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Tina Tan     08/01/2018 20:29 PM

July-25 2 AM: Submit application
July-27 8 PM: Request passport.
July-28 11 AM: Ship out passport via USPS.
July-30 2 PM: USPS tracking showed delivered to VAC.
Aug-1 10AM: Still no email shows received my passport. so I called VAC for tracking id. Show VAC receive my application.
            4PM: passport transit to visa office.
still waiting for approval now

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hongloy     07/12/2018 15:39 PM

Thanks for the folks previously posted in here. Here is mine:

06.25.2018 – GIC application
06.28.2018 – Passport Notification
06.29.2018 – Delivered Passport to VAC
07.02.2018 – VAC – Status – Application Received
07.04.2018 – Holiday – 4th July
07.06.2018 – VAC – Status – Passport in Transit to the Visa Office
07.09.2018 – VAC – Status – Passport Received by the Visa Office – Under Consideration
07.10.2018 – VAC – Status – Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the VAC
07.11.2018 – VAC – Status – Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the Applicant from the VAC
07.12.2018 – Passport Received.

 13 Business Day in Total, USPS Priority Express Mail is used.

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DFW0114     05/28/2018 20:03 PM

I have a question with regards to my application.
What name should i use on my visa application? My name on my passport or my name on my EAD (work permit and advance parole) I’m currently residing in US and i have pending greencard application. I changed my name on after got married and i have all my US id and documents in my new last name but not my passport?

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ceez     05/14/2018 13:06 PM

I am on H1B in US. Needed Canada visa to visit my friend.
Created account with GCKey.
Got a notarized invitation letter from my friend in Canada.
Uploaded a letter[purpose of travel detailing my itinerary during my stay]

Apr 13 - GIC - Application Submitted online
April 21 - GIC - Received Original Passport Request notification
Apr 27 - Mailed Two packages
- Just the money order[$32.27] to lock box - [USPS prority] - -Boston
- Passport, Photocoy of money order, Copy of the Passport request letter, Return USPS Priorty envelope, 2 copies of VAC Consent form - - NYC

Apr 30 - Received Passport at VAC - [From USPS tracking]
May 4 - VAC - Received Tracking number from VAC by email
May 4 - VAC - status - Application received
May 4 - VAC - status - Passport in Transit to the Visa Office
May 7 - VAC - status - Passport Received by the Visa Office - Under Consideration
May 9 - VAC - status - Your current application status is Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the VAC
May 10 - VAC - status - Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the Applicant from the VAC
May 10 - Passport shipped from NYC - [From USPS tracking]
May 12 - Received Passport with visa stamped till the passport expiration date

Initial processing time at GIC - 6 Business days
Processing time at VAC - 10 Business days

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Mytwocents     12/13/2017 13:50 PM

I am on H1 in USA. I needed Canada visitor visa.
Applied online for me and my wife on cic website. Created account with GCKey.
Make sure all the forms/documents are uploaded.
Some are not relevant e.g. Stay at relatives house and address. I wrote a letter mentioned that particular document is not applicable for me.
1st Nov submitted online.
27th Nov - Got an email that status is updated. Checked website and they wanted one
                  additional document.
                  Uplaoded it on the website.
30th Nov - Got an email that visa is approved and I need to mail our passports to VAC
1st Dec - Took money order for VAC - Took a photocopy.
                Mailed Original money order to Boston. ( Yes its a different address)
                Mailed below docs to VAC NewYork
                            1) photocopy of money order,
                             2) Original Passport
                             3) VAC Consent form - 2 copies
                             4) Letter of Visa approval
                             5) One return envelope
4th Dec - Received tracking number from VAC in email
5th Dec - VAC sent application to Canada Consulate
8th Dec - Canada Consulate stamped visa and sent passport back to VAC.
11th Dec - VAC mailed me the passport
13th Dec - Received visa till my passport expiration date.

Total Cost : $100.00 CAD Visa application fees per person
VAC fees: $32.27 USD money order per person

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ayanchandra     09/15/2017 00:13 AM

I am from India currently on L1B Visa. I want to visit Canada and applied for Visitor Visa Online, I have submitted my application on 08/31/2017. Till date there is no response yet. Does anybody have similar experience in the recent past. Need to know how long it takes to get a Visitor Visa from Canada?

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visheshpaul     09/01/2017 20:27 PM

Hi there,

I live in Illinois and am an Indian citizen, currently on visa in US. I just applied for visitor visa to canada, and am just summarizing my experience.

Submitted my application online through cic website. paid the application fee of 100 CAD. Had to create an account with GCKEY to fill out the application. Online application consists of the application form, fee, supporting documents and a photo. there is an option of sending these documents by mail also, but I filled it online. Submitted it August 14. got a status update on the site on Aug 20- confirmation of submission. Got the request for passport on Aug 22nd.
Passport has to be submitted through VAC. No other option. If you send it directly to consulate, they may send it back and you would be wasting time. Canadian consulate works with VAC. Pick either NYC or LA- whichever is closer to you. Processing times are essentially same at both places if your docs are complete.
1 envelope goes to Lockbox in Dallas or Boston. It contains the payment for VAC. As I had paid the visa application fee online, I paid $31.40 for passport delivery fee.
2nd packet goes to VAC in NY or LA. it has passport, copy of payment, VAC consent form (2 copies), page with contact information, and return USPS envelope.

you will get an email when your application is received- and from there on you can track your application online.

My application worked this way:

Aug 22- original passport request
Aug 23- sent 2 envelopes through overnight service (depends on how much time you have)- 1 to VAC,
              and second to Lockbox.
Aug 24- received email and tracking info. Status- Passport in transit to visa office
Aug 25- status- under consideration.
Agu 26,27-weekend- got a status update on cic site that visa was approved
Aug 28- status- Process completed. in transit to VAC. later that day it changed to in transit to the applicant.
Aug 29- received passport with visa stamp.

When choosing the return option- you can but your own overnight USPS envelope and send it in the packet that goes to VAC. Or you can make a payment of $ 19.70 extra (in addition to the $31.40)- and VAC will fedex overnight service. Just put on the contact information sheet- that you are paying extra for the fedex return service.

Hope this helps

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sunilpaul033     11/20/2016 09:05 AM

I have three year of experience at designation software engg. etc

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kf09     06/22/2016 13:45 PM

June 06 2016 - Online application submitted
June 07 2016 - Confirmation of Online Application Transmission
June 07 2016 - Submission Confirmation
June 11 2016 - Original Passport Request(On a Saturday)
June 11 2016 - Original Passport Sent( ENVELOPE1 - Send Passport, VAC Consent form, money order copy, contact form , return envelopeto VAC)(ENVELOPE2 - Send money order to the lockbox specified) Note: According to their website Return Envelope can be usps or ups(not fedex), but ENVELOPE1 can be any of usps, ups, fedex (usps express is cheap and best, though I used Fedex)
June 13 2016, 09:30 am - Fedex shows original passport has been delivered.
Did not recieve Confirmation e-mail and called VAC on June 15 to get the tracking number
June 15 2016, 10:00 am - VAC Status "Passport Received by the Visa Office - Under Consideration"
June 17 2016, 10:00 am - CIC status changed to Closed/Approved.
June 17 2016, 10:00 am - VAC status changed to "Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the VAC"
June 20 2016, 10:30 am - VAC status changed to "Application Processing Completed - In Transit to the Applicant from the VAC"
June 20 2016, 10:00 pm - Tracking number shows "Arrived at USPS Facility"
June 22 2016, 06:45 am - USPS shows the parcel is in my closest USPS facility.(there were no updates in tracking before this)
June 22 2016, 10:00 am - Passport received. 10 year multiple entry visa stamped.

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[email protected]     05/12/2013 04:54 AM

I am a Finance Post Graduate in finance has working experience in Wipro , HSBC and in working with a Big 4 company .

Looking to migrate to Canada but scared of all the fraud consultancies so want to know how can i , If some one can help me regarding this and i am ready to pay him as well .

But i want the PR VISA .....

I am not from a very well to do family so each penny counts a lot to me.

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