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rajen07     01/26/2020 10:27 AM

Dear all,

Please find below case facts and suggest some interview tips for Visa B2 interview scheduled in the coming week.

No travel history
Employed at one of MNC banks headquartered in the US
Annual income: ~$25,000
Purpose of visit: Tourism
No relatives in the US
I have my friends staying over there who are working in tech companies over there and going to stay over that place
Have property and home loan in my name

Request if you could please suggest some tips and potential questions and loopholes that may arise for the interview. Many thanks in advance

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vishalparekh7287     01/26/2020 04:37 AM

I traveled uae visitor visa and than I got job for 3 years but I was not comfortable with job and after i started job after 4 month I went back to India and after one year I apply for usa student visa but I got refusal after 5 years I'm applying for visitors visa tell me ur opinion

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Xtreem500     01/25/2020 05:43 AM

In nov 2016 i was rejected B2 visa along with my wife and 1 daughter in Dubai, we have Pakistan passport and on the same day Trump was elected as President, i guess bad timing, at that time we didnt have any travel history so i travelled to Georgia for 2 days with family 1 week before US visa interview to show as travel history but still we were rejected saying i have enough social and financial ties, VO asked if ibhave any family member in US and i answered NO, although my sister in law is in US on green card but they acquired this through asyllum, so i didnt want to inform because VO may think that i will also take asyllum in the US,

Fast Forward to 2020

Now i have 2 daughters and My family has travelled with me to Georgia and Azerbaijan, plus i have travelled alone with friends to Schengen (Europe) and Thailand,

I work as an accountant in Dubai with monthy salary of 13k dirhams.

This time inwant to apply with family again.

Elder Daughter is 8 years old studying in Sharjah in grade 3 and Younger daughter is 1.5 years old.

Please suggest me if i have chance of visa approval ? I am sure US authorities already knoe a out my Sister In Law, therefore this time i want to inform about my sister in law as well because i do not want to lie anymore as i dont care if i will be approved for visa or no because by the grace of God i am well settled in Dubai and my trip to US is only for tourism, world is very big, some other country if not US.

God Bless You All.

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Swapna_92     01/25/2020 00:26 AM

Hi all- I live in USA on L2 visa since 9 months with husband and kid. My brother 27yr old, unmarried want to meet me and do some part time here for 6 months due to very high financial problems. He already tried by his own 5 years back and visa is rejected might be due to low bank statement.
My single mother and brother is very attached to my kid who is 3 year old. Now I'm planning to sponser my mother and brother to USA and stay with us for 6 months. Should he apply through me or else by telling something like travelling for business work. What are high chances for getting visa. Surely he will return in 5 months to india if he get USA visa. Appreciate your responses.

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rasim parvez     01/24/2020 00:08 AM

Hi Guys,
    I applied B2 tourist visa 3 times, and got Rejected 3 times.
    Now I got Married 4 months back, My brother is sponsoring our trip, I am working in the IT firm from
    the past years as an Lead Developer, Monthly salary is 60k,
    Please let me know this time any chance for approval?

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Mohd Bilal     01/23/2020 08:34 AM

Hi Guys,

I applied b2 visa on 2013 and got rejected, I was single at that time and my parents passed away, my younger sister living USA she was sponsoring me.

Now got married one year ago and again my sister sponsoring our trip, i'm working in IT firm from past 5 years as a Senior SEO Analyst and monthly salary 21k , no properties in name we living in rental home.

what are the chances for approval. or please let us know to get proper preparation.

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Dollz     01/22/2020 16:23 PM

Am a tourism Ambassador and beauty Queen in my country
Still a student
Never travels outside my country
My visa got rejected today

V.o :why are you going to the us?
Me:Am going to attend the travel and Adventure show in Illinois Chicago
V.O;Whi is sponsoring your trip
V.O;how will you benefit from this trip
V.O.what course do you do
V.O.Have you ever traveled be4?
V.O...Sorry you have been found eligible for this visa
Am planning to apply again in May
Any Advice please

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foreverUSA2017     01/22/2020 01:35 AM

My parents finally got visa on their 5th attempt in Hyderabad. Before they went to New Delhi. appt was 8:30 AM.

Me- good morning
VO- Morning, Can i get your passports?
VO- where are you guys going?
Me- xxxx CA
VO- What is the purpose of visit?
Me- Celebrating Anniversary and spending some quality time.
VO- Do you have any plans?
Me- xxxx
VO- how long is this trip?
Me- 2 weeks
he left window with our passports. Fingers Crossed! came after 3-4 minutes
VO- How much is your annual income.
Me- xxxx
VO- Have ever been to overseas?
Me- Yes. Australia, Singapore, England, Malaysia and Spain.
Here the Golden Words I hear
VO- Congratulations your visa is granted. Have a nice trip.
Me- Thanx a lot.

So guys don’t lose hope. Just one tip is confidence and confidence.

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mussarat13     01/21/2020 16:07 PM

34 years old female - married and have a daughter.

I am going to apply for B2 visa and my husband already has been granted twice - once recently. I did not apply at the time of his application because i doubted even if his would be granted. Now, when he has been granted a visa, i am applying for myself and my daughter's too. I have a good travel history of visiting a few countries.

Now to show the ties with my country - i have the business in my name and property too.
Please boost up my confidence telling me if i would be granted a visa too because all 3 of us will be traveling solely for tourism ONLY. Will the VO be suspicious about having any of family ties back in the country. My parents and siblings live here ( in my native country ) so i have honest reasons to be back.

P.S - i was rejected US visa 5 years back because i was young - unmarried - doing job. I was rejected from Dubai.

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Gruntz     01/20/2020 11:14 AM

Hello All,

I hold L1B visa and i want to apply for my mom's B2 Visa. Can anyone please tell what documents will be needed for the same?

Thanks in Advance.

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