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MI24     04/08/2020 11:04 AM

Hi everyone, I’m going to send my I-751 package soon to remove conditions on my conditional green card but I have a big concern. My husband and I filed our taxes jointly both last year and this year but his employer has never updated his old address on his W2 form.My address is our current address on both last years and this years w2 form but my husbands address is his old address on both W2 forms of last year and this year. Now, even though we filed as married filing jointly, I am beyond freaked out that the different addresses on our W2 forms are gonna create a red flag for USCIS. My husband also started a new job a few months ago and he has a 1099 from that job with our current address on it which we also submitted while filing our taxes this year. my husbands driver license is with our current address and we have other documents that show we live together at the same address ( like utility bills and home renters insurance)
My question is,
Are we really in trouble because his w2 is still with the old address even though he has a 1099 with our current address on it?
And what can I do to fix this situation with less damage? I don’t want to deal with a RFE or another interview. Our marriage is real but his employer has never updated his address and I know that it looks bad from immigration point of view. Any experience with this kinda situation is appreciated! Thank you

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harrysingh54     04/08/2020 07:46 AM

Hello guys,

I have filed my 751 in december 2018 and 4/7/2020 i checked on case status it says RFE mail and year ago i am not leaving with my wife both of out of state, And i don't have any single joint proof anymore please advise what's gonna happen?

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Positive30     04/08/2020 00:07 AM

Is it a requirement to send a copy of passport when submitting docs with i751??
If not can i just bring it to the interview??
Please answer as soon as possible
 Thank you !!!

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Fabiola0630     04/07/2020 21:48 PM

I applied for the removal of condition in California, I would like to know if any of you guys get approved with out an interview?

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Hopefuls     04/07/2020 19:02 PM

Nebraska seem to be shut down. Nothing is coming from them

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Far13     04/07/2020 14:53 PM

Here is my timeline for i751: Vermont service center

03/22/19 : filled for i751
03/27/19 : received the 18 months extension
09/04/19 : went to biometric
09/06/19 : fingerprint added to my case
04/07/20 : case approved
04/07/20 : card being produced

I hope my timeline will help. Be strong and patient, it’s coming sooner than you think

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coolkev     04/07/2020 09:53 AM

Applied for removal on 02/21/2019
finger print done on 11/8/2019
I75 approved on 04/3/2020
received approval notice in the mailbox today
waiting for my GC to be mailed.

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heer4554     04/07/2020 02:40 AM

Hello everyone hope all doing good and safe..

Is Anyone got GC in this closer situation i mean its not a physical interview but they can work form the offices if anyone form Vermont center please post or shears there experience and comments or not from center than also can post experiences its very helpful for everyone

Thank you

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bindu gowda     04/05/2020 14:14 PM

Hii folks, Application package sent in December 2018, got biometric appointment in February 2019 and the case was updated saying that your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. So far I haven’t received any further direction. Any guess how much time they will take to process my application and issue green card? I also read in the forum saying that green card is approved without interview. Thank you!!

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Catgirl23     04/05/2020 11:39 AM

Just wanted to see others experience with Texas Service Center so far, they received my package April 2019, and send letter right away with extension, I did biometrics in November 2019, and they updated right away that finger print relating to case have been applied, since then I haven’t heard anything. It’s going on to 12 months now since they receive my package, I pray I get some good news soon!! Tired of waiting. Plz share your experience anyone, I really appreciate this website!!

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