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hgarcials     10/24/2016 11:15 AM

These forums helped me cope with some of the stress related to waiting for a Green Card, so I decided to help out others the same way. Here is my timeline:

PERM filed in March 2015
PERM approved in October 2015
I-140 filed in December 2015
I-485 filed in February 2016
Biometrics taken in March 2016
AP/AD cards received in April 2016
I-140 approved in July 2016
I-485 approved in October 2016
Green Card received in mail in October 2016

This is a long and nerve racking process, but Im relieved things worked out for me. A few more comments that may help some people:

- Biometrics appointment was on a day I was supposed to travel out of the country, so I just did a walk-in. Pretty easy process and very quick.
- After Biometrics, online status changed to "In February XXX we received your Fingerprint Fee....". That status did not change at all since February until October. This was the worst part, because the that status is not very descriptive and it didnt change in what felt like forever.
- In October, online status changed to "New Card is being Produced", then to "Case was approved", and finally to "Card being delievered with a tracking number". This all happened in a time span of just 1 week in my experience.

As I was waiting for my Green Card, some friends of mine that applied under the same conditions as me (same country, category, etc), received their GC way faster than I did. That caused serious concern in me, but my attorneys said we just needed to wait. I still dont know why theirs came out so much faster, but there is little we can do other than wait. Even though its hard, be patient and hopefully things will work out for you too.

Good luck everyone and hope this is helpful to a few of you!

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rocket55     10/19/2016 19:01 PM

Hello All Below is time line, I hope this would help.

perm submitted on 09/11/2015
perm Approved on 03/07/2016
I 140 received on 3/24/2016
I 140 approved on 04/05/2016 (Premium Processing, it was approved in 8 days)
485 received on 4/22/2016
Notice date on 5/03/2016
Check was cashed on 5/5/2016
Bio metric appointment received on 5/12/2016
Bio metric was done on 5/23/2016
EAD/AP was approved on 6/22/2016
EAD/AP received on 6/27/2016
485 was approved on 10/06/2016
GC was mailed on 10/12/2016
GC was delivered on 10/14/2016

Good Luck to everyone.

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01563769james     10/18/2016 15:37 PM

Hi All,

I just want to update everyone on my green card journey so people have an idea of how long it may take. It is a long journey but please hang in there, its worth the wait!

I did a self petition - no lawyer used - EB2 ROW - Nebraska Service Center - No additional family members

I140 received by USCIS - Jun 26th 2015
Placed a service request - early Jan 2015
I140 approved by USCIS - Jan 14th 2015
I485 received by USCIS - Feb 9th 2016
RFE for proof continued to be employed - Jul 14 2016
RFE received by USCIS -Jul 22nd 2016
USCIS updated a name change for me - Jul 29th 2016
I485 approved by USCIS - Oct 13th 2016
GC mailed by USCIS - Oct 16th 2016

I hope this helps people and please remember to follow the USICS processing times and remember if your over the processing times then you can place a service request which can speed things along. Best!!!

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flying.drones     10/18/2016 14:54 PM

EB1 - India - Texas Service Center

Filing/Priority Date - 23rd May
Biometrics - 23rd June
I140 Approved - 30th June
I765 Approved - 30th June
EAD received - 6th July
I485 Approved - 14th October

Thanks for the inputs and wish everyone the best of luck

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LUKEEBOY     10/18/2016 13:52 PM


I would like to know how long does it take (on an average) to get the Green Card once the EAD is approved. I am on a L1-B visa filed under EB2 with priority date being Current (Nebraska Service Center).

Any recent experiences that you all can share would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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neil_a     10/17/2016 20:05 PM

Just received notice that my AOS has been APPROVED!

Canadian Citizen under EB-2.

Processing Center: Nebraska Service Center

1) I-485 and I-140 filed concurrently 04/29/16
2) Biometrics Scheduled 06/09/16
3) EAD/AP received 06/18/16
4) AOS approved 10/14/16

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parnish1981     10/10/2016 20:30 PM

Nebraska service center,EB1B I485 waiting India

I­140 and I­485 Concurrent premium processing Submitted ­04­/22/­2016
Received ­04/­23­/2016

I­140 Accepted­ 04­/27­/2016

EAD & AP received for me and spouse ­05­/12/­2016

Biometrics letter received ­05/­07/­2016

Biometrics done ­05­/18­/2016

Since then no status change,no RFE received.Status-Fee received.

Nebraska service center. Does anyone has same timeline?Please let us know.

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Queen74     10/10/2016 19:06 PM

EB2 Philippines Nebraska

Priority Date, 11/17/14
I-140- approved 3/14/15
I- 485 - received - 7/29/16
Fingerprint notice - 8/13/2016
EAD Approved - 8/24/2016
Biometrics done - 8/29/2016
EAD Card/AP received - 8/31/2016

Waiting for approval of I-485 and receive the Green Card.Does anyone have any idea
 on how long will it take for approval of I-485 - EB2 , Current.

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hshiftehmehr     10/07/2016 13:29 PM

I am the primary applicant and my I-131 and I-765 were approved on Sep 13 (filed on July 29).
My wife however has not received hers and there have been no updates since.
Until this point our notices and receipts came through at the same time.

Has anyone else had their primary and dependent I-131 processed weeks or months apart?

I-140 filing: regular
I-485 filing: concurrent with I-140
Service center: Nebraska

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rica_17     10/06/2016 21:01 PM

EB2 Philippines
Nebraska Service Center

Priority Date 6/18/2015
PERM approved 1/25/2016
I-140 Received 2/23/2016
I-140 upgraded to premium 3/3/2016
I-140 Approved 3/11/2016
I-485 Received 4/18/2016
EAD/AP Delivered 5/18/2016
Biometrics 5/25/2016
I-485 Approved 10/6/2016

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. Good luck!!

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