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srinivas1993     10/18/2019 05:44 AM


My interview was on 30th Sept and Officer returned passport because it was damaged and gave 221g blue slip. I applied for new passport and dropped it VAC Chennai on 4th Oct. The Status was Admin Processing till 17th October and it changed to "Application Received". After 15 mins, it changed back to Admin Processing. I am not sure how to understand this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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akhila5063     10/18/2019 02:32 AM

Hi ,
I had an interview for my H1-b on oct 16-2019. Interviewer asked me the basic questions like , job location , salary, offer letter . At the end she said that my visa needs to undergo administrative processing otherwise you are all set to go. No slips or forms were given to me . I was checking my status online it shows as administrative processing... I am worried now . It is 2 days already.. any inputs / thoughts ??

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[email protected]     10/18/2019 01:57 AM

Interview date in New delhi- October- 9th

VO asked basic questions and interview went well. VO did not provide any slip or requested any documents. He took my passport also.

At the end of interview he said there will be additional administration processing and it might take around 7 days for it to clear. He also said it is all internal.

Interview date - Oct-9

Date Change - Oct-16 (AP)

Date Change- Oct-18 (AP)

Still waiting for further processing. Has anyone experienced anything like this. Any help appreciated.

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akuj2ee     10/17/2019 06:35 AM

Hi today I attended visa interview for h1b interview. VO asked all very basic questions and at the end he said I see all information correct in the database but we need more time to make decision and said may take 1 to 2 weeks. He gave me slip with case number marking Administrative processing . Hyderabad consulate.

My case: 2nd masters CPT. COS denied . Got I797B . Sevis terminated October 1st. Travelled to India from US on October 6th. What are the chances please let me know . Pls comment if anyone in same state.

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humusabavuma     10/16/2019 15:18 PM

I attended visa interview on 4th Sep at Mumbai Consulate. Consular officer took my passport and issued 221(g) green slip stating " requires administrative processing if any documents required we ll email you". After my interview i started tracking my visa status and passport status. Visa status shows " Administrative Processing" till date. Passport status showed " your passport is still with Embassy/Consulate" till 15 days. After that when it try to track passport status it displays " no update available for the passport number submitted" till date.

On 10th Oct i received email stating " we are ready for final processing and requested to submit my passport, copy of i-797 and 221(g) at 11 document drop off locations". I went to Hyderabad document drop off location to submit i-797 and 221(g) copies since my passport still exits with Mumbai Consulate. So, representatives advised to send copies to same email i received.

Again on 15th Oct i received email stating " we are pleased to inform your administrative processing is complete please submit passport, copy of i-797 at 11 document drop off locations". I went to Hyderabad location to find out why keep sending to submit my passport even it still exists with Mumbai Consulate. Representatives called up Mumbai consulate and confirmed my passport exists with them. Later in the evening again i received email stating" you visa is still under administrative processing this can take several weeks for processing"

I m confused whether my visa status completed admin processing or not? I don't understand why did they send email to submit my passport even it exits with them.

Has anyone has faced this similar kind of issue?

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raj5529     10/16/2019 11:22 AM

Please need your inputs
 Visa interview October 9th. Issued 221g. Hyd consulate.

October 9th H1 and H4 admin processing.
October 15th case updated with date H1..
H4 status change admin processing to issued
October 16th H4 passport READY FOR pickup.

H1.. still in admin processing.

How long to take my status update. How to get h4 stamp with out H1?


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twobillion     10/16/2019 09:16 AM


Thanks for everyone.

VO asked me a lot of questions and finally said:
“There is one more step. Your visa will be ready in 5 or 6 days.”
No slips were given to me.
It is currently in Administrative Processing status.
Does that mean my visa is approved?

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abronan     10/16/2019 01:15 AM

Hi Friends

Need some information on timelines for US dropBox

On Oct 10 I submitted my docs at Pune location

10 - Oct :- Submitted Docs
11- Oct :- Status showed Application received
14-Oct :- Application Received ( Monday )
15- Oct :- Application Received
16- Oct :- Application Received

Not sure when the new status will be updated , Im getting nervous , Please share your experiences

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waiting_221g     10/15/2019 17:05 PM

I got struck in unique situation. I have got interviewed in the mid of August in Vancouver and the officer told that my H1 is approved and told to collect my passport in 3-5 days.Next day morning around 11 am got a call from consulate and they informed me saying it will be delayed and will be in admin process and asked me to collect passport if I need that( I dint not collect back its with consulate) and its been 62 days now and havent asked me or my employer or client for any documents.

Did anyone faced similar situation and if yes please respond so that I can get an idea.

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abhi019     10/15/2019 16:47 PM

Hello all,

Could someone please share the available H1B dropbox appointments availability at Hyderabad consulate for the month of December? Also, is there any chance of Visa approvals without Client letter?

Thank you,

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