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Meh-met     01/16/2020 19:37 PM

Hi guys, l sent my i751 application to Texas Serbia center, after 1 week l got extension letter but that letter came from Potomac service center?
so l am wondering why my case was moved to Potomac..

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tajtaj     01/16/2020 19:21 PM

Time frame for I - 751 as below.
- Mailed -6/5/19 , Received - 6/10/19, check cashed - 6/14/19 and received notice on 6/17/19.
- Finger print notice received 10/28/19 to be taken on 11/7/19 and 11/13/19 - status update of Finger print applied to case.
-01/13/20 - status update - card being produced
-01/14/20 - I 751 approved.
- 01/15/20 - approved notice mailed.
-01/16/20 - Card mailed.
Took about 6 months for entire process to be completed for Service center YSC - Promotac

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axkalmaty     01/16/2020 16:28 PM

My I-751 application to remove conditions was delivered today. Our location: New York. The application was mailed to the Texas office. Will keep our fingers crossed.

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heer4554     01/13/2020 19:51 PM

Hii All

I have few questions regarding my timeline.
1. got married 01/20/2017
2. I got my 2 year GC 01/31/2018 till 01/31/2020
3. I applied my i751 11/01/2019. next week i got my NOA 18 month extension
4. 12/09/2019 my Biometric done after I got massage your biometric finger print apply to your case.. after that no update..

My question is should i apply for N400? My marriage 3 years done in 01/20/202 or I have to wait for my 10year GC. I read so many experience here but its make me confused. If anyone has some knowledge than let me know
Thank you

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Jertaf     01/13/2020 02:33 AM

USCI received my i751 on July 25th 2019
I haven’t received anything yet ( today it’s 01/13/20)
Anyone with similar to close timeline from California center?

Have you received any updates?

Anyone from California center that got ROC approved recently? How long. It took you?

Best regards!!!!

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catous     01/11/2020 17:47 PM

Hi, all
I'll be filing Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence in the next month.
Thanks for all the insightful comments.

TWO questions:
1. Does everyone get a notice to update Biometrics within a few months of filing? Anyone not have to submit?
2. Better/ faster to file from New York by USPS to the USCIS in Dallas? Or by FedEx to Lewisville, TX?

Otherwise, doesn't seem to be as challenging providing evidence as the original submission and interview. Any words of advice? (We still don't have a shared bank account but have shared credit cards, insurance, lease, phone bills, etc).

Thanks and good luck to all!

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Hopefuls     01/11/2020 00:22 AM

Nebraska service center
I-751 submitted sept 1st 2019
Received Sept 3rd 2019
Extension letter received sept 15th 2019
Biometric received Jan 5th , 2020 and capturing is in 10 days time
Still waiting

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Maama     01/11/2020 02:01 AM

Hello all,
I would like to find out the best way to remove condition with a waiver if spouse isnt cooperating

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Tatelia8     01/10/2020 17:39 PM

Any Dec 2018 case that got transferred
Got approved
From Texas office

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A.B     01/10/2020 10:22 AM

Hi Guys,

i applied for i-751 on DEC 2018 didnt recieve my BIO untill OCT 2019 and no updates after that
untill i applied for n-400 on DEC 2019 2 days later my i-751 was updated to show that my cast transfereed to NBC for speedng the process on DEC 27 i recieved my BIO for n-400 and its due on Jan 14th. any idea what to expect after the transfer?

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