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amarkeshari     09/24/2019 00:26 AM

My L1 A Individual denied a week ago but My company has not received my denial notice. I got denial from USCIS portal. My 240 days working is completing on Sep. 25. How many days staying in US after 240 days/denial is lawful. My company ask me to wait until they receive the denial notice. Please advise.

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Experiencepeace     09/24/2019 10:54 AM

Hi, I was interviewed for L1A individual, same questions mentioned in other experience were asked and visa was approved

However , ceac site shows "Administrative processing"

Does anyone know how many days it take for visa issuance ? Has anyone got passports back recently in how many days ?

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GK2019     09/24/2019 06:57 AM

Hi All,

This is a very useful forum with lots of inputs for folks you are preparing for interview.

Me - GM How are you?
VO - I am good how are you?

VO - Just give me the 8 pages from I-129s
Me - Gave

VO - What does your company do?
Me - Manufacturing and Life science products

VO - Can you give your Original Marriage Certificate and kids Birth Certificates?
Me - Gave

VO- How long are you working in Malaysia
Me - 14 months

VO - How many years experience with current company?
ME - 3.5 Years

VO - What are you job responsibilities
Me - Explained my role

VO- What are the titles of people who report to you?
Me - Spelled out the titles

VO - Does any manager report to you?
ME - Yes

VO - To whom do you report to?
Me - Director

VO - To whom does he report to?

VO - To whom does the CIO report to?
Me - CEO

VO - Will you be reporting to the same Manager?
Me - Yes

VO - How many people are there in your company with your Title
Me - Just me in my function, Overall we should probably be having more than 100 people with my Title since our company is large and present in 32 countries.

VO - Will the same set of people will continue to report to you even when you got to US?
Me - Yes, however we are planning to expand the team globally

VO - Is this the first time you are applying for Visa?
Me - No I have been to US on B1 and on H1B showed him my last stamping

VO - I am typing your Visa
Me - OK

VO - Visa is approved
Me - Thank you.

There is no separate appointment needed for Bio metrics in KL all done on the same day and the staff in embassy will help organize your papers.

Overall I think just be confident and explain your role well and also do not hesitate to talk about future team building when applying for Managerial visa. Having indirect reports also helps to make the case stronger, but not necessary. Hope this helps.

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munna123     09/24/2019 06:25 AM

Coming straight to the interview questions asked.

What is ur experience?

why you want to go to US?
To develop an xxx tool for the client XYZ.

How long you will be staying in US?

Which place you are going to?

Then they told visa approved and they forgot to ask the visa fee. even i forgot. Now I am searching how to pay the visa fee?

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munna123     09/24/2019 06:07 AM


Friends its a bit strange story, I forgot to pay 4,500$ visa fee. If anyone has faced or know what to do please help me.
Today i was having L1b interview at 9Am.
I went inside US consulate. arranged the 3 set of documents. Then i paid fraud prevention fee of 500$.
Then went for interview, she just asked 3 questions(I will post the questions& ans separately). Then she told your visa is approved. I was very happy and i asked is there anything else i need to do. She told thats all. I came out of office. after coming out and after 5min i realized, was she not supposed to ask me visa fee(remaining 4500$)? :S i also forgot to ask them , offcourse i was carried away with visa approved word.
Then i went back to US consulate office and off-course i tried to explain them my situation at entrance to let me go inside to pay the visa fee, i was not having passport also with me as i gave it inside for stamping. They didnt let me in and i came back home.
Friend plz let me know what i can do now, She told i will get passport in 3days.
How do i pay the amount now?
Incase if i dont get to know how to pay the amount in 2-3 days and if i get my passport with visa in 3days,what should i do and what would happen in future?

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SHB     09/23/2019 21:03 PM

Hi -

I am currently in USA on L1-A visa and due for my 2nd (last) renewal in May 2020. Both of my previous approvals have been via individual petition. Now, my company's immigration lawyers are advising to go for blanket route as there are apparently lot of denials happening across the L1 categories (Both A and B and initial and renewals). I am a bit hesitant since I've had 2 successful approvals before and also have an approved I-140 (under EB1-c category) petition. Also, my wife is working on L2 EAD and filing in premium mode for L1-A extension generally processes all L1, L2 and EAD concurrently, otherwise it's taking almost 6 months these days.
I would like to ask the experiences folks here if going for blanket vs. individual is better? Any experiences shared are appreciated.

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mali3333     09/23/2019 17:04 PM


I am from Turkey. I was working for one of the biggest companies in America and I needed to extent my L1b visa. I was interviewed in one of the embassies in Canada to extent my visa in June 2018. My case stuck in admin processing. I asked to submit my passport in April with few other documents. My company rehired me and provided the documents needed. This process took some time. In August 17 I submitted the required documents and I haven't heard back anything from the embassy. I am still waiting for my passport and it's been more than a month. Anyone has similar experience. I am wondering if my Visa is approved or not and how long can the embassy hold my passport.


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vinodkumartr9     09/23/2019 14:56 PM

Thanku all who has contributed to this forum.

interview questions asked
Which company you work for
what ur company do?
its XXX company , develope software applications to different clients.
Your roles and responsiblities?
what is ur package in US?

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vinodkumartr9     09/23/2019 11:03 AM

today i was having L1b visa interview and visa got approved. In hurry i forgot to ask or collect the visa paid receipt. I want to claim the full amount from my employer so i need the fee paid receipt. Do anyone one how to I collect it now.?

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kannan86     09/23/2019 09:23 AM

L1B Extension was filed on Jan/10/19 and my company decided to do PP on Aug/02 and received RFE on Aug/03. We filed RFE response on Sep/09 and today is 15th day, no response received yet. Anyone faced this situation?

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