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Priya111     08/14/2019 00:38 AM

Our status has changed from we have to start reviewing your eligibility to we are reviewing your eligibility . 3 weeks time over yesterday. Any idea how long it will take.
Indian citizens based in US.

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nav54321     08/13/2019 18:52 PM

Status: F1 VISA -- USA

Apply Date: Online June 25th 2019 (GCKEY)
Biometrics not needed since I had previously given

June 26th 2019 Biometrics Confirmation

July 27th: Request Letter (Request for last 10 years work experience) CV/RESUME

August 13th 2019: Correspondence and Passport Request Letter.

Sent the Passport through UPS Overnight.

Anyone knows what is the current passport processing timeline?

Thank you again!

Hope this experience helps others with their timeline.

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Reeya     08/13/2019 14:34 PM

Hi all ,
My timeline is :
Applied online application [sds] : 18 july
Biometrics done : 20 july.
 Hvn’t gt Passport request letter yet ? M quite worried now((. My clsses will strt frm 3rd sep .,,,, anyone in d same boat ?(

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Priya111     08/12/2019 15:12 PM

We gave biometrics on July 22nd. Its showing completed on July 23rd.
No update after that.
Applied in USA

Please share your experience

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AiswariyaC     08/12/2019 14:21 PM

Hello can someone pls let me know where to look for the tab/link to upload all the documents online while applying for a visitor visa. I am having a hard time with this website! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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wahoo     08/11/2019 14:18 PM

Hi all, I've received my passport with the visitor stamp and wanted to share my timeline & experience. I applied from the U.S. and I'm currently an H1B visa holder.

Application submitted online: 7/20/2019
Materials submitted: imm5257e form, old passport bio page and any page with a visa and/or stamps, new passport bio page and any page with a visa and/or stamps; 3 months of past bank statements and 3 most recent paychecks; digital photo; purpose of travel cover letter (stating my trip itinerary); imm5645eform; invitation letter from my Canadian friend; bio page of my Canadian friend's passport

Biometrics collection letter: 7/21/2019
At the time, the earliest online appointment I could book was August 2. Given that I was applying to attend a friend's wedding in Canada in the middle of August, I decided to attempt a walk-in. I got to a VAC near me on 7/22 right when the center opened and there were about 40 people in front of me in line. I explained at the reception that I was on a tight timeline and showed supporting documents. The guy turned me away but I decided to stay to see how long it would take the line to die down. It was raining outside and I was partly soaked so I think eventually the guy felt bad for me and let me stay. I saw him then turn away a family of three and 2 others for trying to do the same thing. Please don't do a walk-in if you can wait for things to process; go early or during lunch. The process takes about 10 minutes

Biometrics Enrollment date updated: 7/23/2019
Correspondence letter confirming biometrics enrollment: 7/29/2019
Passport request letter: 7/29/2019 (received email late night around 7PM ET)

UPS next-day delivery: 7/30/2019 send before 5PM; UPS tracking showed delivery on 7/31 at 10AM
I sent in the below:
1. 2 copies of the consent form (http://vfsglobal.ca/canada/USA/pdf/Consent-Form-TTS-English-L.pdf): clarifications here: pages1 and 2 should be used obligatorily. Page 3 only sign if the Passport Owner needs to give permission to another person to make the delivery or collection of their passport. Page 4, You will not need to sign it, if you have already provided biometrics.
2. Money order of $19.90 made out to VFS Services (USA) Inc. - got one from USPS - need to pay with cash or debit card
3. Original Passport
4. I also included my plane tickets here and wrote that I would appreciate faster processing given I was flying in 1.5 weeks
5. Contact info (name, passport #, birth date, phone, email, address)
6. Prepaid return label: my local UPS guy helped me sort out the envelopes and suggested shipping my passport back to my office given my apartment has no doorman. It ended up being cheaper given the commercial address for my office!

Email update: 8/5/2019 "Visa application, tracking ID No. xxx has been dispatched to the IRCC Office, on 2019-08-05 11:38:44 PM GMT Standard Time for processing."

Email update: 8/6/2019 "Visa application, tracking ID No.xxx is under process at the IRCC Office."

Email update: 8/6/2019 "Visa application, tracking ID No. xxx– Your processed decision envelope has been dispatched from the IRCC Office, on 2019-08-06 05:26:53 PM GMT Standard Time to the Canada Visa Application Centre in USA, New York."

Email update: 8/7/2019 "The decision envelope for your application, tracking ID No. <refno> has been received from the IRCC Office on <scandate> at the Canada Visa Application Centre, and is ready for collection."

Email update: 8/7/2019 "Visa application, tracking ID No. xxx – Your processed decision envelope has been collected from the Canada Visa Application Centre in Canada Visa Application Centre, New York, on 2019-08-07 03:56:54 PM GMT Standard Time."

Passport received with Canada visa: 8/8/2019

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eng.gaurav     08/10/2019 16:51 PM

Hello People,

have anyone tried walk-in for Biometrics in Arkansas?

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aru.pl     08/10/2019 04:19 AM

I have a question on money order/cashier's check

Is it in favor of "VFS Services (USA) Inc." or "TT Services"

Can you please let me know the correct In favor details for money order

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aru.pl     08/10/2019 00:06 AM

Hi All,

I have received letter for Passport Submission.

While going through the VFS website for passport submission procedure, it details that I need to sign a consent form. This form has three parts
- A normal VFS handling passport consent
- A consent is case a representative is submitting the passport
- A consent for whether you agree or disagree to give bio metrics.

Do I need to fill the bio metric consent form? ( I have already done my bio metrics and received Validity notification letter) If Yes which one i need to choose Agree or Disagree

Can someone clarify me with this.

Thank you

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Priya111     08/09/2019 18:54 PM


We applied for ICT and spouse open work permit.
Application date: july 16
Biometric given: july 22
Biometric completed date :july 23

Status showing
No medical required, no additional document, no interview

We will send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility.
We are processing your background check.
We are Indian citizens based in USA (NY)

Problem is we need everything to be sorted out by 25th this month. Else we ll have to travel to India.
Anyone else in this situation, same timeline and wait.

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