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Amit- ()     02/19/2010 21:57 PM

I would be traveeling to seattle,WA on an L1.

Please guide me what things i need to keep in mind.. like immigration, things to carry..etc.. what are things to be done before i leave INDIA


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Allan R- ()     12/29/2009 20:13 PM

My girlfriend is coming to visit me for 6 months from Brazil. Her B2 Visa expires in 2013. When the port of entry officer stamps her passport, will he limit her visit? We want her to stay 6 months.

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quest_POE- ()     08/26/2009 01:43 AM

I'm planning to travel to USA this month as first timer on H1. People who have travelled on first time with H1 visa, please share your experience.

Also let me know the documents carried and also mentioned the airport you entered.

Thanks you

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B- ()     07/25/2009 14:18 PM

Whenever you walk through a door, just look back for a second to see if someone's coming behind you and you can hold the door as a courtesy. Its not mandatory but sure the person behind would be appreciative of your deed. Even you wouldnt like the door be closed right on your face.

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Neeraja- ()     03/16/2009 13:06 PM

1.In US,while making payment for any purchase/ service, it is a practice to handover your credit card/cash to Cashier's hand.

2.You can't clean your nose in public.You can use tissue papers to vipe your nose.

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Mrs.Chandu Lingaiah- ()     07/24/2008 06:44 AM


I am basically an Electronics Engineer having 23 years of exp. Now I want to start my own industry with the help of others who r staying in US. Kindly feel free if anyone is interested.

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Desi- ()     01/14/2008 15:33 PM

When you go to fast food restaurant, you are asked "For here or to go". That simply means whether you will eat the ordered food in the restaurant or you want it to get packed and take it with you.

One desi went to McDonald, and the conversation went more or less like this.
Clerk> For here or to go?
Desi> I am on H1 visa. I am initially here for 3 years.
Clerk> For here or to go?
Desi> Well, if my employer extends my H1 visa, I will be here for another 3 years. Otherwise, I will go.
Clerk> Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? For here or to go??
Desi > If my employer files for my green card, I will stay here. Otherwise, I will go.

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Desi- ()     01/14/2008 15:29 PM

I heard this funny incident on a local desi radio channel.

One person recently came to US on L1 visa went to take the driving lessons. This person was sitting on the driver seat and the instructor on the passenger seat.

At one point, there was a T junction and a stop sign. This person stopped at the stop sign and wouldn't take left or right turn. After some time, instructor asked, "How long are you going to stay?" This desi replied, "5 years, because I am on L1 visa".

Come on, he is asking how long you are going stay at that T junction. What does he care about what visa you are on?

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Man-     01/14/2008 15:26 PM

I recently visited a Taco Bell and I saw the sign "Refill allowed only during the same visit".

This is referring to the refill of the glass for soda (Pepsi, 7 up etc.)

This made me wonder. They must be getting many customers who buy one drink, drink soda and take the glass home and bring it again to refill during their next visit.

This is simply misuse of refill concept.

Please don't do such things.

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Bharat- ()     01/02/2008 17:44 PM


can some one suggest me, I hold my H1 and my employer was located in Florida, but i want to do my port of entry in San Francisco,CA. is that okie todo like this ? please suggest me

Thanks & Regards

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