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NanaOsikani     07/18/2019 00:02 AM

I am 24 from Ghana Africa. I haven't submitted my application yet. I want to apply for tourist visa, I am engaged to be married later in the year maybe after my visit, I don't have a good paying job but I can sponsor myself on this trip. What are my chances of being accepted if I apply and go for the interview?

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Tejkaran Singh     07/16/2019 08:37 AM

I am a 24-year-old, software engineer, working in Bangalore for a product based US firm. I have applied for a B1/B2 visa to visit my uncle in the US and have mine interview scheduled next month in Mumbai. My uncle is a citizen there, living for the past 25 years and will be sponsoring me the trip. In the past, my mom, grandparents have all applied for B2 visa at all different times under his sponsorship and have always been approved. I do not have any travel history and this shall be my first trip overseas.
What are my likely chances of getting it approved?

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misdrookie     07/12/2019 11:10 AM

hi guys. first time posting here,
- I'm a 35 years old, female , unmarried
- I work in a quite successful family business of restraunts and currently giving my time to a startup as well
- I'll be travelling with my dad and mom (owner of the business) sister and her son
- Mom and sister have a valid visa
- I have had 3 US visas before, 2 b1/b2 and latest one was a j1. I returned last year , never overstayed my visa
- father has had 2 tourist visas before
- My dad is the sponsor to our trip.

What do you guys think of our chances of approval?

Do I also need to print my bank statement if my dad is the sponsor?

Thank you!

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misdrookie     07/12/2019 10:58 AM

Hello, My father and I have our visa interview for B2 visa on 29th July in Delhi.

Previous visa histories: my father has 2 prior tourist visas, never overstayed
I have 3 US visas - twice tourist and I was in the US on J1 visa last year , not overstayed my visas.

Reason for visa: we want to take my nephew/their grandson to Disney land. My mother and sister have a valid US visa. Nephew and his father are going to take an appointment soon.

we have a family run business which I work at also started working at a startup currently.

Any tips to make sure we get the visa stamped? thank you for reading and valuable input.

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mohsin.raxa     07/08/2019 02:17 AM

My Wife, I and baby boy (4 years old) has applied for B2 visa and our interview will be on15th of July'2019 at Dubai Consulate and already had refusal in 1st time...

We all have travelled only 3 countries (KSA, Georgia and Oman) and I own two properties in my home country...

1st time, I haven't shown properties on my name and incomplete form.

Can you please advise will I inform VO that only wife and baby boy will be travelling to the US but I can't travel to the US due to current job projects...

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Bhuvaneshwari Raman     07/07/2019 00:02 AM

My husband had applied for B1 Visa an year ago and was denied.
This time 3 of us (my mother in law, him and me) are applying for B2 visa. His sister and her husband lives there and we want to visit them.

Even though my husband and I hold good jobs, his brother in law is sponsoring our trip.
My mother in law is retired and gets a small standard pension.

Our interview is in 2 weeks.

What is the probable question the interviewer might answer and how do we answer? Any help is appreciated.

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syousif22     07/06/2019 20:13 PM


My sister in law applied for her first visa when she was about 28, fresh in a job, not married and was denied. My husband, her brother, was not a citizen at the time either. She applied again about 5 years later (3 years ago) when she first got married and my husband became a citizen, however, she was denied again even when her husband was staying behind. We would like to apply for her again now, she has an 8-month-old daughter. We would like for her and the baby to come for just a visit. I don't know what to put on her application to make her seem she will go back soon. Her husband is not applying this time either and she will be traveling with her mother who already has a b2 visa.

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Brittany1078     07/06/2019 00:03 AM

Late 20s female here from VWP country, who had previously overstayed 1 day by mistake on ESTA 3 years ago. Stupid, stupid I know!! Reading this forum was very helpful, so I wanted to share my experience.

My interview was early in the morning, i arrive 15 mins early and the embassy is packed out. Went through security clearance, checked in where I had my fingerprints scanned. Then I lined up in a queue leading to two open booths. You can literally hear everyone's interviews before you, which was quite terrifying!!! One officer seemed very casual- smiled lots, stamped approvals more often than not. On the other hand, the other officer was bit more stern, asking lots of detailed questions and turned people down a LOT. I felt bad for the guy before me who had IT conference coming up, with his ticket booked, proof of income and everything.. The CO continued to ask questions abt his salary, while flicking through his resume. I was praying to the Lord like, please please don't let him interview me!! But then guess what... Next came my turn! And he called out to me!!! What happened next is as follows:

Me: *Nervously approaching* mornin'!
VO: Good morning. Let's see your passport
Me: *hands it over*
VO: So why do you want to visit USA?
Me: well, for tourism and leisure.
VO: *typing* What do you do for living?
Me: I have a small business where I resell vintage clothes and I also work as a freelancer for abc industry.
(Ok I was so nervous I mumbled and talked really fast here- he suddenly like, laughed and asked me to repeat myself again, which I did lol.)
VO: Ok. How long have you been at your current job for?
Me: I am a freelancer and I've been at my current job for last 2 months. I have good contacts in my industry tho, where I'm able to pick up work on constant basis and travel in between jobs.
VO: Ok. Your application says that you stayed 91 days last time. Can you tell me more about that?
Me: Yes! Last time I was there, i wanted to get the most out of my travels and pushed my dates to what I thought was the allowable limit. I am really, really sorry. This was an extremely stupid thing to do. This won't happen again. I know travelling to USA is a privilege and by submitting a b1/b2 app, I really wanted to make things right.
VO: Yeah. *types* Cool.
And how long will you be travelling?
Me: well, probably 4-5 weeks-
VO: *types*
Ok your visa is approved and will be mailed to you in the next few days.
Me: OMG thank youuu!

So... there it is! I was so nervous my hands were dripping with sweat as I waited in line. I am so so so happy now though. I mean, I had all the red flags- single 20s female traveller, past overstay, also history of work visa in USA, unstable work, not that big a income. But I feel like being honest and ernstly expressing that you are genuinely sorry helped... Oh and waiting as long as I could, before attempting to travel to USA. The officer didn't look at any of my documents, which I thought was weird as he was going through them for some of the interviews before me. Anyways I just wanted to share my experience for some of yall that may be in a similar situation to me. I hope this is helpful! Happy to answer questions.


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monshani23     06/28/2019 20:39 PM

My Mother and sister's visa was denied for B1/B2 visa under article 214 (b)
Question Answer asked by Visa Officer (VO):
VO: Please hand me your passports
Both: Good morning officer (handed both the passports)
VO: GoodMorning (Scans the passport and starts typing)
VO: why do you want to go to US?
Mother:To visit my daughter and some places as well
VO: Is your daughter in US?
Both: Yes - exactly
VO: So you want to visit your daughter and you, your sister?
Yes exactly
VO: Okay great. (Pause looks at the screen and turns around). Are you working for xxxx Madam?
Mother: No (Became nervous, she was actually studying in xxxx)
VO: (looks at the screen) Sorry I did not realize that you have mentioned it as previous (: this was a trick question which my mother/sister did not understand)
Both: Nodded heads
VO: (smiles) Exactly
VO: So, where do you want to go? Is it only CA or other places?
Mother: Los Angeles (and pauses)
Sister: Actually till now we have planned for places like yosemite, lake tahoe and los angeles
VO: Thats it?
Sister:In case my sister pleads to visit some other places we may go.
Mother: I love long drives, So I will definitely go on long drives on American roads
VO: Oh great ! what is your daughter doing in the US
Mother: She is an Analytics manager in xxxxx
VO: xxxx?
Mother: It is a software security based company
VO: what are you doing?
Mother: I am a housewife
VO: Oh great! Why is your husband not travelling with you?
Mother: He is busy
VO: ( pauses and looks to know more)
Sister: My father does real estate business which is specific to the native area thats why he cannot travel anywhere and relocate
VO: what is his annual salary?
Mother: x lakhs
VO: Per year?
Sister: per year
VO: What do you do?
Sister: I work as a technical support engineer in a software company
VO: what is your annual salary?
Sister: x.x approximately, x.x lakhs
VO :How long your daughter has been in the US?
Mother: Nearly 4 years
VO: If she is going there for 4 years, then why are you going now?
Mother: Actually she was studying for two years, and working now for 2 years. She is planning to come back and wants us to visit her before that
VO: Is she married?
Mother: Yes she is
VO: How long will you stay there?
Mother: 1.5 months (Filled 5 months in DS 160)
Sister: 1 month
VO: Unfortunately your Visa has been refused under article 214 (b)

I want to get as much advice as I can in regards to what I should do next. I want to apply in a different consulate with a translator so my mother can give better answers. Most importantly when I fill in another ds 160 application what should I explain as the reason of why it was refused?

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abhaybhagli     06/28/2019 20:15 PM

My daughter who has been rejected B2 VISA thrice, I failed to understand the reasons although she had shown enough ties for her home county as she is practicing when applied for third time. First two time when she as a last year student. Third time we had a senator letter also. Is it that us she is not married so a potential migrant ? or other than her all of us ( parents and daughter has US visa ) is this the reason ? I failed to understand what should be done as we have no intention of migration. Should I approach the consulate general for review ??

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