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arvind srinivas- ()     03/17/2005 00:04 AM

HEY EVERYBODY, i am a recent victim of m and k travels terrible service. I had booked for aticket to chennai from charleston,SC for 1410$. Only in the airport had i realized that my ticket was not valid because m and k travels had never booked my ticket at all. they had just given me a confirmation mail and told me that it is valid in the airport. It has been 3 months since i got cheated and i am yet to be refunded. Manny had been saying that he will refund by feb,2005 latest but has still not given me back my money. I am a student here and i am not able to concentrate on my research since i am out of 1400$ and will be graduating in a couple of months. I WAS THINKING IF WE COULD ALL COLLECTIVEL FILE A CASE AGAINST MANNY AND PAUL. That way we can shut them out of business once and for all. Also,my friend has a relative working in the FBI. he has said that he can help us too...Pls contact me at [email protected]

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Samar Shool- ()     03/06/2005 05:30 AM

I recently had a bad experience with mandk travels..i had bought a flight ticket to Mumbai on 24th july 2004. It was a last minute flight so i had to pay them in cash. I did get my ticket alright but next day morning I had to cancel my trip and since then till today im fighting for my refund money. The amount is relatively low (576$) but Ive been thru a really bad experience in dealing with them. I was promised ill get my refund in 6-8 weeks max but they kept pushing on and after 6-8 weeks debbie (the collector bitch) started pushing repsonisbilites off her saying that she is not in charge of refunds so pls dont bother her. Paul and manny were equally cunning in lying to me about the processing of the refund. When finally on 10th feb 2005 manny said my check was ready and is in the mail which never arrived. After 2 week when i again asked them bout it they kept a check ready for me at the SF office which bounced a week later. Even after that when I insisted on cash they lied to me saying my cash is ready and will be deposited in my acc (after taking my acc details frm me) and yet deposited another check which bounced yesterday. after having yelling at them again they are telling me they put a stop payment on the second check coz of my behaviour of calling them often and that i shud beg to paul to get my refund now. Not to mention a lot of abusive words and rudeness in talking to me even though i maintained my cool. Debbie even went to an extent of abusing my family for which I will make sure i slit her throat the next time i meet her. Paul and manny kept feeding me some business ethic bullshit and that how i shud follow their company policy. I say why do they do this on the phone..theyre playing a kiddish game..i just asked them to meet me face 2 face and say the same thing clearly..they change the topic.

But im trying to keep my cool and I want my money back yes, but more than anything I want to put an end to all 3 of them. the amount of mental tension and loss of time, energy and concentration ive had from my work is endless. Someones out there whos trying to make a fool of you. Its our moral responsibility to see to it that that person is terminated by all respects orelse he'll play more fool.

do get in tuch with me
[email protected]
san francisco, ca

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VictimofMannyTheCrook- ()     08/25/2004 15:45 PM

M and K Travels is a big cheat - takes money, provides no service or even your tickets. I hope we can bring them to court.

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Benoy Sarkar- ()     08/15/2004 00:28 AM

Former Indian army man Paul Randhawa has gone crazy looting hapless NRI travelers.
The founder of M&K Travel has vowed not to issue refund to anyone any longer, according to producer of Channel 7, Christine Roher.
His wife Gurdev aka Debbie Randhawa and children Manny+Kamaljit are in full support of Paul in this scam.

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Benoy Sarkar- ()     07/17/2004 00:19 AM

If you give them cash or personal check,
you may not get a ticket or refund at all.
But, instead you will get abused for sure!

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got good deal from cablevision- ()     05/10/2004 09:04 AM

Cablevision has a very good deal on family cable, on promotion for the whole year....it is only 39.95 a month for 140 channels...
they also have a good deal on their internet service...
definitely worth checking out...

when you get cable installed, your installation charges are around 40 dollars (if you take basic cable), but if you take family cable it is 9.95 dollars, so you can opt for family cable initially and make good use of the lower installation charge and more channels and in the later month change back to basic cable...

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SufferedByAOL- ()     10/08/2003 13:30 PM

Beware of AOL. You will see their software CDs everywhere for FREE. It will say 1 month free, but if you forget to cancel it, they will start charging you monthly fee.

Even if you cancel it, they will most likely charge 1 month extra(By the time you receive your credit card bill, if their billing cycle has already started, they will charge you 1 month).

And after cancelling, make sure that you uninstall your AOL software. If you hit it accidently and connect it, they will reactivate it again and start charging you every month again.

Better to go for broadband service like cable modem or DSL.

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