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brandybin- ()     09/06/2008 20:41 PM

i'm in the states on a studyvisa...i wanna marry my boyfriend. after our marriage i have to wait a while until i get my green card. can i still stay legally in the states? even though me studyvisa is expired????

please!! i need help!!!!
thanks a lot!!

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kidist lemma- ()     08/22/2008 15:19 PM

i came to usa in these week.i'm married 2 mounth ago in ethiopia.i love him so much,he does too.he is in ethiopia and civil enggenier student in colleg.i'm university student now.we wanna be together in 1 here.i only have green card.what are the posible ways to bring him to me.or to stay him with me for 3 years,with any kind of visa.plz write to me in detail.

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Russian_dude- ()     05/03/2008 13:25 PM

Well, me and my wife have known each other for almost year and a half. We met at work and started dating, then we decided to get married. We did so and I filled out all paperwork myself. I'm 22 and she is 18. The papers went through and soon I received my work-authorization. Not long time before we got married we got a car-loan and bought second car for us. When going to the interview we had joint bank account together, credit cards, car-loan, lease, bills, photos (not so many cuz we work a lot and we simply have no time to go take pics), photos with her sisters, not mother cuz she doesn't get alone with her mother well. At the interview the officer seemed like she wasn't really interested in looking through our stuff, she just looked at lease and car-loan and pics, then she asked my wife to leave the room. She asked me first, then she asked her. She was very friendly with us first, but then when she was asking us question the questions sometimes were so general and I honestly didn't remember what happened back then in details. I made some mistakes when answering the question cuz I was very nervous, but if the officer gave me the second chance, I would explain why I said so. But when she started asking my wife she was nice with her first, then she started pressuring her, saying than they knew it was fraud, and my wife was commiting several crimes for which she'd go to jail and I'd never get a green-card. The officer also said that nobody cares about illegals in this country, and I'll be one of them, when my wife will be sitting in jail. I was illegaly in the country for about 2 years, I think. She became very rude with my wife at the end and finally she said: I give you the last chance to confess that it's a fraud, and nothing'll happen to you. My wife said: if this is the last thing you wanna ask me, then I have nothing to tell you. Then the officer said: Then leave, quickly! That's how our interview went. We don't know what to do next. I was told that we could file a complaint.

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Maganda- ()     02/20/2008 16:41 PM

June 2006, Filed I-129F for my foreign Fiance.
December 2006, Approval notice sent to me.
Jan 2007, Approval notice sent to my fiance with list of required paperwork for interview.
April 2007, Fiance's invterview;visa received
August 2007, married
Sept 2007, I-485 & I-765 filed
Oct 2007, Biometrics appt
December 2007, Work Permit received, SS card ordered and received within 2 weeks.
January 2008, husband working
Feb 2008, green card received.

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Nagesh- ()     01/09/2008 16:27 PM

I am a Green Card Holder and wanted to bring my new born kid (INDIAN CITIZEN) to US. Can anyone know the necessary documents, I need to show at the Port of Entry? Do I need to apply for any kind of Visa? Or only Passport is necessary?


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Peter No- ()     11/10/2007 21:05 PM

My quetion is, I did apply for my mother, but she has a 15 years old son is it possible she comes with him? Please I need some one can help me about that.

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Zia- ()     09/10/2007 21:41 PM

  My wife will become a U.S. citizen in the coming weeks, she does not work. I am currently employed and on H1B. How do i file I-864(affidavit of support) since she does not work.
Please advise


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Kathryn Tagle- ()     12/17/2006 00:54 AM

I was applied by my employer for an EB3 visa last October but I have completed my fingerprinting only this December. How can I check if I am included in the Schedule "A' category for Nurses and Pt's.

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Areef- ()     09/01/2006 15:47 PM


i am a US citizen and I applied for my father to immigrate here. my mother passed away and I have a brother who is 17 years old. My question is...Do I have to apply for him seperately? Or he will be able to come to US with my father as he is under 21 yrs.
If anybody please, can help me with this answer ,I will highly appriciate that.


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Lisa Balan- ()     08/08/2006 17:21 PM

I self-prepared the petition for a green card for my husband. It took 11 months from the time we remitted the family-based petition for a green card for my husband (from India, already here on a legit work visa when we met - I am a U.S. Citizen) til actually receiving approval (a stamp in his passport). Actual card arrived a couple of months later. We had been married less than 2 years at the time of our interview/approval so we are now applying to have the temporary condition removed. Got notification that the immigration center in TX received our application but to expect up to a year in processing time.

In the interim we got an official letter indicating that his green card approval has been extended and that he can travel, continue to work, etc. We are told that the TX center can automatically approve the removal of the temporary condition without a physical interview if they feel the information provided with the application verifies the existence of a relationship. We gave them lots and lots of corroborating info. Life insurance policies, credit card statements, car regsitrations, joint debts, apt. leases, bank accounts, mortgage applications, letters from family and friends, photos. Hopefully we won't have to go through an interview (have to travel to Miami if we do) but not worried if we do.

The first interview, done 11 months after our initial family based petition REALLY had me nervous, but for no good reason. We sat in a waiting room filled with people. Had about 30 minute wait there. We had the same type of suppport info with us then and barely needed any of it.

The interviewing officer made no attempt to be friendly and was quite 'short' with her questions and answers. She wasn't mean or anything but didn't smile either. She did ask my husband questions, like how we met, and some questions right off of the petition application. Got hung up on his mother's last name - in India like in other countries, last names are confusing. The application had one of her names backwards and when the officer asked, my husband answered incorrectly - she drilled him on it. Finally was satisfied that he was talking about the same person. She asked me for some of my papers which I knew I had with me but in my nervous state couldn't find. Nearly cried but eventually I found them and the officer reviewed and handed back to me. She glanced at all the support docs that had accompanied petition a few times, asked my husband if he was working (he was) and where. Asked if we had kids (no).

A few more questions - all told may be a half an hour in the interview. She then left the room for a few minutes, came back and informed us that he had been approved on temporary condition (as we had only been married for 1 year.) She stamped his passport and gave us instructions on how to remove the temporary condition. My husband asked if he could travel (yes) and then we were dismissed. Everyone in the waiting room seemed stressed and some people did come back from the interview areas not looking as pleased as us but our experience was not nearly as horrible as I had imagined. Just be prepared and know what is on your application inside and out! We'll let you know how long the process takes to get through the removal of temporary condition.

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