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GavelBR     02/13/2020 17:07 PM

Dear all,

Can anyone share an experience or clarify if it is possible to apply for the I-140 Premium Process for the EB1 (3) - Multinational Manager or Executive?

Also, any recent experience on how long did it take for the I-140 to be approved under EB1 for Multinational Manager or Executive?


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NJ2018     02/13/2020 15:36 PM

Can we have the folks who belong to Newark NJ FO post their timeline on this thread so we can keep track? Generally interested at how long it takes to schedule an interview at this office.

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cstempniak     02/13/2020 14:43 PM

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank this group for existing.
There were very tough days in which I almost lost hope.
I just want my experience to give other people hope, and cheer them up a little in those difficult days of this “green card” journey.

March 2017 - Labor Cert. Application
November 2017 - Labor Cert. approval
January 2018 - I-485 and I-140 application was sent
March 2018 - EAD cards received
May 2018 - biometrics were done
January 2019 - I-140 approved
March 2019 - Request for evidence
May 2019 - RFE was submitted and received by immigration
July 2019 - interview was scheduled
Aug 2019 - interview
Aug 2019 - RFE (medical exams renewal)
Sept 2019 - RFE received by immigration
Jan 2020 - I submitted an SR (best thing I did)
Feb 13th 2020- Card being produce notice (finally!!!!)

I really hope my experience is helpful.
My process was at the Texas Service Center office.
My local immigration office: Kendall -FL
Good luck everyone:)

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bw95     02/13/2020 13:20 PM

Hi guys,

I just got my interview done on Monday, 10th. IO was said he would approve it later in the day.
I got the update online same day "Card has been order"

and Tuesday, 11th "Case has been approved"

anyone know how long its gonna take to actually have the card produced and mailed out from this update?

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Testmm     02/13/2020 00:38 AM

Mine is employment based green card and today My status is changed to " Interview is scheduled" . I have added my spouse as dependent one.

Will there be a separate interview for my wife or combined for both of us ?

Please share if any one has already gone through the interview process and what questions to expect?

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kay015     02/12/2020 20:55 PM

Hello every one,

My I-140 was approved on Dec 20,2019
Bio metrics was taken on Sept 05, 2019

I just wanted to ask how long does it take for any update on I 485 and how long is it before I get notification for interview? , because when I look up my receipt number online for I-485 it still shows finger prints were taken on Sep 05 ,

I have already received my I-765 and I-131 in November approved

Thank you.

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GavelBR     02/12/2020 16:20 PM

Dear all,

08/25/2019 -Texas Service Center - (still pending): I-140 Submitted (Not-Premium)
01/09/2020 - National Benefits Center - I-485, I-485J, I-765, I-131 Submitted
01/15/2020 Biometrics Appointment Received
01/29/2020 Biometrics Appointment Attended

Any recent updates on how long did it take to receive the EAD/AP card after the Biometrics Appointment and the final Green Card?


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vivica     02/12/2020 13:19 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am on my second Masters program after completing my first and working on OPT. I'm currently on CPT with another employer as a Financial Analyst. However, I got a job offer from a different employer and they want to file my GC as a new employment and make sure I have it in hand before starting.

My question is this, is this going to be an issue since I am not currently working with them and would not be able to show pay stubs? Would they be wondering why I am applying h with another employer whilst on CPT with a different employer?

The new employer also wants to file an EB3 even though I meet the qualification of an EB2. They said they wouldn't be able to pay me the prevailing wage if they go with the EB2. Will this be a red flag with when they finally apply for my GC?

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lyon44     02/11/2020 20:47 PM

Hi all
I was waiting my interview to schedule ( got approved working permit and travel documents on sep 2019) EB3 case
 Today i got a letter says

"requested to submit Supplement J, Confirmation of Bona Fide Job Offer or Request For Job Portability Under INA 204(j), showing that the offer of intended permanent employment as stated in the Form I-140 immigrant petition continues to exist or that you intend to port to new offer of employement in the same or similar occupational classification as the job specified in the underlying Form I-140"

What does it mean, what should i do? is it extending my case time is it good or bad all? HELP me

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truthisgood1     02/10/2020 19:31 PM

Anyone who are waiting for their green card whose interview was conducted from July to Sept 2019 (Retrogression)?

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