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hgarcials     05/03/2016 18:17 PM

Hi, does anyone have a recent employment-based GC petition in the Texas Service Center? I am in the EB2 Category - Rest of the World. Currently on H1B.

My current timeline:

- Filed my AOS petition in late February 2015
- Received Biometrics appointment for 3/18/16
- I was supposed to be traveling that day, so I did a "walk-in" to the biometrics appointment and got it done on 3/9/16
- Got my AP/EAD approved on 4/4/16

I am now waiting for my AP/EAD card to come in the mail, but it seems USPS may have lost the envelope (shows it was delievered but I never got it). Im not concerned about not having the cards since I still have a valid H1B visa for 1 more year, so dont really need them.

I am very anxious to know when I should be expecting my GC though. Any recent examples in Texas?


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romanisakov     04/28/2016 21:50 PM

Hi Guys,

Here is my experience of receiving a GC in EB2 category. I'm Russian and came to US on L1 visa.

01/05 - Case was mailed to Nebraska for Premium Processing
01/07 - Case was received and receipt was sent
01/21 - Request For Premium Processing Services Was Received
01/23 - Appointment notice received for appointment 02/05/16 8:00am
01/27 - Form I-140 was approved
02/05 - Fingerprint was done at Tukwila
02/09 - I-765 New Card Is Being Produced
02/12 - I-765 Card Was Mailed To Me
02/16 - I-765 Card Was Picked Up By The United States Postal Service
02/17 - Received Combo Card in Mail
04/21 - I-485 Case was approved
04/26 - I-485 Card was mailed to me
04/28 - I-485 Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office

Good luck to all of you!

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baga     04/21/2016 21:08 PM

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share my I485 processing timeline at the Texas service center. I was expecting a longer processing time since I heard they are slower than the national average but it wasn't the case at all. I wanted to share this to give you hope that things actually move much faster than you might expect.

with PERM and I-140 approved and priority date current. EB3 category.

Applied for I-485 AOS on 01/22/2016.
Received receipt notice 02/05/2016
Received biometrics appointment notice 2/10/2016
Biometrics scheduled and done on 02/22/2016
I785 and I131 approved on 03/14/2016
Green card approved and 03/15/2015 (status New Card Ordered for case number)
Received GC in the mail one week later 03/22/2016
So 2 months since we applied for AOS we had the GC in hand. Very happy with the processing times. Thanks to Texas service center for such a fast processing timeframe.

God bless and good luck to you all.

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kck101983     04/19/2016 10:54 AM

Hello Friends,

Finally we got our Green Card under CROSS-CHARGEABILITY.

Category: EB2, Rest of the World (ROW). Primary Applicant India, Dependent Canada. I thought to post my timeline here from PERM APPLICATION. I hope this is helpful to you folks.

My Time Lines:


May 22, 2015: Filed.
November 20, 2015: Approved.


December 7, 2015: Filed
December 8, 2015: USCIS Receipt sent by email.
December 14, 2015: I-140 approved under premium processing.


LINCOLN Service Center, Nebraska I-485, I-765 & I-131 EB2 ROW Experience.

Day 1 Jan/11/2016: Sent Package to USCIS (I485,I131& 1765)
Day 2 Jan/12/2016: Package received by USCIS
Day 8 Jan/19/2016: Checks cashed by USCIS
Day 22 Feb/01/2016: Received receipt notice from LIN center for I485,I131& I765
Day 41 Feb/20/2016: Biometrics appointment notice received, scheduled for March 4, 2016 at 8am
Day 45 Feb/24/2016: Received email/SMS update from USCIS, I765case status update. Your new card has been ordered. Attorney confirmed that my EAD is approved. Now waiting for Biometrics and GC!!My file was sent to Texas but it was moved to LIN service center by USCIS. I guess that is why I got very late schedule for biometrics. It took almost 3 weeks for me to receive the receipt notices which is very unusual. I was little worried, but surprisingly things moved fast and EAD approved in less than 50 days.
Day 50 Feb/29/2016: Received email/SMS notification from USCIS “We mailed your card” now waiting for the card to arrive, hopefully by this weekend. Fingers crossed.
Day 54 Mar/04/2016: Biometrics done at 8am.
Day 85 Apr/04/2016: We moved and updated change of address with USCIS.
Day 92 Apr/11/2016: Email confirmation that spouse address has been updated. Though we both updated same time, USCIS only updated my wife's address on time.
Day 92 Apr/11/2016: Primary APllicant AOS approved. Received email alert from USCIS "We approved your application for I-485 AOS", unfortunately your address was not updated on time and approval notice I-797 sent to old address. Thankfully had mail forwarding with USCIS. Went to post office and put hold mail for old address.
Day 95 Apr/14/2016: At 4 pm EST received USCIS email alert stating card has been mailed.
Day 96 Apr/15/2016: Called USCIS support 6 times to get tracking number, finally got updated tracking number at 5.30 PM EST.
Day 97 Apr/16/2016: Card delivered at USPS for pickup (hold mail), went to post office and picked the card. Green Card in HAND.
Day 99 Apr/18/2016: Lawyer called and discussed future and she emailed me Legal Permanent Resident rights and obligations memo.

So glad the whole process was over in less than a year from labor. I hope this helps you guys. If you have any questions you can respond.

Also Cross-Chargeability guys...good luck it is pretty straight forward and all you need is a good attorney. I highly recommend my attorney, if you need her reference, please reach out to me.

Thank you and GOD BLESS all. Good luck.

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sariddu106     04/18/2016 13:58 PM

Service Center: Nebraska

My priority date is on 06/16/2015.

Biometrics done on 04/06/2016.

I received my combo EAD card on 04/15/2016.

How long is going to take to approve my I-485 and receive my green card?

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nicorosberg11     03/23/2016 20:39 PM

Long time lurker here, since we got our green cards approved, I thought I'll share my experience. I had originally submitted through my employer for an EB3 petition and got a priority date sometime in late of 2010 and I unfortunately belonged to one of those countries that was affected by the EB GC backlog, so I had kinda given up hope on getting a green card in the current or maybe next decade even. I had no desire to port to an EB2 because I felt it would be the same.

A few years passed and I met my wife and I moved out of the US and we lived in Europe and got married and had a child. We decided to come back to the US last year and that was when I found out about cross changeability where you can switch to your spouse's country of birth if it has a more favorable date. Since ROW (Rest of World) was current when we came back, I consulted an immigration firm and they said yes, it is possible to apply for AOS based on background. So we were really excited and proceeded to apply for the AOS. Here's the timeline for our processing:

Service Center: Nebraska
12/18/2015 - AOS application received by USCIS.
12/24/2015 - Fingerprint fee accepted
02/03/2016 - Biometrics appointment completed
03/14/2016 - I-485 approved and cards ordered.
03/18/2016 - Green cards arrived.

So we're really elated that the process went smoothly and thanksful to the agencies to process our application on time. Don't give up hope people, all the best to you all and the very best of luck! Peace!!

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gwangster     03/21/2016 09:57 AM

This is for Texas processing center. I just want to add my experience but unfortunately I probably wouldn't be able to answer any specific questions. My immigration history is very complicated as it spans 18 years, and I was married and divorced and had previous family based aos applications submitted, abandoned and withdrawn before. I wasn't sure how long it would take for TSC to process my application, given how complicated mine is, but I am assuming given the full disclosure on my application, my case was "probably" processed just like others. I really encourage you to be as open with your immigration attorney as possible and not to ignore any details or issues that have taken place in your immigration history. Your attorney is the best person to offer advice on the information you need to provide and how to provide it. Obviously having a good attorney is just as important. Good luck to all of you! You are in the final stretch so have a little patience!

Category - EB2 (assistant professor at a research university)
Service center - Texas
6/30/2015 - Receipt notice for I-485 and other applications
7/30/2015 - Biometrics appointment
9/22/2015 - EAD and travel documents approved
3/18/2016 - i-485 approved and greencard being made


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legalimi     03/21/2016 07:54 AM

Category - EB1
Service Center: Nebraska
10/13 - Fingerprint fee received
11/23 - Finger print taken
12/07 - EAD Approvede
12/12 - EAD Card received
03/02 - i-485 Approved
03/10 - Green card arrived

hope this time line helps

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cetera99     03/17/2016 23:47 PM

Hi, excuse me anybody that had filed in June 2015 for Texas Center, I had my fingerprints on July and received AP in October, according to USCIS at Jan 31st they were on Jan 14 Im from the 30th and I havent received any status, please help.

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ads2154     03/14/2016 13:22 PM

Hi -

I applied from New York (EB3) with a priority date of April 2015. Received my EAD card in Jan 2016. How do i check the processing time on the website for New York applicants? Can you please provide me a link which gives a sense of how long it takes for GC approval once i get my EAD card. It's been 2 months since i received my EAD card and haven't heard back on the GC.

Thank you

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