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scientist_2016     06/27/2016 10:38 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have been checking this thread while my green card was being processed. Most of the experiences posted here are negative and causes more anxiety. I am posting the timeline for my green card processing. In case it helps someone.

Service Center: Nebraska (I-140 and AOS)
02/17/2016: I-140 received by USCIS under EB-1B(Premium)
02/22/2016: I-140 Approved

03/14/2016: I-485, I-131 and I-765 received by USCIS
04/21/2016: Raised a SR for an inquiry about not receiving biometric notice
04/22/2016: Received biometric notice in the mail with May 05 appointment
04/25/2016: Response to SR was completed
04/27/2016: Combo card approved and ordered (I-131 online status was never updated)
04/29/2016: Combo card mailed (I-131 online status was never updated)
05/05/2016: Biometric completed
06/17/2016: I-485 Approved and card under production
06/24/2016: Received approval notice in mail
06/24/2016: Card mailed by USCIS
Waiting for green card to arrive in mail.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your green card processing!!!

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emrans5     06/27/2016 09:30 AM

Hello Eveyone,

Have you any experience regarding EB-5 program?

Kindly share with me

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comp818     06/24/2016 17:21 PM


I have been waiting for my green card for over a year. I have opened three SR's and all they tell me is to wait. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any feedback/guidance will be greatly appreciated.
EB2 (Rest of the world)
Nebraska service center
priority date: jan 31, 2011
I-140 approved: apr 14, 2015
I-485 receipt date: may 26, 2015
bio-metrics completed: july 15, 2015
AP approved: aug 6-2015
EAD approved: oct 20, 2015

Since then there has been absolutely no progress on my case. I have been checking status online and it says we received your fingerprinting fees and NSC is processing your case...I opened three SR's but same email response each time "your case has been pre-adjudicated". What should I do from here? Has anyone else experienced something like this? Please let me know. Thank you

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v2009gu     06/23/2016 13:16 PM

I-485 delivered at Lewisville Tx on 5/19/2016
Text message received on 06/06
Still waiting for Biometrics notice

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Dmytro1978     06/22/2016 19:43 PM

Here is my experience:


06/24/2015 - PERM filed
12/18/2015 - PERM approved
01/25/2016 - I-140/I-485 filed (premium)
01/29/2016 - I-140 approved
02/24/2016 - FP taken
03/03/2016 - EAD received
05/09/2016 - I-485 approved
05/12/2016 - card sent
05/16/2016 - card delivered to attorney
05/17/2016 - card in hands

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sugachak     06/22/2016 11:47 AM

EB1 category filed on 05/19. Processing is through NSC (Nebraska)

06/03: Received the Application Receipt

I have not received the bio-metric appointment letter yet. Is anyone facing similar experiences

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bolloxks     06/19/2016 08:11 AM

Hey all, this is my first time posting here looking for some clarification.

Some background info: EB-3 under "Rest of the World" and I'm with the Texas Service Office with priority date being Dec 2nd, 2014.


July 2015 - Concurrently filed both i-485 and i-140
Between July 2015 - April 2016: did biometrics, received ead, received RFE for i-140, submitted RFE.
June 1st 2016 - i-140 gets approved.

This brings me to my question. Nothing has changed for my i-485 since they received my fingerprint fee, which was back in August of 2015, nearly 10 months ago. Now that my i-140 has been approved, does this mean they will start processing my i-485 now? If so, can anyone give me a rough estimation of how long it would take to receive my approval for i-485?

Thanks in advance.

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ebcsc     06/17/2016 14:49 PM

I applied for AOS I485 (EB category with current priority date) and it has been 16 months (applied Jan 2015). What is the standard processing time for the I485 with the California Service Center.

Has anyone received approvals for I485 recently or is anyone else experiencing similar delays.

Please share your experience and recommendations.

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Engineering12     06/16/2016 00:43 AM

I wanted to share my experience to see if anyone has received I-140 approval notice yet. I did concurrent filing in February 2016, but I have not received I-140 approval yet. I am under EB-3 category.


02/17/2016 I-140, I-485, I-765, and I-131 Receipts from USCIS
03/04/2016 Received notification of Biometrics Appointment
03/18/2016 Biometrics Completed
03/30/2016 Received new EAD card with AP

This is where I am getting little anxious. It appears a lot of people receive at least I-140 notice very soon after biometrics and EAD card. I thought I-140 has to be approved first before EAD is out, but I guess you can get EAD without I-140 approval?

Also, stupidly, I lost my receipt for all the forms above because I was careless and thought I will get another notice if they ask me to take additional action. But every time I check my status for I-140 it kept on saying it "sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice." Does this mean there were specific instructions in the notice? I know it sounds so stupid asking this basic question, but I honestly don't remember anything significant in the receipt notice itself.

Also would it be possible to get green card by August this year? I thought concurrent filing reduces the time to 6 months, but it seems like only some lucky ppl get GC that early.

Sorry for asking so many questions. I am just anxious I guess.

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mail     06/10/2016 13:23 PM

I wanted to share some of my experience to see if anybody is in a similar situation.

Dates / Timeline:
Applied through EB2 - ROW, employment based
AOS (I-485), I-765 & I-131 filed on 1/27/16
Biometrics notice received 2/22/16
Biometrics completed 03/02/16
EAD Received 3/10/16

The USCIS My Case Status still says: "On February 1, 2016, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status"

Does anybody with any knowledge of this have any idea how long the I-485 will take to get approved? Any indication greatly appreciated. The processing times for Nebraska have not been updated since March 31st.

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