 2017. However, my visa approved till 31st October, 2017.

I need to travel to my country this December. So if i go there and return by 2nd /3rd January, will it impact on my case? Can i enter back to USA while my stamping will expire in 5 days?

I really appreciate your suggestion and thanks in advance.

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DGNY2015     11/26/2016 14:17 PM

Hello folks! Hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend!

I have a quick question-

My card was mailed on 11/23 and the tracking id provided on 11/25.

The problem is when I track my card, it still says
Your shipment was accepted/picked up at 3:28 pm on November 25, 2016 in CORBIN, KY 40701.

There hasn't been any update since yesterday. Why is it stuck and what can I do about it? I am in NY so when should I expect my card?

Did anybody have a similar experience? I am kind of anxious.... Any insight or suggestion would be deeply appreciated.

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jasonchristopher     11/25/2016 01:31 AM

Service Center Nebraska (EB1 Premium) Timeline

• 4/9/2015 I-140 filing premium
• 4/21/2015 I-140 approved

Note: Had to travel a lot for my job so decided to get a O1 in the meantime

• 5/4/2016 I-485, I-131, I-765 received by USCIS
• 5/17/2016 accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485
• 6/9/2016 Biometrics notice received with 6/24/2016 appointment
• 6/22/2016 EAD & AP combo card approved
• 6/24/2016 Biometrics completed
• 6/24/2016 EAD & AP combo card ordered
• 6/28/2016 EAD & AP delivered
• 7/25/2016 I-485 RFE received
• 9/1/2016 RFE Response Received by USCIS
• 11/1/2016 Transferred your Form I-485 – USCIS-NBC P.O. Box 648005 Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

• 11/22/2016 Called the number for information the agent told me that if I don’t hear anything by December 16 I should request attention via a form they have.

• 11/25/2016 Still waiting for an answer or update

Q1. Any idea why I would get transferred to the USCIS-NBC office
Q2. What is the timeline expectation when it goes to USCIS-NBC office


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rrm2016     11/23/2016 21:07 PM

This website has been very helpful during this wait so I thought I would share our experience.

EB2 ROW Nebraska office

I 140 (NIW) – Approved on April 17th 2015
*Got married on July 2015. H4 visa for spouse was approved in October 2015.
I 485 - filed on March 16th 2016
I 485 – confirmed receipt on March 23rd 2016
EAD cards - received April 20th 2016
Biometrics – Completed on April 27th 2016
Submitted service request – November 16th 2016
I 485 approval status update – received on November 22nd 2016
Card production status update – received on November 22nd 2016

Hang in there and be encouraged. Wishing you all the very best.

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fishman     11/21/2016 00:15 AM


Just want to share my experience with you:

Jan 2015: talked to my employer about the agreement regarding my GC application (this is two months delayed)
Feb 2015: Process started.

June 9 2015 - PREM applied
PD : June 18 2015
Dec 23 2015 PERM Approved
Jan (end of Jan) 2016 Applied I140 Perminum
Fed 2016 I140 recieved and aaproved
April 29 - I485 Filed
May 3 - received by USCIS
May 12 - sent from USCIS
May 17 - Received by mail
June 3 - Received Fingerprint notice
June 14 - Fingerprint appointment
June 17 - EAD/AP Wife card delivered
June 20 - EAD/AP card delivered
Oct 24 - Created a Service Request for Primary applicant.
Nov 1 - Case Approved.
Nov 1 - New Card Is Being Produced
Nov 7 - Card being mailed
Nov 8 - Card picked up by USPS and tracking number was provided
Nov 10 - Card delivered (Lawyer office)
Nov 15 - Lawyer called to inform me that they got the card and I can come to pick it up. Received Welcome to US in mail.
Nov 17 - Card in hand

Notes: Lawyer refused to apply concurrently saying that I-140 might be refused (way to delay getting GC by employer to stay longer)

Also you have to keep up and call the lawyer to just get updates or you call USCIS yourself.
I called the lawyer 3 times informing him that my card has been delivered according to postal office and he said it did not! and then he called me first thing in the morning telling me they did get it and i can come to take it.

 !! You need to get a good lawyer otherwise you will keep waiting longer than what you should !!

All and all.. I'm happy that I got my GC.

best of luck all of you.

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ZionD     11/17/2016 04:49 AM

I got my H1 in the year 2015, but got it stamped in 2016, almost after a year :)
on 14th Nov 2016, at OFC, reached office an hour before, and waited till my appointment time
1.security asked to stand in Q , 15 min prior to appointment time, and announced no electronic, food items, medicine are allowed inside
2.While standing in queue, OFC person has cross checked both passport and appointment letter and made tick marks on appointment paper
3.just before entering to OFC, 2nd OFC person has wished me morning and scanned passport number , asked to enter for security check
4.She again scanned , checked my bag , wallet and allowed
5.there again a queue to be cross checked of our full name and passport, then they sticked barcode on passport
6.3rd OFC person has checked my passport barcode sticker and given a token and allowed inside
7.though people would help announce our token number, proactively we have to keep an eye on screen
8.4th OFC person , who sits behind a covered glass room , asked me to read terms and conditions before i give my finger prints
9.asked my appointment letter, ds-160 confirmation page, passport , company name and took fingerprints, photo
10.and advised to be on time for next day[15 min prior to appointment time for Consulate ofc ]
11.stamped on appointment letter , states OFC is done and left for the day

15th Nov 2016, at consulate office:
1.again an hour before to office, with no mobile
2.security allowed half an hour before to appointment time enter inside of building
3.1st consulate person at gate, has marked yesterday's token number which has marked on barcode with a sketch pen and allowed to main gate entrance
4.2nd consulate person has checked to confirm my photo in passport and me , opened gate to go inside
5.3rd consulate person has asked us to put all our documents and wallets in a basket , even my gold bangles and carry it with myself for security check
6.put my basket in security check tray , and once again checked physically by another person deep inside of each small wallets and documents file
7.4th consulate person has given a pamphlet of US work permit rights and guidelines consists of 10 pages
8.waited in hall for few min and , asked to keep 797B, passport handy , for a second time fingerprints, this time a Foreigner
9.final Q, for interview, got token , which was returned by person who went for interview before me
10. now the golden seconds of life has arrived
 VO : Please come, Madam
          Good Afternoon, How are you?
 Me : I'm good , thank you [already my passport was collected by 5th consulate person and given to VO ]
 VO : Can I have your petition document
 Me : I have provided
 VO : Who is your client ?
 Me : xxx
 VO : What is your salary ?
 Me : XXXXX per annum
 VO : What is your highest education ?
 Me : Electrical engineering
 VO : Bachelors or Masters ?
 Me : Bachelors only
 VO : Where do you stay ?
 Me : Texas
 VO : Checked something in her monitor and asked Did you receive the pamphlet of US work rights
 Me : Yes, I have it [actually, it was asked to keep in hand by consulate person,]
 VO : I am approving your visa, Madam with a smiley face
 Me : Thank you, with a smile just like we see in Colgate advertisements

Hope this would help , just stay Cool and Confident and I wish you good luck :):)

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