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123wzyz     02/20/2020 08:13 AM

Pd: 7/12
I 693 notice : 2/18
Case ready to schedule interview: 2/19
Does anyone know when will I get interview date?
No update on I 765

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SharonR765     02/20/2020 06:44 AM

Hey guys!
Writing to you from Paris, France. I got a notification that my interview was scheduled but I’m waiting for my lawyer to tell me what the date is, we haven’t received the letter yet. Out of curiosity, how much time was there between the notice in the mail and the interview date for those who got theirs already? I’m a NYC filer btw. Thank you! Hang in there everyone.

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Vraj     02/20/2020 03:10 AM

P.D: 08/26 (Married to LPR)
01/08: Sent an expedite request through Congressman
01/16: Sent an expedite request by myself as I didn't see any updates from Congressman's office
01/27: Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview
02/03: Got my emergency advance parole approved for 30 days period
02/13: New card is being produced
02/14: Case was approved (i-765, i-131)
02/18: New card is being produced

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Cchu     02/19/2020 22:47 PM

Hi Guys,

My 485,765,131 were submitted together on 07/25/2019

Today 02/19/2020, finally, my 485 status changed to "Case is ready to schedule for interview"

However, I haven't got any updates about my EAD card.

What will I expect next? Anyone who was in the same situation as mine?

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lbbell     02/19/2020 19:53 PM

Hey guys.. my expedite request approved 9 days ago but still no update. When they will approve my ead do you think?

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MNfiler     02/19/2020 19:24 PM

Hi Everyone,

My interview got scheduled but I still do not have my EAD. I am still in the progress of completing my medical examination. However, I 693 is something that I need to take to my interview. My RD is 3rd July 2019. I don't know what they are still waiting for. I opened SR and they said it will take a month to get a response. Does anyone have a similar experience?

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wunmite     02/19/2020 17:38 PM

Hi guys, pls I want to ask how many days does it takes for my status on USCIS website to change to Expedite Request Received because I called the tier 2 officer this morning 8.30am to expedite my case 1-485, 1-765 for me but nothing has changed on USCIS website on my status till now, still showing Fingerprints received.


September 12 PD

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radiosilence1     02/19/2020 14:58 PM

August and September filers, any updates guys?

Based on the recent positing in seems USCIS is hammering away with July filers right now (thoughts with June and May filers still waiting on a decision).

My PD is September 13th. C09, USC, AOS from H1B. Fingerprints on October 17th, accepted on the 18th and RFIE on October 18th, received on 29th November.

I am 82 days from the RFIE and 159 days since filing my I-130,485,765. No updates on any of those other than fingerprints being applied. I think I have a good 30 to 40 days wait ahead of me still

I understand we need to be patient but I feel so, numb; went from working 60+ hours a week for 2 years to working nothing now.

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francislouis10     02/19/2020 14:18 PM

okay so i called the uscis and they just told me that my I-4845 process was put on hold including my EAD. it was put on hold because according to the agent they sent me a letter for my medicals. so with that being said. what does this mean? does this mean i should be getting an interview scheduled soon? and if so has anyone ever experienced this if they have how log after you sent in your medicals did they schedule your interview and grant you your EAD. please Let me know your experiences regarding the medical physicals . thanks

PD July 12
No ead yet
just put in request for out of processing time.

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St3phane06     02/19/2020 13:56 PM

Hi all,

After filling back in October 15th, I received an RFE last December 20th about a ''Birth Certificate"
However, USCIS received my response on December 30th.

This morning, I talked to an agent on a live chat through Emma and She said that I have to wait 60 days before reaching back. It's been 51 days up until now.

What's the deal if I don't receive anything in that time frame?

What's next?

Thanks all,

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