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Chs- ()     04/21/2004 07:40 AM

India House in Hicksville has the best Indian food possibly on Long Island...
Their weekend buffet is simply the best! It's cheaper than most buffets, has a larger variety of dishes and the service and ambience is amazingly good!
I definitely recommend this to anybody in or around the Long Island area...

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Steve Farkas- ()     03/03/2004 07:27 AM

I am from UK and found this best indian restuarant in dc va area, Viceroy Indian Cuisine they are located in Fox Mill Shopping Center and they have the best buffets in the area.

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andy- ()     02/15/2004 10:37 AM

i'm not an immigrant, but i wanted to relate a few dining experiences i've seen with co-workers who were new to the U.S.

in case you see it on a menu, the term "veal" means cow/beef. it is very young, tender beef and it'll look like white meat (like pork fillets, or chicken). it also doesn't really taste like beef. you'll usually see it on a menu as "veal parmesano" or "veal cutlets". i just wanted to clarify that this comes from a cow.

also, friends that were vegetarian (for religious reasons) ordered something called "italian wedding soup", which invariably comes with pork/beef meatballs in it.

since it has become fashionable in america to pay close attention to what you're eating -- people are always dieting -- there is no shame in asking your server/waiter if a particular dish has any meat in it, or if it's vegetarian or whatever.

i hope this helps you...

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Raj- ()     11/19/2003 10:48 AM

This is the best Indian Restaurant in the entire DC metro area with impeccable service!

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Srinivas- ()     10/05/2003 22:15 PM

Supper Club of India in Herndon Worldgate (Northern Virginia, Washington DC area) is a nice Indian restaurant. It is somewhat higher class restaurant than many others in the area. Nice decoration with royal photographs. Nice food.

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Vivek Khanna- ()     06/08/2003 09:56 AM

In most Indian restaurants, when you order vegetable dish like Matar Panner or something similar, you automatically get a bowl of rice with it. That is, rice is included in the price of vegetable dish. If you order rice also, you will 2 bowls of rice if the server(waiter in India) does not inform you about it.

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