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Rob- ()     04/28/2012 09:05 AM

Hi, I currently have my greencard through a K-1 visa, I have yet to find work and have the opportunity to return to Canada where I'm from and work for 3 months this summer, will this be an issue when I try to return to the usa?

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Suchi- ()     08/30/2010 04:16 AM

Hi All,
I came to india on march 1 2010 with my family.We had return ticket to usa on march 27 2010.But with family issues my husband left 3 days before to USA without informing to me and took away my travel documents with him.He is not responding to any calls and emails from that time and i dont have any communication with him till now.But my daughter travelled with us PIO card.It is completing 6 months.I need to go immediately to USA.Please help me with this.

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bujji- ()     08/30/2010 04:06 AM

Help me with this

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svreddy- ()     05/23/2010 19:14 PM

I am a green card holder and intend to stay out of US for more than 1 year. I got re entry permit before in 2007. Can any one please let me know whether the re entry permit can be applied for a second time. The first one has expired.

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Narayani V- ()     01/21/2010 00:22 AM

I have a 10yrs Visitors visa to USA.I visited USA last yr for 5months from july to december.I wanted to know that what would be the appropriate time to re-enter USA as I wanted to take my CPA exams at the earliest.
Is it advisable for me to mention at the port of entry that I have come to take my CPA exams and as a proof present my NTS.
Please advise at the ealiest.Any experience and comments are appreciated whole heartedly.
Awaiting replies.


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N singh- ()     08/18/2008 16:16 PM

I am green card.
i came back from india with more than 6 months stay.

they wrote re-residency advised on my passport at port of entry.

is this going to hurt my citizenship chances.

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sruthi- ()     11/03/2006 19:37 PM

i'm on h4 visa.now i'm in india
when i was coming from usa to india authorities
were tear my i-94 (old and expired)forgot to tear latest extended visa .I'm here from past 2 and half months recently i observed it.I heard if v don't give I-94 they'll not allow us to re-enter into us , plese give me suggestion if anybody knows what to do

my mailid is [email protected]


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pk- ()     11/03/2005 21:01 PM

My Mom who is 71 yrs and on a wheelchair recently was deported back from India due to an expired Visa.
Although she had a 10 year visa which she applied for in 2000, they had handwritten below that it would expire in 5 yrs. It was like a fine print with no stamp or signature. On the next page there was a stamp that it expires in June 2005. I would it the responsibilty of the airline when she checked in to see if the Visa was valid and if it was not then she should not have been allowed to board the flight. Also, since she is a senior citizen instead of putting her on the next flight back to US, isnt there some rule that would allow them to atleast stay there for a day before borading a long flight. It was really sad to see her go through this.

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tsering- ()     01/11/2005 07:59 AM

Recently i have visited USA for a month and i have returned back before expiration of given duration on I-94 form.With my haste to catch my flight,i have missed to submit my I-94 form while coming back to India.
So after hearing about its importance to submit the I-94,i have mailed my I-94 with my Return flight tickets and my passport copies showing my arrival date and timing etc in the mail.I have addressed my mail to US Embassy,New Delhi.
So Is there any way to find out wheather my I-94 form has been properly receipt or registered by US authorities?Kindly enlightened me regarding this issue.


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collectore- ()     12/23/2004 14:54 PM

Please do not deal with WWICS. Their fees is very high but their service stinks. I had one of the worst experiences of my life with them. Trust me you dont want to have anything to do with them. I was anxious about applying for a greencard and was looking for well established company who have done the greencard process so many times that it had become a routine process for them. They messed it up so many times that INS returned my papers many times. When I asked them apply for my advance parole they delayed and dragged their leg on it and sent it to wrong center that I could not go to India for my own wedding.

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