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vip_singh     09/14/2016 00:51 AM

My daughter is in India but her US passport is about to expire. She is a US citizen. Can you please let me know if she can still be in India if US passport is expired but VISA (PIO Card) is still valid?


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sojourner     08/05/2016 07:48 AM

Note: I am writing this before I have shipped my documents to CKGS but after spending some time reading about it. My desire is to reduce confusion in this area. If any of this is not correct, please make corrections. Thanks.

1. After generating documents on the CKGS online site, they have to be sent to a CKGS center along with passport, etc. And they have to be sent back to the applicant after processing.

2. The safest way seems to be to purchase CKGS courier service both ways. Once you do this, you can print labels.

3. In order to ship to CKGS, take the label to a FedEx center. Have them use the free FedEx envelopes. You have only paid for this (and not for shipping in any other envelopes for which Fedex will charge CKGS more).

4. You don't need to include any envelopes for shipping back to you.

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jheckmanr     03/06/2016 19:32 PM

I am a U. S. citizen and I have a very dear friend from India. He is currently living and working in London. I am blind and I would like him to come to live with me to assist me as well as work another job while he is here. How can I make this happen? I would appreciate any assistance and suggestions. James

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indobrownie     01/24/2016 21:21 PM

I am in the process of applying for OCI for my mom. It is taking a while just to get all the documents together and follow the process through the CKGS website. I feel like I am losing precious time.

Is it possible to travel to India while applying for an OCI card?
She does not have a visa at all and we would need to apply for visitor/tourist visa in the meanwhile. Is this even possible? How long can one stay in india with visitor or tourist visa? We were thinking OCI offers the most flexibility so we started with that process.

I know OCI will take up to two months, and possibly longer. So I was thinking she can get visitor visa so she can get to india sooner, assuming the visa process is faster than an OCI.

Would love to hear advice and suggestions.

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krishnapriya     11/20/2015 02:50 AM

Hello all,

I am H1B holder and my husband is on H4. Please anyone suggest what questions do they generally ask if husband is dependant.

Please reply I'm really tensed.

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sam11     07/25/2015 23:24 PM

Need suggestion from you guys. I am indian citizen with US green card staying in Usa. My wife and newborn baby are US citizens. We are going to India in decemeber 2015. Already booked tickets. Dnt know what kind of Visa they need? We married in sep 2014. Thanks.

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geetanjali     02/16/2015 16:41 PM

applying for B2 visa for in laws. While filling the form for brother in law, there is a section called travel companions, where I am putting the name of father in law as his father, but when it asks for relationship with person what should i put, child or parent?

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surendra711     10/13/2014 13:18 PM

This is my first time applying thru CKGS- I must say, so far it isn't going well for me. I filled out the entire application online for a tourist visa to go to India, and I went all the way to the end and printed out my application and it gave me a web file number starting with USA- so I was ready to mail it, but I wanted to print one extra copy of my application. So, I go in and type the web file number it generated and it comes out saying the file does not exist. I tried the number several times and the same message keeps coming. I've already paid the fees for the visa and mailed my application already and I'm not sure if they'll accept it now. I call their office in Houston but no one picks up the phone, I called about 5-6 times already and gave up. Can anyone help with any suggestions. Thank you.

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MBT- ()     12/12/2012 02:15 AM

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for sharing experience at OFC and Visa Interview. It was a great help.

At OFC - They check your DS160 confirmation , Appointment Letter and Passport.
We don't need to carry any other documents.

Please reach before 35-40 minutes of Visa interview, no need to be there before an hour.

Questions Asked at Visa Interview.
1. Why are you going?
2. How much is your Indian salary?
3. How much will be your US salary?
4. What is your Specialization?
5. How much is your experience?

And then the VO said "I am issuing your Visa, Have a great day !"

All The Best and be confidant. Please do prepare well on your specialization,
once the VO is convinced he wont even let you finish and will ask another question.

Good Luck !!!


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Steven Eckert- ()     10/29/2012 21:10 PM

Hello Travelers:
From experience it would be a good idea to allow Travisa Outsourcing a good 2 to 3 weeks to process your visa application. If it comes in sooner all the better but mine took a total of 3 weeks. I actually ended up sending them 5 additional copies of my Visa Application because they kept saying I didn't include a monthly bill with my application - I don't know how they missed my Electric Utility bill that was enclosed. Also they said I did not sign my Visa Application so I sent them 2 copies which I signed and they said that they were not signed so I mailed 3 more copies with signatures. Well it still took a couple of more days till I told them to send my application fee back to me, then they called my house. I still don't know if they processed my application and it is going on 3 weeks. I would not recommend using the Travisa Outsourcing in Chicago, find another city to access.

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