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Sharat Kumar Atri- ()     05/27/2012 00:48 AM


We have relocated back to India an year back. My Son has US passport, has US citizenship, we have a valid PIO card for him. Is there anything else that needs to be done? get him registered anywhere?

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anita- ()     02/20/2012 00:03 AM

Got my PIO Card in less than a week from New York . Great job by Travisa outsourcing.

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Krishna- ()     12/23/2011 13:51 PM

I got my son's pio card today through travisa outsourcing.
The following was the time line
Date/Time Action
12/08/2011 7:22pm PST Service order form completed online
12/15/2011 1:58pm PST Reservation check-in at Information Desk.
12/15/2011 2:02pm PST Order form and supporting documents received, payment processed
12/15/2011 2:50pm PST Documents prepared to go to Embassy.
12/16/2011 8:26am PST Documents dispatched from Travisa Outsourcing Office to Consulate
12/16/2011 5:10pm PST Documents received by Consulate
12/21/2011 2:00pm PST Pending approval of the Government of India
12/23/2011 10:04am PST Outsourcing office has verified the PIO is processed correctly. Ready for pickup between 4:30pm and 6:00pm.

The service from travisa was great.
Points to note is even though they say you should always apply through post, they accept applications even if you submit personally.
Child and mother are not required to come to office to submit application as long as you have their signatures/thumb impressions in the application.
For SFO consulate only 2 photos are required with the application.

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Arvin- ()     03/21/2011 20:38 PM

I wanted PIO card for son. I went to travisa office in NY. But they said that they don't accept applications in person. I have to mail it to them. Since I was in hurry I mailed them with overnight fedex delivery. it was received by them the following day. But I think it is lying in there. After one and half weeks, i am still waiting to hear from them if they have received our application. they say that they have heavy volume and applications are backlogged. I don't know how consulate use to give this in couple of weeks. after outsourcing I think this service has added lot of inefficiencies in the process. My friends received PIO cards in just two weeks from Indian Consulate before travisa. If you are in hurry don't opt for PIO card. It is best to go with visa application.

best of luck...

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Sameer Gharpurey- ()     01/20/2011 23:38 PM

I reside in Thane(near Mumbai) and applied for my son's PIO card to New delhi office. in Oct 2010. I am yet to receive the same althought I sent the completed application by courier including the charges by Demand Draft.

Have others had this issue?
How long does it take typically?

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Brian- ()     08/20/2010 15:41 PM

I applied during July of 2010 for a PIO card at the Consulate of India in New York. I received my PIO card on August 20, 2010. The consulate called my house for some information and i sen tit to them and they promptly issued my card. The staff was very courteous and knowledgebale. As long as you follow the directions given the website it is a piece of cake.

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Anjana- ()     06/12/2010 05:00 AM

I live in Bangalore, India. I have applied PIO cards for my sons who hold US passports in the month of Nov'09. Can somebody tell me when can i expect the issue of these cards. Also whom should i contact now? Any contact numbers, Email ID'S?


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