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chandergup- ()     05/19/2011 00:30 AM

Hi.. Here's my two cents.
First of all, Matrix people are crooks. Trust me, I have tried everything to bring down my call tariffs to minimum. & Matrix is the worst experience I've got so far(I mean who charges ******* 99 cents a minute(40 rupees !!!). Guys America is a cheaper country if u shop wisely.
My advice... Go for an "India LD" card. Have blind faith in me. It's the best. Can anyone challenge their 30 paise/minute to India? Suggestions are welcome. But you'll need a sim card of a US carrier on your phone. Go for any one you like- T mobile good. Thanx.Hope u find advice useful. :) Jai hind

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Chandra- ()     06/22/2010 20:13 PM

The service is a RIP-OFF. The customer service is terrible. I signed-up for a buy one get one service and charged $ 100. Since I had other service which do not expire, thought of using it once I've depleted the other service. But when I tried to log on after 6 months my account was locked and I was told that the entire amount was cleared off. The Customer service was very incapable and said to write to the escalation team. Wrote more than 5 emails, NO RESPONSE. DO NOT USE AIRTEL CALL HOME.

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Yasmin- ()     12/17/2008 16:30 PM

For calling cards try Raza.com. You can buy them on the internet starting at $.10/- and it works out to 3.6 cents a minute.

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Seema- ()     11/24/2008 03:00 AM

Hey Guys, I had registered on the AirtelCallHome website and found some interesting offers for the November. And I easily got my a/c details.. So No Complaints from Airtel Call Home. Try this

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satish palkar- ()     10/25/2008 07:53 AM

Has anybody tried reliance calling cards? I have friends asking me to go for it since the voice quality is very good and call drops are also very low.They seem to be offering the lowest call rates to india from the U.S at around 5.9 cents/min,with an addon of 120 mins free talktime as part of their diwali package.i have made up my mind,unless you guys can suggest something better.

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kumar- ()     04/10/2008 02:40 AM

Try using calling cards from startec.com, they charge 6.9Cents per minute.
From Airtelcallindia.com you'll get 6Cents permiunte. comparitively Airtel is cheap on price.
But i dont abt the serive with Airtell.
Startec has a good service.

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SUDHA RAMAKRISHNA- ()     11/16/2007 00:20 AM

1) customer service : they never waive even 50 cents, if minutes are exceeded. even if you beg also they will say sorry sir we can not.
2) you wont get 10 % company discount, I worked in 4 companies ( 21st century, State Farm, Experian, wells fargo ) they all give 10% discount on cingular or at&T.
3)incoming text messages , they charge 25 cents, if you ask to block the service , they will tell they dont have that option. they can not waive it nor they cannot block the service. No option to turn off the service
4)camera phone: it will keep on taking pictures if it is in pocket: they cannot waive for these also nor it cannot be turned off.

bullshit service, YOU WILL REGRET

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Santosh Prasad- ()     11/10/2007 09:24 AM

I have been told by my friends that Airtel's call quality is great and that there is hardly and call drops. The rates are also transparaent and great. Infact there's a great festive offer running now. They are giving away upto 200 mins free and a free gift to India. Check out at www.airtelcallhome.com

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Sarah- ()     02/04/2007 08:50 AM

if u have desi grocery store near to you then buy a boss calling card of $2 then dial then local access no to call to india nu'll be getting almost 3 hours to call to india...thats true...i have used that card so many times

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vijay- ()     01/13/2007 00:39 AM

   This site is very usefull for all of us, I am moving from india to USA please mail me different calling cards for US and how we have to use them , can I take a calling card from india and can i use it in US to call in india,

please mail me,


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