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maraiah- ()     03/19/2006 11:49 AM

I received my 45days on july 2005 till I today I did not recived my LC . If any one has the same problem .

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Morris- ()     03/17/2006 18:48 PM

My LC application was sent to DOL in October 2002 through company lawyer from New York. The wait has been endless and frustrating from then. Nothing was heard until the lawyer informed my manager that the 45-day letter was received (and then replied) in November 2005. It's nearly 1/2 year now, and nothing is heard ever again. Does anyone has similar experience--3+ year wait for LC? Thanks.

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Ravishankar Pradhan- ()     02/22/2006 19:41 PM

Hi One of the reputed Company filed my H1B on 23rd June. After 3 months i.e. 2nd Sept I received an RFE (additional request for evidence). My new company took 1 month to reply the RFE. they replied on 19th Oct 2005. The USCIS website is updated stating that they have received a reply on 19th Oct 2005.

Today it's almost 4 months are over but the status is same. I am not getting any reply. Why is it taking so much time to reply on RFE when the initial processing is already competed at USCIS ?

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Cyre- ()     12/08/2005 17:03 PM

 Most of us here waiting for our Labor Certificate that takes forever. I filed my LC March 2003 until now I haven't heard anything yet. My lawyer says there's a backlog going on in the DOL and whole processing has been delayed. My main concern here is...currently I don't have 245(i), I came to this country legally and have current I-485 denied. When this LC approved, do I need to apply 245(i) before applying I-140 or 245(i) doesn't necessary because I have I-485 already?
  Case #2: I came to this country as fiance k2 dependent and my mom got married within the 90 days. I came here when I was 20 years old and turning 21 6 mos after. Everything was filed before I was 21 years old. To make this story short I was denied because I'm already out of status. In Aug. 6, 2002, "CHILD STATUS PROTECTION ACT" has been approved and basically it will prevent child who are "aging out". I'm married now, but during the New Law was approved I was single back then. What would be my chances for this new law??? Can I re-open this case and gauranteed to get my green card? Am I considered for deportation when they found out my status? This is where Im afraid of writing them about this case. I been talking to different immigration lawyer and their response is unsure and yet still paid them large amount of money (sucker). I don't know who am I going to to talk to or where I'm going to get help. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Sasmita- ()     12/06/2005 21:42 PM

I have filled labor petition in Sept 2003. But till now I have not heard anything.

Should I convert this to Perm or not. I am afraid if I loose the priority date if I convert.

Please suggest me.


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p- ()     06/05/2005 16:38 PM

my application has been placed for my labor certi since oct 2003 from virginia state but till date havent heard anything, i wonder why?/ usually its said that in my state the waiting time is 18 months, still havent heard anything, anybody facing same thing>>??

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Jani- ()     03/14/2005 01:12 AM

Just wanted to know what is the criteria for EB2 labor certification. Is it just experience/education or are there are any designation restrictions too? If anyone has more information pls to e-mail me at [email protected].
Thanks, Jani

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Neeraj- ()     01/13/2005 10:57 AM

My company says it is very difficult to get my labor approved because I joined the company fresh after doing my Masters in Ind. engineering.
Did any of you face the same problem?
They also said that PERM is very difficult to get approved as it asks for for ads through more media than the regular process.

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mt- ()     01/07/2005 11:49 AM

i got my state labor approved in feb 2004 from MD but fedral processing is july 2003 for PA from last 6 months, dates are not changing on line i wonder what they are doing or just the website is not being upated. any one has similer sitution with PA DOL.

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Kent Binning- ()     10/05/2004 19:40 PM

I started my process of transition from H1B to permanent residency by filing with DOL in August of 2001 for a Labor Certification. It is now October of 2004 and as of yet of heard nothing. My company and I have spent over $25,000 in legal fees on this process to date and yet nothing. I am from Canada, run a very successful business in Seattle, pay a tremendous amount in tax, and yet can't get this process completed so that my family, kids in particular can work. I have 4 children, ages 15-20, what am I teaching them of this great country when they feel handcuffed by a process that is beyond ridiculous. Frustrated, you bet!

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