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Raylaine- ()     08/31/2012 00:06 AM

I need to renew my green card but the problem is.. " cannot remember the consulate or embassy that grants me permanent resident.. I came here with my sister, mom and I . I think it;s San Francisco, my sister said it's San Jose and mom said it's Hawaii. If I answered it wrong I'll lose money. PLs. advise and help me find the answer.

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Inga- ()     01/13/2011 20:31 PM

to me looks that immigracion lost my file.Nobady can't find.I am looking for my papers from 2009.Advise please.I stuk.Maybe somebody could tell me what i should do next?

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Naina- ()     09/11/2007 00:01 AM

Please I need to get this information urgently I wanted to know if there is a specific ( ie minimum number of months validity)time of validity required for my Indian passport if I am travelling to US on Green card status

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naina- ()     09/10/2007 02:13 AM

I have to travel to US to renew my Green card I have a reentry permit for travel.
When I leave for US my passport will have validity for two more months
I plan to return to India by that time
I hope this is Ok .Does the passport have to be valid for any specific number of months for a green card holder?
Please reply to this, thanks in advance

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kyoko pommet- ()     09/12/2006 18:29 PM

I am 77 years old and have been trying to get legible fingerprints for my renewal. I have no numbers or contact information where I can present my problem which is this; apparently after FOUR attempts my prints cannot be taken legibly due to the thinning of my skin. Unfortunately, this has become costly and time consuming and to date I yet to have my renewal. It is impossible to get a "clearance letter" which was the proposed alternative without fingerprints. Needless to say..this process has truly failed me thus far.

K. Pommet

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