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Lisa123     06/11/2019 08:57 AM

I submitted my I 751 application on February and on May it was updated to Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview,and i haven't received any mail till now. How long it would take to get the next update? Is it possible not to have an interview?? I fear having it when I travel since I book it in advance !
P.s. submitted from Houston

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JulioRH     06/07/2019 15:47 PM


I am about to send my application to renew my green card. I will be sending form I-751.
My question is..
On the application it asked if I have ever been arrested. and I answer yes.
they already ask for details about the arrest on my previous one. I sent them all the documents that were required. They asked for originals. Should I explain at the end of the application that they have all the docs from my arrest on my previous application, or should I tried to go and ask for documents to court again?
So far I have this documents
form I-751
form G-1145
Photos of our church wedding in 2018
bank statements
Joint tax returns 2017 and 2018

What else should I include?

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Justina ()     06/06/2019 16:23 PM

I submitted a renewal online and here is the history:

April 16, 2018 - submitted application and supporting documents.
May 4, 2018 - Received Form I-797C to schedule biometric.s
May 23, 2018 - Went for Biometrics.
April 26, 2019 - Received a letter asking for additional legal documents, divorce and change name decree.
May 6, 2019 - Emailed, begged USCIS several times to reset my forgotten password.
May 7, 2019 - Finally received email instruction to reset password, successful in submitting the required evidence.
June 6, 2019 - Case Status "Our Integrated Operating Env office will begin working on your case again."
It is over a year now and still in limbo.

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Kasheka     05/01/2019 20:19 PM

I’m back lol.
Few years ago I was here for the adjustment of status. From filing to green card in hand took 4 months. I live in New York horn Jamaican. Anyways I’m back getting ready for the last part which is removing conditions Fr the 2 year green card to get the 10 year. I need every advice I can get. Also feel free to list types of evidence thanks in advance

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D. HARSHA VARDHAN     04/10/2018 04:46 AM

My brother is residing in U.S.A and he managed to get green card for our parents few years back.

After getting green card, my parents visited my place in India. During their visit to India, my father met had an accident and became bed-ridden patient. He finally died after one year.

My mother had to go back to U.S.A.

We came to know that, a Permanent Resident Card becomes technically invalid for reentry into the United States if he or she is absent from the United States for 1 year or more. USCIS rules say that If you stay outside of the United States for 1 year or more and did not apply for a re-entry permit before you left, you may be considered to have abandoned your permanent resident status. If this happens, you may be referred to appear before an immigration judge to decide whether or not you have abandoned your status. If you are in this situation, contact the U.S. consulate about a returning resident visa.

The process of getting the returning resident VISA took 6 months. Green card was retained by U.S. embassy at Mumbai during the interview. It took one and half year more (after her arrival in U.S.A) to get back the green card.

While going through the site IMMHELP, it looked as if one can walk in to the U.S Embassy with duly filled in form DS-117 along with the requisite fees, convince them in 5 minutes and get Returning resident Visa.

But it is not so simple. I explored the detailed procedure. I spoke to the authorities in skype and came to know that I have to register in their site and get an appointment.

I fixed an appointment by clicking on the date available for the interview. Now the problems started.

1. You need to convince the immigration judge that you had intention of going back. Did you make return journey reservation- was the first question. What made you to stay for more than 1 year – was the next question. You have to show the hospital treatment papers.

2. My mother could not speak English or Hindi. I came to know that I would not be allowed inside the embassy to explain in English. Only the applicant and LPR (Legally permanent resident) are allowed inside the embassy. I had prepared one-page summary of all the facts and gave to my mother. Mobiles are not allowed inside. Hence consulting by mobile was not possible. At the gate I was told that interpreters of all languages are available who will help in explaining what my mother spoke.

3. Most of the people who entered the embassy came out within half an hour. My mother took four and half hours to come out. But when she came out I was glad to see a letter permitting her to go back to U.S.A. We have crossed the first hurdle. We are asked to apply for returning resident Visa (called SB-1 visa) with the requisite fees.

4. When I tried apply for SB1 visa in the form DS260, the registration number I was given in the permission letter was not accepted by the program. I tried on different dates at different places with different computers. No use. Hence I mailed and also talked to the USCIS people. I was asked to wait until they fix the problem. After a month I got a call from embassy saying that, now I can try. It started working. I took 12 hours to fill up the form as it contained the data reference since she was 18-year-old. Finally, I could push it through. I got an acknowledgment, which said, the data will be sent to U.S.A where USCIS will scrutinize the data and may ask some questions. Process may take one month. I waited for 35 days. No response. I sent a reminder. No response. I spoke to Mumbai office of the embassy. They are unable to help. My brother in U.S.A talked to USCIS people. They were unable to link my documents with the reference given by Mumbai office. How to proceed? Finally, I ventured by seeking an interview. I sought an interview for SB-1 visa with Mumbai office of Embassy. I got it. Police clearance certificate was required for immigration Visa. I got through an agent but we had to appear personally in Passport office. I had to get medical fitness certificate issued by the authorized doctors at Mumbai . The report was given in a sealed cover, which can be seen only by embassy staff. My mother appeared in the interview at Mumbai with (a) demand draft of the requisite fees (b) P.C.C (c) medical fitness certificate. Fees was mentioned in dollars. I had to get the demand draft in rupees at the conversion rate which is valid for the date as mentioned in the website. It took 2 hours for my mother to come out of the embassy after the interview. She showed me an approval for issue of VISA. The visa was sent through the courier in the city where we are living. We went to courier’s office and collected the visa as per the instructions in the website. No delivery at the residential address. It took six months to get the VISA.

5. My mother had carried Aadhaar card, Pan card, Passport, Visa, Green card, Demand draft, Police clearance certificate, Medical fitness certificate etc for the interview. When my mother came out of the embassy after interview, there was no green card with her. I was not allowed inside to talk to them. I sent a message through the embassy staff, who were controlling the people at the entrance of embassy. I was verbally informed that green card is retained by the embassy as per their procedure. The same thing I got in writing at a later date. We will get new green card after payment of requisite fees. When I went through the USCIS site, I observed that green card fees for is applicable to those who are applying for the first time. Exemption is available to those who have applied for renewal.

6. I went to U.S.A with tourist visa along with my mother who had returning resident visa. At the immigration counter in Washington I.A.D we had to hand over the packet received during the interview. My mother was told that she would get green card.

7. Within a month she got social security document. When my brother followed up for green card, he was told that it would take three months to process. After three months he followed up. He was told that they are unable trace the concerned papers. In fact, he was asked why she did not collect Green card from Mumbai office. We were shocked to hear this. There is no cohesion or understanding between different departments of USCIS.

8. We were asked to apply for green card again with the requisite fees. Finally, she got green card which was the duplicate of the original card. U.S embassy /USCIS could not locate the original card. It took one and half years to get the duplicate green card. Only God can save the government departments whether it is in India or U.S.A.

The purpose of narrating my story is to appraise the public about the missing links in issue of returning resident visa and green card.

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morenocarmen     08/15/2017 17:07 PM

My mother's resident card expired years and years ago never really made the intent to renew until now that I have pushed her to do so. So her attorney filed for the I-485, I-130 and I-765. We received receipts for all that her Case Was Received. Soon there after she received a letter for her Biometrics which was done. Two weeks later she received a letter for Request for Initial Evidence asking for (Submit Evidence of the Relationship between Applicant and the Petitioner). Reason being is because on my birth certificate her name was entered with only her middle name and father's last name but she signed my birth certificate with her middle name and her married last name. My question is since we can not get her BC amended sue to being from another country (MX) Will a maternal blood test be ok? What other evidence can be sent in?
Thank you,

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lala52     07/13/2017 00:05 AM

Hi all,

Just want to share for those who may be searching for the i-90 processing times. The information can be found under the Potomac Service Center on the USCIS.gov page.

Currently, it says Processing August 10, 2016 as of May 31 2017.


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wenxin380     02/02/2017 22:39 PM

Hi, my husband (an American citizen) got a job in another country. We will leave US to relocate there in March. But in June 2017, it is the time for me to start preparing my green card renewal (a conditional two year one) to a ten year one. We don't know how long we are going to live outside US. I can say the next two years we will perhaps live outside US most of the time.

I was wondering whether leaving US now will have any negative influence on my unconditional green card application in June this year? Or should we just file a re-entrance permit for me instead of I -751?

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out!

Thanks a lot!

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iyatotski     01/25/2017 07:53 AM

hello guys! pls help...

my green card is expired (Sept.2016) but my re-entry permit is still valid until (June, 2017) I'm going back to US this May, 2017. Do i have any problem(s) entering/returning to united states again? thankyou for your help! Godbless!

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himakarri     05/09/2016 00:29 AM


My parents have been lawful permanent residents of USA since 2005.
Their cards were up for renewal in 2016.

They applied for approval in July 2015.
In the process we received the following i - 797 C forms:
1. Notice of action - receipt
2. notice of action - biometrics appt.

At the biometrics appointment they got a stamp in their passport extending the validity of their greencards till the end of May 2016.
After which they travelled out of country and while returning they were not allowed to board the flight by the airline.
The airline required for them to have a i 797 form along with the extension stamp in the passport.
According to the airline, the i-797 form would have the validity extension information along with the specific dates till which validity has been extended.

But, we received no such form from USCIS.

I see that i-797 form is sent on approval of 'Immigration petition for relative, fiance or orphan', with specific validity extension dates.

Do personnel applying for green card renewals also receive similar validity extension forms?


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