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Mtvciti     05/31/2016 17:24 PM

My daughter has poi card and we are visiting India on June 26th to August 26 . Called ckgs to check whether she can travel or not, they said that she can travel but they don't know anything after 30 th June and wanted me to contact bureau of immigration. I have contacted bureau of immigration but not heard from them. Anyone in same situation or has and information on the same ,will be helpful. Thanks

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ula     05/30/2016 15:49 PM

hello,my kid has a PIO; applied in 2008 - she is in India now. I just came to know about the POI and OCI issues recently. Kid is with Grand parents - do we need to apply OCI before June end. We are planning on going there in August. My kid has a new passport but used old and new passports to travel to India.
any suggestion or experience share is greatly appreciated.

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Uttaran     05/23/2016 23:43 PM

I applied for OCI in lieu of PIO for my wife US citizen but not from India. I submitted her application in August of 2015 and finally I received the card in May 2016. It took almost 9 months to process this kind of application. I have contacted CKGS and Indian Consulate General in San Francisco and they have the standard reply " it is getting processed from New Delhi and they don't know how long will it take".
What I did is I lodged a complained with http://pgportal.gov.in/ and I think that made the ball rolling. I think it will take 9-12 months to process this kind of application. And if you have plans of going to India you can apply for the https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/ e-visa.
Dealing with CKGS and the Indian Consulate General's you need a lot of patience and most of the time they will not reply to your emails.

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Preethigobinath     05/03/2016 22:19 PM

My son's pio card was issued on jan 14 2015, I didnt think about til recently , while i tried to applu for oci lieu of pio card, i cannot even do that, it says pio card issued before jan 9 2015 only can apply to convert to oci, i dont know what is procedure for cards issued after jan 9th 2015, i tried to contact the cox and kings ( they r the outsource ppl for oci) they are of no help! Anyone here faced similar issue?! anyone travelled with pio card issued after jan 9th 2015?! Is this card even valid?! Can i even travel now?! Pls help! Any suggestion welcome, i couldnt find any help online regarding this issue!!
Thanks in advance

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sapna pawar     04/27/2016 00:47 AM

My daughter has a valid US passport & PIO card, We applied for OCI card in lieu of PIO on April 1,2016, but it is under process,

OCI-Application Status Details (as on 27/04/2016 08:46 PM IST)
Date Of Acknowledgment 16-APR-2016
Registration Status at Mission CHICAGO
Documents Printing Status UNDER-PROCESS

My questions:
1) How long will it take to get the OCI card after this step?
2) Can I put the OCI match up process on Hold to travel & complete afterwards?
3) Travelling to India in May Last week, is it ok to travel with PIO card?

Thanks in advance

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imonh1b     03/23/2016 00:04 AM

My daughter has US passport and PIO card. We already applied for OCI in lieu of PIO. But we are travelling to India before OCI card arrives. I see from houston site that we can travel on PIO as long as OCI application is submitted. Did anyone face issues in India with PIO? what is the valid form of application confirmation from CKGS?


Interim travel to India until the issue of OCI card to existing valid PIO cardholders:

            Until applicants are in receipt of an OCI card issued in lieu of PIO card, they could travel to India with their valid foreign passport, valid PIO card and CKGS receipt as proof of having applied for an OCI Registration document in lieu of PIO card.

- See more at: http://www.cgihouston.org/news/display/108#sthash.AdaM6vCI.dpuf

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dsinglaa     02/08/2016 15:41 PM


I got the PIO of my some from New York. And now we have moved to Arkansas state. PIO application instructions says "Place of submission for OCI- (In Lieu of PIO-Card) should be the same as the Place of Issuance of PIO-Card".
But I just talked to CKGS customer care and they said that this was an old update and I should send the application to Houston ( the current jurisdiction of Arkansas).
But these instructions are still on the front page of instructions, now I don't know whom to trust.
I don't want to take chance because they have update required documents list and they want original US passport as well along with the application.
Has anyone experienced this situation? Any answers?

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pysharma     10/14/2015 15:05 PM

I am desperately looking for some valid answers wrto PIO cards.
 My both sons are born here and they both have valid US passports and valid PIO cards to travel to India.
So question is are the PIO cards still valid to travel to India? I am planning to travel in december for a month.
I will highly appreciate if someone with recent similar experinece share their experience.


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alpha_centauri     08/30/2015 23:05 PM

I am planning to travel with my family to India in early December for 3 weeks. My daughter has a PIO card that was issued in 2007 and is valid until 2022. We recently got her passport renewed, so the PIO card does not have her new passport number endorsed in it (and since the PIO scheme has been discontinued they very likely won't endorse it).
I am wondering whether we need to get the 'OCI card in lieu of PIO' before we travel . The processing time posted for this is 60 days plus any additional unanticipated time delays. As someone posted earlier, I too prefer NOT to do the PIO to OCI conversion until we finish this trip (as per the latest regulation, we have until March 31, 2016 to apply for the 'OCI card in lieu of PIO' anyway). While seemingly, we may have enough time to get this done, I would rather not mess with the process before our trip.

I have a couple of questions:

1) While it appears that the PIO cardholder can travel to India on the basis of their PIO card and valid foreign passport as of now, will this hold true for December as well? I will be carrying my daughter's old and new passport.

2) What are people's experiences with the 'OCI card in lieu of PIO' process? Has it been smooth? What are the processing times in the Washington, DC consulate?

3) Can someone post their recent experiences with Indian immigration for traveling on a PIO card?

4) As a safety measure, does it make sense to get an entry visa as a safety net?

I am looking for opinions on what would be the "best" course of action given our travel plans in early December.

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maxys123     08/21/2015 10:46 AM

For those, who are looking for OCI card in lieu of PIO card, below is a link which provides all the details



1. PIO cardholder can travel to India on the basis of their valid PIO card and valid foreign passport.
2. It is hereby informed that the last day for applying for an OCI card in lieu of PIO card is 31st March, 2016.
3. As announced earlier, PIO card have life-long validity

So if you are planning to leave for India soon, do not apply for an OCI now. Come back and apply.

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