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jasonchristopher     09/03/2016 10:07 AM

Hi, I have an interesting path I would say. Started in getting my I-140 filed, but got a O1 in between to be able to travel and work on the many projects I had going on. Please note the time gap.

Service Center Nebraska (EB1 Premium) Timeline

40/9/2015 I-140 filing premium
4/21/2015 I-140 approved

Note: Had to travel a lot for my work, decided to get a O1 in the meantime

5/04/2016 I-485, I-131, I-765 received by USCIS
5/17/2016 Fingerprint fee accepted
6/09/2016 Biometrics notice received with 6/24/2016 appointment
6/22/2016 EAD & AP combo card approved
6/24/2016 Biometrics completed
6/24/2016 EAD & AP combo card ordered
6/28/2016 EAD & AP delivered
7/25/2016 I-485 RFE received
9/01/2016 RFE Response Received by USCIS

I was perplexed at first for the RFE since I have a very strong case. But then noticed I omitted in answering some questions on the forms just by simple error in not double checking my application.

I hope this won't take more than a few weeks to get the GC in production and mailed to me.

Can anyone comment or give feedback on

(A) the length it may really take.

(B) My RFE was in essence for my spouse and not me, RFE wanted more evidence our relationship, i.e. bank statements, certificates etc etc. Can there be another RFE after my 1st response ? or must they make final decision ?


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MAA2SJC     09/02/2016 17:21 PM

06/15/16 : Concurrent filing of all documents (I moved to US on L1A)
07/01/16 : Finger printing done
08/28/16 : EAD and AP card received

Does this mean the I140 is approved? What other processes/steps remain before I get the GC ?

Thanks much

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33addict     08/31/2016 20:49 PM


06/03/16: I-140 and I-485 concurrent filing (I-140 premium)
06/13/16: I-140 RFE
06/15/16: I-140 RFE response sent
06/30/16: I-140 approved
06/30/16: Fingerprints
06/27/16: EAD and AP approved
07/05/16: EAD and AP card received
08/08/16: I-485 RFE sent for current employment letter (officer 0137)
08/12/16: RFE response sent
08/16/16: RFE response received by USCIS and case updated on the website.

I've seen a lot of cases which were approved very shortly after such formal and simple RFE. I need to receive GC ASAP since only then I can start I-824 follow-to-join consular processing for my husband who is abroad and cannot come here for AOS as we cannot afford for him to drop the job and sit here jobless waiting for EAD for 2-3 months (sometimes it's also very fast, but you never know..)

What would you recommend? Would filing I-824 before approval trigger USCIS to look into my case and approve it in order to start working on I-824?

I know it's too early for SR or any sort of inquiries, but if i were to try one, what would you recommend?

Does the same officer request RFE and also reviews it? If so, anyone else has any experience with officer 0137?

Thank you

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v2009gu     08/26/2016 11:57 AM

Guys, here is my timeline for GC

I-485 filed under premium process on 4/25/16
Approved on 5/5/16
AOS Filed on 5/19/16
Receipt notice: 6/6/16
Biometric letter: 6/26/16
Biometric: 7/11/16
EAD/AP approved: 7/14/16
I-485 Approved: 8/25/16
Card in production: 8/25/16

Thanks and all the best!!

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h0mosharaf     08/25/2016 16:00 PM

Came to USA in 1994 as a visitor
Political Asylum case denied in 1997 ( Deportation)
Applied to reopen case Before April 2001
DHS requested Immigration judge to reopen case in 2006
Judge Agreed to Reopen Deportation case for Employment Base AOS in 2014
Labor certificate 2014
I-140 in 2015

09/03/2015 Filled I-485, I-131 and I-765 at Texas Service Center
01/16/2016 Received EAD
03/12/2016 Received Travel Document
03/15/2016 Interview at Federal Plaza, NYC. No decision.
Went to info pass twice, they told me to wait more.

Can anyone tell me how long it will take for the decision. It is almost one year I filled I485. Thank You.

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tenko     08/22/2016 22:37 PM


I am Indian IT employee and started my GC process in end of yr 2011 and had my I-140 approved in July with priority date of JUL 2012, I married in 2016 , my spouse is Pakistani so i filed for AOS( Adjustment of Status) ,

May 17 - i 485, i 765 & i-131 (sent to USCIS)
July 7 - i 131 approved
July 13 - EAD cards were mailed
July 22- Fingerprinting done
Note - We received EAD cards before fingerprinting
i485 - It says, USCIS accepted fingerprinting fees and case is processing at Nebraska centre and at this centre current dates Jan -2- 2016 for AOS i485 processing published by USCIS,

THIS means for i 485 i need to wait for 3 more months i.e. in Dec or more or before . I am confused regarding this timeline.

Can someone share there experience or expertise

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Pkj_US     08/21/2016 15:04 PM

Hi Everyone,

Was curious to know if USCIS has approved any cases under EB1/EB2 category in last 45 days, specially Aug month.

Seems processing time site information is showing I-485 cases approved till Nov 25 2015 but didn't find any information on site or thru personal connect.

My I-485 PD is Nov 30 and I have no update as yet, was wondering if there is any way to find out if it is moving at all.


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seanmartin     08/18/2016 14:34 PM

Hi everyone,

My I-140 (premium processing), I-485, I-765 and I-131 was submitted July29. I-140 was approved Aug12. I have received a notice in the mail saying that my I-485 has been received and being processed at Nebraska service center.

If I look at the current processing time at NSC, it appears that they are dealing with employment based I-485 applications dated Jan2. Does this mean I will need to wait almost 8 months before there is any further progress on my application? I'm a little confused because I can see notes from others on this forum indicating applications that were submitted after Jan2, and already been completed.

Many thanks.

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mi143     08/16/2016 00:15 AM

My employer is going to file my GC in EB1C. Can they do the concurrent filing for EB1C Green Card in August 2016 as the dates are moved back to 2010?

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mail     08/13/2016 14:28 PM

Hi there

Thanks for sharing your experiences, here's mine:

Applied through EB2 - ROW, employment based
AOS (I-485), I-765 & I-131, i140 filed on 1/27/16
Biometrics notice received 2/22/16
Biometrics completed 03/02/16
EAD Received 3/10/16
i140 RFE received 06/17/16
RFE Response filed 07/18/16
i140 approved 07/28/16

My question is, how long should I expect the i485 approval to take?

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