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Beyya1     02/23/2020 15:16 PM

Anyone knows whats happening with the Texas service center. Applied Jan 2019, biometrics in Nov 2019 then nothing after that. People in other service centers who applied later have started getting theirs. God please help Texas office and us.

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bruce_wayne     02/22/2020 19:26 PM

Hey guys! Hope all you doing well!

This is my situation.

I sent my I751 application at the end of May 2019 and after one month I had my fingerprints. A few months after biometrics my status changed and it showed that my fingerprints were taken.
20/2/2020 my status changed ”your case is transferred to another SC. You will receive notice in the mail where you will find out the reason why we moved your case to another SC.
My case is in NY and service center was Vermont.
I think it's Potomac now but idk yet.

Any ideas or experienced would help.

Thanks a lot.

Best of luck

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drew_41     02/22/2020 09:56 AM

Good day! here is my journey

03/1/2019 - i-751 Filed

04/12/2019 - Biometrics completed

05/2019 - Status update "Fingerprint Review was Completed"

01/9/2020 - Case transfer From VERMONT to POTOMAC

02/19/2020 - New Card Being Produced

02/20/2020 - Case Was Approved

* Waiting for the 10 year card to be deliver on mail

Just don't lose hope!! And always pray! God Bless America!!

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Sunnyside13     02/21/2020 03:07 AM

02/26/19 -- I-751 filed
03/08/19 -- 18 month extension received
04/11/19 -- Biometrics completed
04/18/19 -- Status Update "Fingerprint Review Was Completed"
02/20/20 -- New Card Is Being Produced

Entire process took 11 months, 25 days. No RFE or interview required. I hope this is helpful.

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aeroplane     02/20/2020 23:05 PM

i want to ask . i did biometrics for i-751 over a month now with no update that says fingerprint is completed like every other people here. Online status still says CASE WAS RECEIVED, even with biometrics done over 1 month now with no update. Does this mean my case will be longer than those people that had their biometrics updated a day or 2 after they had it ? I am really worried and concerns on why biometrics would not get updated.

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harrysingh54     02/20/2020 10:54 AM

Hello Guys,
Plss advise if someone can give me hope, I filed my i751 on december2018 Received date 12/21/18 and I-797 notice date with 18 month extension 12/27/18. Whenever i am trying to check my case status online with my receipt number ******** never comes up anyting, It says (Validation error plss check you receipt number till now same situation 2/20/20 validation error. But i received my biometric in april done by May2,2019.From that day i have noting received in my mail so toady it's about to hit exact 14 month ago not a single update.

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joseSTM     02/20/2020 10:47 AM

seems like most of Vermont applicants from 2019's first half of the year have been transferred to Potomac. from what i gathered it takes Potomac 3 months to adjudicate if transferred from another SC.
keep ya head up

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Ladyrennae876     02/20/2020 09:25 AM

Boston filier
I filed my 1751 form back in May 2019
Fingerprints updated in June 2019
Field office Vermont

I received an update yesterday telling me that my case was transferred to another office for faster processing and I will receive a letter in the mail with further information. Then I received another update saying that my case was received at my local office.

What local office are they referring to? Will this delay my case?

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Sandhu saab     02/20/2020 08:47 AM

I751 timeline
I applied my case 01/10/2019
Fingers prints. 02/27/2019
Case transfer. 01/15/2020
Interview scheduled 02/19/2020
Wish me luck
Submit everything together lease,bank account,insurance card
Health insurance internet bill,electricity bill

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vish525     02/19/2020 19:02 PM

I checked online status saying they transferred my case to another office. It does not say to another service center. Does it mean that they transferred my case to local USCIS office?
Looking forward to a reply

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