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Youngpabi     09/28/2019 21:40 PM

18 months extension letter received today .how long is gonna take to receive a fingerprint letter .filing from New York package sent to Texas

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Youngpabi     09/25/2019 10:55 AM

Now get a text and email from uscis that case is received with the case number.now on the waiting lish

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divyang9047     09/25/2019 09:33 AM

I filed my application i751 to Nebraska Center on 2nd Nov 2018. Received I-797 with 18 month extension on 14th Nov 2018. After that I haven't received any kind of notice from USCIS, not even fingerprints updates.

The case status still shows "On November 14, 2018, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-751....".

By reading previous posts here, I called USCIS for service request inquiry or local USCIS office appointment on 8/12/2019.

They responded me back on August 19, 2019 saying it is still in processing.

Please let me know if anyone knows anything about this situation.

Any advice/help is highly appreciated.


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Paye1123     09/25/2019 06:55 AM

I went for my I-751 and N 400 interview today, and received a case update hours later stating " Your appeal was dismissed and the original decision on your case, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXX, remains the same."

I never appealed any case. This is getting me worried. I need help understanding this . Thank you

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saps0024     09/24/2019 08:48 AM

I've already filed my i-751 and had my biometrics appointment. I also received my 18 month extension but unfortunately lost it. What are my options for getting a new extension? If I called USCIS and told them that I never received it (even though I did), would they send a new one?

Please share any experiences you've had. I greatly appreciate your help.


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rkumar26     09/22/2019 21:57 PM

Anyone here waiting for Fingerprint /Bio metric from Nebraska Center. Its been already six weeks since I file my I -751 and I have not received Fingerprint / Bio Metric letter yet. I have received 18 months extension letter though . Please let me now I am getting nervous on this. thank you

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Bpoint     09/21/2019 20:52 PM

Hi there!
My sister filed the I-751 the application form and all documents submitted were returned to her thru mail. Reason was she filed it a week early before 90 day period.

My questions are
1) Does she need to fill out a new form of I-751( fill out a new form)?
2) Can she attach or use the same documents that she sent earlier? By the way, all her documents were sealed or coded at the very bottom of each page ? And some
Were signed/ initialed at very bottom of each page.
3) Can she use the money order that she sent and was returned to her? By the way, the pay to the order was returned with an stamp as pay to the order to uscis. Can she still use it for her payment?

Thank you

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rkumar26     09/20/2019 17:24 PM

Hello All, I have received on 18 month extension letter from Nebraska three weeks ago. I submitted my I 751 last month on 8/4 but I have not received my finger print letter yet. I called USCIS they said it takes 4 weeks after receipt. It has been already more than 6 weeks. anyone in similar situation. thanks

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Youngpabi     09/16/2019 19:49 PM

I received my package back from uscis.am going to file the 1751 again .and sent it to them

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Crisp     09/15/2019 14:42 PM

Hi everyone !
I submitted my application to remove the conditions of my green card last week of May!
I received my Extension Letter for 18 months by the second week of June. . And my case is at Potomac Service center. (YSC)
It has been 3 months and I haven’t gotten a Biometric appointment.
I have read in the letter that if biometrics needed , they will send a separate letter for biometric appointment.
I’ve read that some of you get a biometric appointment for the next month after getting your 18 months extension letter.
If anyone out there with Potomac service Center (YSC)
Please Share your experiences!
Also people that didn’t have to have a biometric done , share your experiences as well .
Thank you :)

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