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Daniel.S     09/18/2015 23:35 PM

Hi ,
We've applied for E3 and E3d visa around 70 days ago, the E3 visa had been issued after 7 days but I'm still waiting to hear back bout the E3d visa, anytime that I've followed up from the embassy, the answer was that it's under checking by Department of homeland and security.
could anyone let me know what's the maximum waiting time for the checking?
Is there any way to follow up from US Department of homeland and security?
Also I've heard that it's possible to pay premium fee for EAD and shorten the process from 3 month to 2-3 weeks?
I appreciate any information in regards to above mentioned questions.

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smariswamy- ()     01/12/2009 14:30 PM

Hi,my question is i got approval of transfer of h1b visa for the company A, but during approval date, i came to my home country,my earlier visa got expired on oct 2008...when i requested my company to send my papers/I797 approval notice for visa stamping,unfortunately they r not willing to send the the papers...so is there any option for getting approval notice/papers??as i am eagerly waiting to return to US

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James- ()     09/08/2004 15:51 PM

I am an L2 visa holder and after Feb of 2002 the law changed and we became eligible for an EAD. I was volunteering with a 9.11 org at the time and they were keen to put me on the payroll. I submitted my app in about April (when I first found out about the change in the law). A couple of months past with nothing coming back from the INS. My boss got in touch with Sen. Chuck Schummer's office and gave them a hard time. A week later I got an e-mail from the Sen which included a copy of an IRS internal memo from Feb 02 about the new law, along with a copy of the congressional record of it's enactment.

Paperwork went back and forth, and then finally in Sept 02 I recieved my EAD in the mail.

I would highly recommend getting the politico's on your side.


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