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Lampo     05/20/2019 09:05 AM

I got denial today for my B2 Visa and I don't know where I went wrong and can somebody help me.

VO: purpose of traveling
Me: Cousin invited me to her graduation
Me:New Jersey
VO:what do you do
Me:General manager at xyz company 
VO:Are you marriage 
Me:Yes with 2 kids
VO:Are you traveling with any of them
Me:No (My wife have to stay back and take care of the kids to go to school.
VO:Typing for a mins and handed me 214 sorry you am not approving your visa try again next time.

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Kisha     05/20/2019 03:12 AM

Hi all,I just wanna share my experience and need suggestions
I am on L2 visa and my husband is on L1. He sponsered them in documents
 My parents & brother visa refused today. my dad and brother both are central govt.emplyoees in xyz organisation
And my mom is a house wife. They went together for interview and VO started with my mom.
VO was black American rude lady who interviewed them.she was asking in hindi and English both. We scheduled appointment in hindi because of my mom. Sh is the only one who was interviewing them in both languages.
As per my knowledge they just want strong ties in home country.

Question she asked to my mom
VO:where are u going ?
Mom: xyz ,ca
VO: what does your daughter do ?
Mom: she was working before but now she is house wife..(that was not a suspicious question for denial )
She got nervous because VO started with her.

Question asked with brother:
VO: where are you going?
Brother : replied well
 VO:What do u do?
Brother:I work as a govt.emplyoee in xyz organisation on this designation
VO:how long would u stay ?
Brother:3 weeks
VO: What does your brother in law do?
Brorher:he works in xyz company as a solution architect.

Questions asked with dad
VO:same question as brother.

At the end she said I cant approve visa...
My parents and brother has strong reasons to go back their home country .they have govt. Secured jobs.
She didn't ask a single document from them I dont why??
I want to reaply for them .please suggest what should I do for strong interview ??


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4patelsid     05/19/2019 05:21 AM

Does any one have Experience with US Group Visa for Business delegation.?

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Milena     05/18/2019 15:44 PM

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Gurinder     05/17/2019 13:25 PM

Dear Member,

I just want to get some suggestions from your side which can help me in the visa interview. I am 22 years old, and I wish to attend an annual function cum conference in new york (u.s). I have applied for my visa in B1/B2 category which is scheduled on 31 of May 2019. As earlier, I am a UAE travelled.
So, May I have some suggestions from your side.

KIndly Response

Thank you

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TJBir     05/16/2019 14:52 PM

hi Guys, My parents went for b2 visa interview today and were issued 214(B). here are the questions asked.

where are you going to US?
A: To meet my son and visit
What you do?
A: run a garment shop
What is your income?
A: 3L
why have you visited canada?
A: to see my brother, he was sick
what does your son do?
A: he works for xxx.
For how long is he there?
A: there for 4 years
Then to my Mother:
What you do?
A: housewife
Why haven't you visited them before?
A: they came last time, now they are not coming we thought to visit them.

thats it, Do you see any red flag here?

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MChiH     05/12/2019 10:13 AM

Just wanted to share my positive experience with obtaining B2 for my brother who has downs syndrome.

He was denied twice 15 years ago. At that point we had applied for the entire family of my dad, mom and him. We had also answered yes to the question of "mental disorder".

When we reapplied in 2019, these are the things we did differently/better:
1. We obtained a letter from the IL Senator Dick Durbin's office. They were super helpful and guided us to present our case based on what the immigration officers look for when making a decision. Here is an excerpt of their guidance: "Also within the letter please provide details that help support applicant's case that he would return to his country after his temporary stay in the US. The most frequent basis for refusal is failure to overcome the requirement that applicants must possess a residence abroad that he or she has no intention of abandoning. Applicants prove the existence of such residence by demonstrating that they have ties abroad that would compel them to leave the US at the end of their temporary stay. Some examples of ties can be a person’s job or income, a house or apartment, a car, close family relationships, and community ties. Consular officers are trained to look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural, and other factors.". We provided ample supporting arguments for his strong ties in India. They sent our letter and their letter of recommendation directly to the consulate ahead of the interview.
2. We used a visa counselor in Mumbai. Although applying for a visa is fairly easy online, we benefited from the counselor's expertise in sharing info about my brother and his condition in the application itself so that the interviewer already receives that info before the interview. I think this is what worked the best and the most in our favor. The interviewer in Mumbai consulate was very cordial with my brother and the family and asked basic questions. I feel that since they already knew about my brother's condition, they just had to finalize their decision in the face-to-face interview.
3. My financial standing in US is much stronger than 15 yrs ago. We showed myself as the sponsor.

Hope my experience helps somebody.

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nananbajun     05/12/2019 00:47 AM

I had applied for a B2 visa. My appointment date was on 13th May 2019. I got a email from them saying my interview has been rescheduled to the 20th of May. Does this happen? Is this normal?

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Mary777     05/09/2019 03:05 AM

Was a great experience at the Chennai consulate where my interview took place. I scheduled the biometrics a couple of days before my consulate interview.
First and foremost, make sure you fill in the DS160 form, truthfully and carefully. Note that the interviewer WILL ask you questions based on the information on that form..I had all my documents in check. Not 10-20 files. Just a couple with the IMPORTANT documents you may need. Make a checklist on the documents which you'll find on this website.
The interviewer mostly asked me questions like where I work, what I worked as, how much I earned and how long I was staying. It did help that I was working at my present organization for 4 years.
Answer TRUTHFULLY, do not try and lie or fabricate anything. It is better to be truthful about your intentions. Make sure you Convince them that you WILL come back. Things like property and having a secure job back in India will play on your favour. Keep a cool head, answer whatever you've filled in the DS160, be prepared to answer questions about your sponsor If any or if self financed make sure you have proof of finance.
Be genuine, I cannot stress on that enough!
Good luck to everyone applying for a tourist Visa.

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Nick 1988     05/07/2019 03:16 AM

Hyderabad - telugu
Before interviewing one lady took my brother in law h1b copy and gave to vote, after that they have started interviewing me

Why your are going to usa?
I told them for cradle ceremony and house opening ceremony
He asked my designation?
Rice industries
Do your parents have visas?
If u get visa now, will u travel with your parents?
Where are your parents right now?
But finally when he asked my salary and parents, he rejected my visa

This was my visa experience in Hyderabad totally went in telugu language for b2

Chennai experience
Why America?
To attempt cradle ceremony , here I mentioned them that my parents are unable to go due to. My father health ill,
VO raised question, they r ill in India or America, I told to her in India

What are you doing in India?
I am doing rice industries business and agriculture

Then she raised question on my second sibling and she asked the designation of my second sibling(elder sister)
I told her, she is house wife

She asked me do u know English?
I told her I cannot speak perfectly but somewhat I can understand.

Immediately she rejected my visa and gave white paper,
Here I requested her, but she refused to hear my answer. She got up from the chair and went back for 10seconds

Plzzz, guide me when I should keep date and what answers I have to change for next interview and when should I keep my next interview date,
This time I am. Planning to keep interview in Hyderabad
 And shall I change my interview language or shall I continue with my previous language telugu

Plzz guide me in details for my next interview..

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