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John- ()     06/09/2012 16:37 PM

I applied for a tourist visa with a August 1 entry date. Now it looks. LikeI might have to leave on a flight that arrives India July 30. Will I be denied entry? If so, do I have to reapply for a visa with an earlier date?

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azfer usmani- ()     05/04/2012 17:17 PM

my wife is a pakistani national. she was granted indian visa in Jan2012 after application in june 2011. therewas no accompanying form in courier. refused entry at Delhi by IB sent back within 5 hrs with a 3 year old daughter who is Indian. nobody seems to know at IHC which form would have been given. Does anybody have any idea.

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SP- ()     03/10/2011 14:18 PM

I applied for my brother's family in Aug, 2000. I am done with all the paper works and they are waiting for there Visa, But my nephew is going to be 21 in June and I don't think they are getting there visa call until then. Can any one has any idea what step I need to take.

Thank you,

Sura Patel

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