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imran- ()     06/13/2011 16:11 PM

i got your link today from my friend who is in us .after read this site which is very helpfull and very supportive.this website breaks all the barriares between people and stat department .i realy appriciate the all people who did this struggle to collect all the information for us

Thank you very much ( IMMIHELP ) team.

God bless you and your business will boost up very soon.

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Ravi- ()     05/27/2011 18:00 PM

Excellent in both content and presentation

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mils- ()     05/14/2011 02:40 AM

thank you... if you need guide to apply a tourist visa. just follow step by step immihelp.com advice...

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Arun- ()     05/10/2011 20:01 PM

I used this website to plan for my parents Visitor Visa and their trip to USA. The website was very simple to navigate and the instructions/procedures were very precise. I did not have to take help from any one for planning Visa & the USA trip....which seemed so complicated before I planned. Will surely refer to my friends....

Thanks again...

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SASTRY- ()     04/07/2011 05:28 AM

Excellent information can be found from the site for any immigration doubts. A site that must be visited before visiting US.

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Sharada Vishwanath- ()     04/07/2011 02:46 AM


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Mohan V- ()     03/08/2011 10:16 AM

Your web site had been wonderful in guiding us thru each step like a private attorney.

If you can provide the link, I would like to donate to your web site for the enormous help it had provided to me in last 10 years.

Thanks a lot and keep the great work going!

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deepak kumar- ()     02/28/2011 00:57 AM

this web site is very useful for usa visa and this site is given much information about all countries visa.

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Srikanth- ()     02/25/2011 18:34 PM

This is the best site for any sort of US immigration related help. So clear and step by step that you will easily understand.

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Lucky Girl- ()     02/09/2011 03:20 AM

Thanks to IMMI help!!!
As everyone says,It Built my confidence with all of your past experiences.

1)How long are you with current employer
 18 Months
2)What is your role, I said Test engineer (as mentioned in the petition)
3)How long are you working with Client
4)what is your Client name XXX

Thats all...Golden words came "Your Visa got Approved"

Stay Cool and Confident...It will work out..
Do your best..dont expect the outcome.

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