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Feranmi     01/13/2019 19:00 PM

Good day sir/ma,

Please, i have some questions... As an employee who his employer is going to sponsor his trip on B1 US visa for 15 days seminar:

1. Does he need to present his own personal bank account statement or employer's bank account statement to the consular?

2. If the applicant is a civil servant, what type of financial support documents does he need to present at the embassy? Hope to read from you as soon as possible. Thank you all.

My regards.

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Jasantos     01/13/2019 13:30 PM

Hi Readers!

I would just like to ask some opinion/suggestion coz i am planning to re apply Visit Visa this January.
I got rejected last April 2018.

I am Single, 25 years old, and I have relatives IN USA In which i declare on my previous application.

Questions that time are...

What is the purpose of your travel?

I would lovw to visit New York and visit my Grandparents.

Are your grandparents american citizen?

Yes, they are US citizens

How they acquired their citizenship?

Im not sure how they acquired it(honestly i dont know)

What is your work?

Im an HR Asst. In xxxxx

How long have you been working there?

More than 3 yrs

Have u traveled before?

I went to italy last yr.

Are u married?

No. Im Single

After typing.. He handex me a white paper... Rejected huhuhu

VO: i cannot give u right now coz you dont have a clear purpose.

Me: thank you, Sir

He did not ask for fir any documents.. Please advice me.. The do's and don'ts..

Thanks in advance!

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shakeelsbl04     01/11/2019 05:39 AM

I want to apply USA visit visa in April 2019. I am from Pakistan and working in bank since last twelve years earing monthly salary 50K plus. I have already visited 4 time visit in UK & two time in Spain. I have valid UK visit visa till 2022. I am married and three kids. age 42 years.

I have already apply before two years ago but refuse. Then I do not visit in Europe.

Now I have chance for get US visit visa Please advise.


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pastaandpinot     01/10/2019 19:01 PM

I just want some input on my b2 visa/ travel plans. I am a NZ citizen and my boyfriend is a USC, we have been dating for six months and I have visited twice, first for two months (well 7 weeks) and the second time, just for two weeks over the holidays. I have never had an issues at the border, the second time round I said I was visiting my boyfriend, he didn't ask to see my return flights or letter from my employer, probably because I was only staying for two weeks. So that's the background.. This May I am planning to return to the US but for considerably longer, I realise the B2 visa does not guarantee entry to the US, but that in most instances you have 6 months. I plan to stay there until the end of August, I will primarily be staying with my boyfriend, but additionally will be traveling within the US for a bachelorette party, I'll be in the bridal party for a friend and be doing a cruise in the Caribbean. I am hoping this will suffice as evidence I am there to travel and enjoy the summer. I will however not have evidence of a job in New Zealand as I am contracted to a company until April, with this I won't look for employment until I get back in September. I don't know how else I will show ties to NZ since I am only 26 and don't have any properties. I am well aware of the fact I cannot work in the States, I will have sufficient finances to support myself whilst there. I am wondering if any of yall see any red flags with this plan and how to ensure I won't have issues with being admitted entry.

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dhruval     01/10/2019 04:26 AM

I have a valid visa for USA. i married 2 years ago. my wife applied for visitor visa in DEC 2017 and Got rejected. she was asked just one question : why u want to go to usa ? she replied to travel and to meet brother in law means my elder brother who is US citizen.

she again applied in JAN 2019. got rejected. this time interview was in detail. VO even asked for my Visa copy , and asked so may questions.. ( VO was the same on both the times.) We have traveled to NZ , UK , SWISS , FRA ... and i went to USA twice.

please Guide me wt we are short of ?? suggestion .. ??


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Hermione07     01/08/2019 07:04 AM

Hi all,

I gave my interview for B2 visitor visa today along with my parents at the Hyderabad consulate. My dad is retired and my mom is still working. Mine was rejected quoting 214(b) while both my parents’ visas were approved. I would like to apply again and would really appreciate any thoughts on what the reasons could have been for my rejection, so that I can improve on that.

Here is my profile:
I’m a technology specialist working in xxx company. It’s a agriculture company. In my DS 160, I said I would fund my visit myself. I thought this would be better as I’m working here. My parents DS 160s said my elder sister will fund their trip. My dad is a retiree and my mom is a government employee. My elder sister is working on H1b visa in an American technology company in the US. My younger brother is on his F1 visa, also in US.

VO: Good morning.
Us: Good morning.
VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
Dad and I: tourism
Dad: We want to see the place.
VO: Who is there in the US?
My dad: My daughter...(he was about to continue saying about my brother who is on F1 visa but he didn’t get a chance because the VO immediately asked for my sister’s visa copy)
We give my sister’s H1b visa’s copy.
VO: (looking at me) where do you work?
Me: xxx company
VO: what is your designation.?
Me: I work as a technology specialist.
VO: (to me) what is your annual income?
Me: it’s 7.6 lakhs per annum
VO: (to us) how long are you planning to stay?
Dad: (indicating mom and himself) we are planning to stay for a month. I was going to say about myself when the VO quickly asked.
VO: what about you? (to me)
Me: I’m planning to stay for 2 weeks because I don’t have much vacation and I have to return for my work.
VO: (to us) Is this your first time to the US?
Dad: Yes this is our first time.
VO: (to us) Have you been to other countries?
Dad: This is the first time for us.
VO: (to me) What about you? Which countries have you traveled?
Me: I have to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. (I have a 5 years Schengen Visa)
VO: (to me) What was the purpose of your trip?
Me: It was an official trip.
VO: (to me) Did you travel to Belgium while you were in the Netherlands?
Me: Yes.
VO: (to me) As a tourist?
Me: Yes, as a tourist.

My parents visas were approved while mine was rejected with a 214(b). Please share any thoughts as what could be the reason.
We are at a loss as what could be the reason... The VO didn’t ask for any document other than my sister’s visa.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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ninja_v     01/04/2019 09:16 AM

     I am studying in F1 visa and I want my family to attend my graduation ceremony this summer. My mother has a visa interview in next 2 weeks and she is a government employee. Is NOC mandatory for the visa interview process? There seems to be a delay in the department to process the document that's why I am confused. Please help.


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arch2694     01/03/2019 06:34 AM

I told the interviewer that I will be accompanied by my parents, Can I travel alone after my visa is approved?
Am I allowed to make changes to my itinerary? Will I be denied at the port of entry?

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venkatnftp     12/18/2018 11:31 AM

I am in USA, I am going to apply Visitor visa for my parents. In my passport parents surname is JAKKALA and in my parents passport their surname is KANDURI. I would like to know, if this would be a problem for visitor visa interview.

Please suggest.

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ZahidIqbal353     12/18/2018 08:49 AM

I was interviewed on 30/12/2018 for USA visit visa at USA consulate Dehran Saudi Arabia. My visa was rejected and interview was as follows.

VO; Good morning sir

Me: Good Morning

VO: Can I have your passport

Me: Slide the passport to visa officer

VO: Why are travelling to USA

Me: For tourism

VO; You visited Paris for how many days

Me: For five days

VO: Do you have house in Pakistan

Me: Yes

VO: Did you rent the house

Me: No my mother and brother are living there

VO: Where is your family

Me: Here in Saudi Arabia

VO: Can I have their Iqama copies
Me: I do not have Iqama copies but I have their passport copies

VO: Showed the passport copies to another officer

VO: Are you travelling alone or with your family

Me: Most of the time I am travelling alone

VO: You have Bahrain valid work Visa

Me: Yes my company have project there in Bahrain

VO: How long you stayed in Bahrain

Me: I stayed for 4 to 5 months

VO: Which other countries you visited
Me: Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and France
VO: Show me the Company Introduction letter and Bank statement
Me: Slide the Company letter and Bank statement
VO: Read the letter and Bank statement and asked for one transaction of 15oooSAR
Me: I informed that is my house rent company giving me in cash and I have transferred to my account
VO; Any further information you want tell about your application
Me: No Sir, I have been mentioned all information in my application
 VO: I can not support you at this time
Me: Thanks

Can some body support me what was wrong in my interview

I have another interview on 31/12/2018, kindly support me for this interview.

Thanks Zahid

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