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Chocolatedrain     03/16/2019 15:49 PM

I am eritrean 25, I was studying in PH for 3 years (haven't finished my course) and I've paused my studies for a year to come to ethiopia and attend my uncle's wedding. While staying here I've won a poetry competition and it is being published, the owner of the company have sent an invitation letter. I have my mother's cousin who is will to sponsor me (he Will send me a letter). I can not show ties to ethiopia and I've cancelled my student visa for philippines, and the event is on March 311st (which is 14 days from today). Are my chances low, since I cannot show any bank statments, but I have my certificates from my uni.

I need a brief explanation.
Thank you.

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pranita gajane     03/14/2019 11:49 AM

Applicants: me(applying first time) my mom (already had 2 rejections)
Had interview at Mumbai US Embassy on 12th March 2019

We just smiled and didn’t say GM
VO: may i have your passports please
(I slided over both passports towards him)
I: can you please arrange Marathi translator for her?
O: no issue' you can answer on her behalf.
I: ok fine
O: whats the purpose of your visit to US?
I: my elder sister lives in US, we just wanna meet her.
O: she is on H1B there, where does she live?
I: she lives in xxxxxxxxx
O: she works for which company and what is her job profile?
I: she works in xxxxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxx
O: points out at mom and asks, madam your visa was rejected back in 2011
I: can i answer?
O: yess
I: it was rejected twice, first in 2009 and then in 2011
O:madam are u married?
I: yes
O: do u have children?
I: no
O: what is your job profile.
I: i work as xxxxx in xxxxxxx
O: points at mom,madam how many children u have?
Mom: points sign of 4 to him and i say 4 simultaneously
O: laughs a bit, rest three are here in india.
O: before this, have both of you travelled abroad together?
I: she has never gone out of India, i have travelled abroad.
O: where and when
I: to Thailand in xxxx
(Officer types for more than a minute)
O: okayyyyyy, enjoy your stay and trip to USA. Madam your Visa is approved.
I: ohhhhh great, thanks.

( conclusion: don’t manipulate anything, be Real and casual)


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Vidya Nair     03/13/2019 00:24 AM

Hello Friends

My B2 Visa was rejected in Feb.2018 at the time of renewal. I visited USA on 16th Feb.2017 . I originally plan my stay for 35 days but my boss sent me an email about termination within 15 days. So I stay in US for 6 months and came back. It was drop box option for my visa renewal but they called me for interview.
And when they asked me about my 6 months stay I told I have accumulated leave. And they ask me if I am working now, that also I have not proof that time.

 I have filled wrong information about my work in previous DS160. But now I have filled it properly.

I am again applying for Visa in April . Please give me suggestions for interview.

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roopss     03/12/2019 13:08 PM

Both my mom and dad went for the interview. My parents has got two daughters. My sister she has got her graduation in June. And I am in H1b visa but I haven't went back to my home country and stamped on it. My parents has got no any intention to live here they just want to attend the graduation and visit us and then go. We are planning to schedule another visa interview after two month. Can you guys please suggest me what are the changes in answer we should make. Also, my parents said in interview they have only two children. Does the VO keeps this recorded in their system. Otherwise, I was thinking if they can say they have got one son back in home country only and is studying in Grade 8. Please help.

Vo: Why are you going to Us?
Mom: To attend my daughter graduation.

Vo: How many children do you have?
Mom: two

Vo: What is your other daughter doing?
Mom: She is working

Vo: Did she went to study before and then work?
Mom: Yes

Vo: Do you have any other children?
Mom: No but we have my mother-in law and father-in law

Vo: Documents didn't matched and handed 214(b) and said can't issue visa.


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praveeny28     03/11/2019 00:18 AM

My parents and my wife attended for interview @ Hyderabad.. Mom is working,dad has business and wife is a doctor.. I got my b1/b2 in Nov 2018 when I was single...

Purpose of visa is to visit my sister in US..

They asked only 2 questions to my wife and none for parents..

Who is there is US ? And How long is the trip ?

The entire process from entry to exit was done in 30 min and happy that visa is approved for all 😎

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andy2019     03/11/2019 07:24 AM

Hi need a quick help, I have my interview schedule next week for B2 and this is my 01st attempt.
β€’ Purpose of visit is my sister-in-laws 50th birthday, spending time with family and tourism
β€’ Duration of stay 01 month.
β€’ Travelling with my daughter who is 09 year and applied visa along with me. My wife holds a B1/B2 visa and had traveled to USA for 15 days for official purpose. She will also be joining us however will be coming only for 15 days due to her office.
β€’ Currently I am not working and taken a break due to my dad’s illness. My brother-in-law is sponsoring the expenses for this trip and is a US citizen.
Request you to please guide on the interview.

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Shifa1816     03/07/2019 14:48 PM

Hello ,
Brief info
Would be 1st attempt
Purpose of visit to us for tourism. For 15 days
Me age 26 house wife (after married I quit my job)
Husband age 31 business man
Husband income more than 12,00,000 (INR)
Travelled 1 country before together before marriage
Having good balance in Bank as well
No relative in us
Recently got married been 6 month married we had applied for B2 tourist visa our passport address is different as it was before marriage. Husband is having farm in partnership what are the chances of getting visa this would be the first attempt what are the chances of getting visa? Or how we can make our profile more strong plz advice

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cluster     02/26/2019 05:33 AM


I got my US visa renewed and my wife got her visa interview done and visa also issued. After getting her visa, I submitted my daugther's application in drop box 10 days back. The status says that "Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing...."

I am wondering what is the administrative processing required for my daughter's visa and why it should take so long. Particularly, when I have given my and my wife's visa copies to the VAC

Anyone can help/share their experience, if similar to mine?

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Silvanatrade     02/22/2019 17:21 PM

Dear all
We had our interview on last 18th.
We visited Usa 6 times last 5 years. Apply for renew the visa by Dropbox but scheduled interview and already face on last 18th feb. in exact time we were present in embassy.

VO: good morning
Me: good morning , how are you mam?
VO: fine , thank you. Why do you want to visit usa?
Me: vacation, also have a small business meeting in New York.
VO: what you do?
Me: we do doors import business.
VO: do you ever been to Canada before?
Me: yes mam, 2 times.
VO: (asked my elder daughter) which school do you read?
My daughter answered : school name and class also
VO: both you sister read in same school ?
My younger daughter answered : no and named her school name and class
VO: good ( with smile)
VO: asked my wife what she does?
My wife : I do business
VO: what business ?
My wife : export basmati rice to usa
VO: both of you do business.
Me: yes mam, I do export dry seafood to east like hongkong Malaysia Singapore and my wife export to west like usa
VO: that’s very good
Than she keep our passport and give me a paper with some questionnaryies and asked me to send answer by email within 7 days.
I did the mail same day.
In status it shows our visa is in administrative processing.

So I am confused and worried. How much time it may need don’t know. Even we are getting visa or not still not clear.

Can anyone explain me what to do and what the real sceneario is now


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manojd1     02/20/2019 13:07 PM

I have valid b1 b2 visa with my maiden name.
But i changed my name on passport to married name, hence i have reapplied for the b2 visa.

I have previous travel history on b1 visa to USA.
Now i ami a house wife. My husband's Visa has been approved.

What are the chances and possible question they will ask?


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