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kingy sauce     07/07/2016 13:36 PM


I am a felon in the U.S. who met my Fiance in the Philippines, who had proposed to me. I am now part of that HORRIBLE Waiting process of the K1 Fiance Process. She has a Son so it's K-2 for us as well.

Saw her last end of January 31, 2016.

January 31, 2016 - Kissed her Goodbye after spending a week with her, took plenty of photos and came back to the US
Filed 129F in Mid February I believe the 16th.
March 3, First Update that Dallas office received my file.
April 3, Next Update - File moved to California
May 3, Next Udpate - File was Transferred to Vermont (Claimed Overload of Files)
May 20, Next Update - I have take Biometrics - wait for Mailed info and appointment.
June 15, received mail stating GO TO BIOMETRICS for Fingerprinting and FBI Check
July 6 - Went to Biometrics, took about 20 minutes total.
July 7 - Checked online status, (Because I was Curious) stated "APPROVED" !!!

Will keep everyone posted - I made sure that My paperwork was correct and used an online help company for processing - well worth the $300-$500 your going to spend. Don't be in the dark. Get the Help. As you see by my Timeline - it's been almost 6 months since My Fiance has seen me in person - (SKYPE IS A GODSEND) - but she is going BONKERS over this wait.. It's a Killer. I am hoping that this all gets wrapped up in the next 2 months (END OF AUGUST TARGET) there are some other tips and tricks - but you can email me with any questions. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU. OUR LOVED ONES ARE WORTH THIS HEADACHE !!

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J.Baysa     05/02/2016 20:52 PM

Hello to all, I just sent my fiancés K-1 paperwork to the Dallas office a few days ago. I know it takes a few weeks for them to send noticafication to me that they've received the paperwork. My question is that him and I plan to wed on December 11,2016. With that being 7 months away should we change the date? I am trying to figure out what the time will be from them approving the visa here, sending it to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, him getting his interview, him getting his visa to travel here. We are praying that all this can be done by the end of November so we can buy the plane ticket a week after he gets the approval. So I would like to know the timeframe from start to finish with him getting here from Ethiopia without there being in delay on our part. I've made sure I sent everything that was requested and I have copies for him also. So we just have to do the physical examination, get the police report, and rollout his application for his interview. We've already set aside his interview fee that's $295.00. If anyone can give me a timeframe of getting the person here to America without the other process of getting the green card. I should get a notice by mid-May saying they've gotten the paperwork. I just need to know if we should change our wedding day for 2017. Please help, thank you very much.

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momoejin     03/28/2016 20:50 PM

Good Day to all, we sent the 1-129f application last march 19,2016, its been a week now but still have no notice from uscis if they received or not.. we checked the cheque of my fiance but still not in cash... any idea? why it takes long to give us notice.. waiting everyday it makes me so stress..

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framespring2013     03/21/2016 20:54 PM

I am about to file for K1 visa and I've talked to attorneys and they said I need to provide proof that I can sustain my fiance here in US once he enters US, otherwise they wont give him the visa, also they said that a cosponser is not acceptable. I wonder if you guys had experience with this? Because reading the i129 form, nowhere do they ask for proof of financial income. So Im not sure what to do next? File anyway by myself? Also otehr then the i129 form, what other forms do I need to fill out?

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LoveLove P. Mor     02/06/2016 08:52 AM

Hi,Im LoveLove I'm new here.
I had been to U.S with my daughter through a K1/K2 visa last September 2013 but I went home to Philippines because we had misunderstanding and fight about things. Last September 2014 he visit here in Philippines and meet another filipina.He filed a petitionto the girl last November 2014 through k1 visa.The filipina went to U.S last August 2015 but went home last October 2015 they didn't workout because he got many issues about the filipina.He still supporting me and my daughter financially and send me to school to pursue my studies in colleges because he don't want me and my daughter suffer. And now we are starting our new relationship together and he said he will bring back us back to U.S this year. Would it be possible for us to get a k1/k2 visa again? It will be his 3rd time of filing K1 visa.. If its possible can we still used our pictures together 2years ago as an evidence of our relationship?Thank you and God Bless..!

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NoOneShouldStopLove     12/21/2015 22:24 PM

To add my name to this list, we filed in Oct. 2015 and got NOA1 stamped on 28th. Not heard about NOA2 yet. Website shows no update. I tried to call but they got no info for me. The thing bothering me is that people my fiancee know, filed after us and they have NOA2s, and even interviews planned for January 2016. One person even filed a day after me. How these people, if the service offices do them in order of being received, are ahead of us? So this is my experience... stressful in waiting. What scares me is being denied for something because I am not perfect (no, no jail, drugs, owing $10000 to taxes [but school loans another matter]). So what is it? How a few other couples filed after me but got their NOA2s? We are on a time limit here but there seems to be nothing I can do.

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maimaitag     11/14/2015 01:49 AM

last nov5 i checked my status in uscis and it says "Case was approved" .. but the problem was my lawyer did withdrawn and closed the case and he is no longer in the araglegal company.. I just wanna ask if I can still get new approval of notice in uscis? Thanks please answer.

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luishbr     11/06/2015 17:10 PM

I just sent the I-129F application and I would like to know the experiences of some Cubans if anyone browse here. I have been told by a Cuban I contacted on this website that his Fiance arrived to the US in 7 months from the moment he sent the application to USCIS.

Is there any other Cuban to share their experiences?

Acabo de enviar la solicitud I-129F y me gustaría conocer las experiencias de algunos cubanos si alguno busca por aquí. Me ha dicho un cubano el cual contacte en este sitio web que su fiancee llegó a la USA. en 7 meses desde el momento en que se envió la solicitud a USCIS.

Hay algun otro cubano que pueda compartir sus experiencias?

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Luan     10/20/2015 20:54 PM

well I am throwing this question out there in HOPE someone has been here, done it and can give me some advice, Google isn't very helpful right now. :)
I came from the UK to the USA on the K-1 Fiancé Visa and am married now here in the USA.
I am filing now for my Adjustment Of Status, which means filling all the required forms for the I-485 and I am also filing the I-130 with it which I saw you can do.
I am wondering....How long ill it take for me to get a response or them to cash the Cheque we sent? We sent the papers off about 4 working days ago and I know they are pretty fast at taking your money! I know the papers arrived as I had them signed for and tracked them, but have heard nothing yet despite filling the form that asks for Text / Email notification when the application has been received.
Also...I can see on average the I-485 can take 4-5 months...but as I am filing the I-485 and the I-130 together will that make the process longer?
Will they not start the I-485 until the I-130 has been approved?
Will I need to wait twice as long because I filled them all at once? Or was I better doing it this way?
It is hard to find much out....any advice from people that have filled both at once would be great....
Thanks in advance.

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Nomansland     10/12/2015 21:07 PM

Hi everyone - My fiancé and I filed on March 17, 2015 for the K1 fiancé visa. Our forms are at the Texas Service Center and we haven't heard anything from them. There are no updates on their website about filing times and I am really beginning to wonder if it is just a waste of time filing and if anyone has advice on the matter. We thought we would hear soon at least on what is happening, but there has been no communication. Anything helps :-) Thanks!

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