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ms sarwari     07/17/2019 00:30 AM

Hello everyone, hope you guys doing well, I filled my petition to remove conditional on residence with my wife on September 28, 2018 I did my biometric on June 13 and my case status changed to fingerprints review was completed almost one month ago but still their is no charge in my status and no news from USCIS. Anyone knows or have experience what will happen after this and when I will hear back from USCIS please let me know.
2- another thing if I apply for naturalization citizenship or should I hire an attorney?
I know all naturalization citizenship filling forms and I almost filled the forms too but not submitted yet,
Thank you everyone

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mix91     07/11/2019 00:12 AM


I’m planning to travel to Mexico for a few weeks during Christmas. I have my 10 year green card and a driver license. I lost my passport (I’m from Venezuela) so I don’t have anything else. Will that be enough? Can I travel by air or only by land? Thank you!

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camelbak     07/04/2019 00:00 AM

Hello ,

I’m confused as I was approved and got my green card 4 months ago but today got a message saying my I485 is ready to be scheduled for interview. Any body got issue like this I can’t call as it is holiday tomorrow . And I can’t stop thinking about it. Please let me know about it .


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Skier     07/03/2019 18:35 PM

Does anyone have experience with applying to remove conditions (I-751) and being divorced from their spouse?
Or still legally married and separated or simply their spouse wouldn’t sign the form.
Please share.
How long does the process generally take?
Thank you.

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Olaoluwa Olukanni     06/28/2019 20:22 PM

I have a friend who was denied green card. I want to know if they can still approve her work authorization

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Moicasey     06/27/2019 10:15 AM

Hello guys, i just got my w yeara green card a week ago. Please i want to know if i need to change my social security card (the one i have before i got my GC has for employment only)?
And also, do i need to change my drivers liscence, as the one i have right now has limited-term on it...
Thanks yall

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babypoohbear876     06/26/2019 15:40 PM

Boston, MA filer

My conditional GC expired May 12, 2019. I sent in my for I-751 package on May 10th and received my 18th month extension on 1 week after. I was unable check my case status with my receipt number and was told it will take about 30 days for me to do so my a USCIS rep. I received my bio-metrics letter in the last week of my May to have my bio-metrics done. I did my bio-metrics on June 19th and when i went to check my case status it said fingerprint was completed. One June 25th my case was updated to say fingerprint review was completed and my case is now being reviewed and will be contacted if they need more info.

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rjdac     06/26/2019 09:30 AM

My temporary GC expire nov 2017, and I STILL don't have the permanent one. Did biometrics in 2017. December of 2018 I got a notice saying they transferred my case to the National Benefits Center, and that was it, nothing else happened. Yesterday I had my citizenship interview and I passed, but couldn't be approved because of my I 751 situation. The officer didn't seem to have any idea of my case history , and he clearly didn't know anything about my permanent green card. He said not to worry that they would find out why I didn't receive the GC yet, and they will contact me after. God knows how long this will take. I called Immigration this morning and the woman was so rude and didn't give me any information, just that I have to wait. So frustrating

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Dlopez     06/18/2019 16:20 PM

Hello all,

My husbands GC expires in October 2019 will be sending the I 751 in The beginning of July I would like to know what documents you all included to support the package.
I have the statements of Two bank accounts that are joint will also be sending the letter establishing responsibility to both of us for a car we recently bought also have the birth certificates for our daughters as well as statements of our mortgage and taxes for previous two years is there anything else you guys can recommend will be filing in AZ if anyone can share their timelines in AZ. I would really appreciate it.

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Manhattannyc     06/16/2019 15:26 PM

Hi all,

I filed for my I-751 with supporting documents on April 10 and after two weeks, I received a receipt with 18 months extension. It’s been two month since, but haven’t received a letter for biometrics yet. I’m not able to login with the receipt number on the USCIS homepage either. I live in NYC. Can anyone share their experience with timeline or have comments? I’d appreciate it.

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