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eNVe     10/09/2019 15:17 PM

Hi All,
Sharing my experience with everyone
Reached Vancouver on 10/8 and stayed in downtown.
Went to consulate at 9AM for 9:45AM, was made to wait outside for 30 mins, as we were early.
First docs checking, had mistake with one of the fields in DS-160, which they corrected.
Next finger printing and was directed to 20th flr.
Was waiting for 15 mins in the line.
VO asked to pay the fee and come back.
Usual questions and he cancelled the existing visa and said visa is approved and will get doc and passport in 5 - 7 business days.
Now waiting game starts.
I have my return flight on Tuesday 6AM... Monday being thanksgiving, i need my passports by Friday.
Otherwise need to book new tickets :(.

Can you guys recommend few places to visit?
I am thinking
1) hop on hop off tour to see stanley park and others
2) aquarium trip
3) grouse mountain

dont have a car.

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chaitaliphadke     10/07/2019 00:39 AM

I had my B1 consular interview on 26th September 2019 in Toronto. I was told by the VO that my visa was approved, and I will receive my passport back. It's been 7 business days since the interview, but I haven't heard back on my passport. The status shows that it's currently under "administrative processing". I emailed the consulate, but received a very brief response stating that my application is being processed. Anyone had a similar experience? Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Ankita19     10/05/2019 18:29 PM

Hi all,

I am a Canadian permanent resident(Indian citizen) and am trying to get appointment for H-1B in Canada. However the latestDate I am seeing is Vancouver -in January 2020 (I am looking for Vancouver or Toronto- toronto is straight unavailable !! )

Am I doing something wrong in selecting any option ?
How can I ensure I am selecting all the right options for getting earlier dates. If anyone sees earlier dates. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Simplynikhil     10/05/2019 15:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

My turn for sharing visa stamping experience.

Here are my updates for the Stamping experience in Vancouver, CA.
Date/Time: 09/30/2019 - 09:15

Reached Embassy at 09:00AM, was in a hotel nearby so 10 mins walk.
There were around 50 applicants ahead of me, so took around 20 mins to get in.

Pit-Stop 1: Document Verification DS-160 - took around 10 mins wait + 2 mins processing
Pit-Stop 2: Fingerprinting was quick

Finally for interview on 20th Floor, wait time for around 20 mins, and couple of minutes with VO
Basic Questions asked:
1) Who is your Employer
2) Who is your Client (i am on EVC)
3) What Tech do you work on
4) Where is your office located
5) Are you paid competitively
6) Visa is approved and Rights pamphlet given.

Total time from Queuing in to getting out is approx 90 mins.

Got email for "Issued" on 10/02/2019 and passport collection on 10/03/2019.
Took flight back home on 10/04/2019, with Immigration done on Vancouver Airport itself.

All of my Waiting Days, i stayed in North Vancouver (Hotels are not that expensive) and Downtown is commutable by Public Transport. Lots of places to explore around by local bus in North Vancouver.

Rented the Car on 3rd to pickup passport , trip to Whistler, and then Dinner Buffet at "Tandoori Flame". Returned the car at Airport on 4th.

All the best for aspiring candidates.


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sandeep217     10/04/2019 15:27 PM

Hi Everyone,

Am going for H1b Visa Stamping (F1to H1b)in Toronto for the first time.. please share any bad experience/ unexpected twists in Toronto consulate ?


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cool.virgo     10/03/2019 18:16 PM


Glad to share my experience here about my H1B visa extension stamping at Ottawa.

Date - Oct 1st 2019
Time - 7.45AM

This is my 5th stamping. Had 221g earlier at Ottawa when it was my first extension stamping.

I stayed in Marriott Downtown and drove my car from US to Ottawa a day prior to the interview.
Reached before time but parking on street does not start until 08.30AM and I was not sure if my interview
will be done by then. So I moved my car and parked to be safe just a block away at ByWard Market Garage,
70 Clarence Street. They have $2 special between 6AM-11AM and it is covered parking.

Reached the gate around 7.35AM but took more than 30 minutes to let me in. First I was told my name is not
in the list then I showed my Appointment email, the guard went in and confirmed before letting me in.

Before Security check, the kind lady wanted to check Passport, I-797, DS-160 and 1 photo.
She told after Security go to Window 1,2 or 3.
Then at security checks - my car keys has remote so had to leave it with them. Pen is also not allowed.

At Window 3 - another kind lady arranged my passport, I-797, DS-160 confirmation, photo looked good so she
returned in a pink/red transparent file and sent me to next window for tenprinting (4 left and right and then 2 thumbs).
She also gave me the 'Know your rights' blue book.

Next followed the line for interview. From what I noticed, everyone was getting approved or atleast was told they are approved.

Questions asked -
Were you on H1B earlier in US?
Same employer?
What does the employer do?
Is your I140 approved?

I was trying to share some more documents but interviewer did not want to look at them.

Pointing at the 'Know your rights' blue book interviewer asked - have you read this book?
- I said yes.

Now came the unexpected question - what is written in it?
OMG, I had skimmed through this book at the link below a week ago but was blank and could remember only 1 point about max. hours and pay.
I did not anticipate I have to read the book while standing in line before interview :).

Suggest to read the book at the link before going to interview -

***Your visa is approved.***

Was out by 9AM

Same day on Tue, Oct 1, 12:24 PM - Tracking generated as per email from Embassy.

Canada Post tracking details -

Oct. 1
5:35 pm Item processed Ottawa, ON
3:08 pm Shipment picked up by Canada Post Ottawa, ON


Oct. 2

1:44 am Item processed Ottawa, ON
6:42 am Item processed Ottawa, ON
6:42 am Item in transit to Post Office Ottawa, ON
12:32 pm Item available for pickup at Post Office Ottawa, ON Ottawa Postal Station B
1:05 pm Delivered Ottawa, ON

Parking near to the Canada Post station at 58 Sparks st is paid and not adjacent so you can give some other post station as I think within
 city anywhere it may take same time. I chose this station for delivery as I thought it is within 1 mile to the embassy so would get passport
 sooner but that was a wrong assumption. Passport gets picked then sent to processing facility before dispatching to post stations.

My previous extension stamping interview at Ottawa was also on Tuesday and passport was supposed to be delivered on Friday but it was a Canada
day Holiday, had to wait until Monday to receive passport. But this time Visa processed in less than 4 hours (much appreciated) but Canada post
 took 24 hrs to deliver. I guess those who want it sooner can pay extra and get expedited shipping.

While returning to US, at the border post paid $6 to get I-94 stapled in the passport.

Wish all Good luck!

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ajpharne     10/02/2019 17:36 PM

We are looking to go to Toronto in Dec 2019 H1B stamping. Any recent experiences that anyone can share? Will be very valuable info to have. Thank you in advance.

-General procedure for appointment- will it take 2 days of visit to the consulate? one for doc verification and the other for interview?
- How many days to get passport back, assuming visa is approved?
- Any other tips or suggestions?

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maven101287     10/02/2019 16:24 PM

Hi All,

I would like to share my experience with Ottawa Embassy.
Felt it's a good place with friendly cashier and other staff including interviewers.
Had my interview at 7.45AM on 2nd Oct.

After all security checks we were asked to go counter 1 (Cashier). She was a very friendly person talking very casually asking questions to everyone while she arranges all your petitions documents and DS160 in one case. You can ask her to make minor correction to your DS160 which I did in my case.

After cashier counter, we were asked to move to counter 4 for fingerprinting.

3rd, we were asked to stand in queue for our interview which would happen at counter 6 and 7(both looked friendly only, they were talking very casually with smile on their faces, may be to make people comfortable). We went to counter 7 where I was asked very basic questions regarding my job duties and highest qualification. I personally feel as they have all our information through DS160 and may be some other system to verify everything regarding us and our company they know beforehand how much they want to grill the person to make final judgement. My wife was asked if she was working and what's her occupation.
Fortunately, We were verbally Approved by VO.

At 2PM same day, we received email from US embassy Ottawa that our Visas are issued and received the tracking number.

Minutes after, we received email from Canada PO that they have received our package from embassy. Tracking shows our passports will be delivered by end of day 3rd Oct. Ottawa seems to be working very quick :) may be because we had interviews very early in the morning.

Best wished to others who are going to appear for their interviewers.

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Forcefibre     10/01/2019 15:00 PM

I need everyone’s suggestion please. I went to USA on b2 visa and successfully changed my status to f1. After getting my f1 change of Status approved I decided to get my first f1 stamping from Montreal Canada on 13 September. Now at the time of interview I didn’t presented my I-797 as I thought if visa officer will ask me then I’ll give it him, but I told him verbally that I am here for change of status stamping. After a short interview he said that I am approved and I’ll get my passport in few days
1) what’s your status in Canada ?
2) who is sponsoring you ?
3) how u got to know about this collage and I told him that I personally visited the campus bla bla bla and then he asked that u went to collage while being on b2 I said yes
3) where is your family ?
. On 15th September i I got an email from consulate asking me to submit ds-5535 which includes 15 years travel history, social media etc. 2 days later they sent my passport back with 221g yellow slip stating that my application is under administrative process and I’ll get an email from consulate once process is completed, since then I have got 5 updates on my case but status is still showing administrative process.
Date changed on 18th September
24 September
25 September
26 September
30 September
My classes are starting next week and I have written them number of emails but I always get standard response. Now my questions are that
1)will my application be affected if I haven’t presented them with my approved i-797 but I mentioned them verbally and even in ds5535 I mentioned it. Visa officer never asked me for it.
2) can I still enter USA on my b2 visa in case my this application get delayed or rejected. Even tho I changed my status to f1 and got approved for it.

I need you all to please take out a moment and suggest me that what should I do.

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shubhamkools     09/30/2019 22:44 PM

Hi All,

First, thanks to anyone who has posted their experience to help out this community. Here is the first of my contributions. Hope it helps you.

I have an Individual L1A visa, that expired last year in September (2018). I filed for renewal and I got it approved - with I797A in my hand. Now that I am planning to go to India - I wanted to get the stamping of the extension completed, so that I do not waste any time while in India (that's turning out to be debatable now :-( ). But anyways, I got Canada Visitor Visa following a very smooth process - applying online in July end and completing the full process in August.

I got help from my Company immigration team to review my DS-160 and throughout the filing process. I filled DS-160 and tried finding visa appointment. As per recommendation from my company, I took the earliest available date for February 2020 in mid-September. I was supposed to check earlier interview dates available in every 2 hours. After about 1 week - around 21st Sept - I got the date for 12.30 PM, 27th Sept. 2019 in Vancouver and I took it.

I booked urgent flight from San Francisco to Vancouver with me and my spouse on 26th evening from Air Canada. The departure flight was from United - which was from domestic terminal. Boarding an international flight from domestic terminal is a mess as you have to spend time at airline counters with the airline staff acting as immigration officers. With long baggage check-in lines for counter (even though I had no check in baggage) and confusions with the right staff - it took a long time, and I was almost going to miss my flight.

I booked a motel in north Vancouver, and reaching the consulate took a $20 cab ride. did not bring any mobile with us (me and my wife). There was a small line, went to 2nd floor for security, document check and biometric. Then to 20th floor for interview. This was easy with questions like company name, my role, then asking my wife if she works and her employer. That's it. It was maybe because I had an approved I797. They kept my passport and I797. Gave a light green sheet with instructions to check status, with a 3-5 day time for getting passport back.

Took a ferry back to North Vancouver, and had a nice lunch at a food court in the ferry terminal market - amazing place. Robust, decent priced food. Slept through till evening. Picked up a rental car in evening and extended my stay for Saturday at same place as we could not find better deals elsewhere. Was in two minds on where to stay and what to do till Tuesday (my return flight). The great motel staff suggested not to stay in Vancouver as it will definitely be costly and same. Told me to pick either Victoria or Whistler. Chose Whistler as the ferry to Victoria was over $100 per person. Found amazing deals for Whistler - $150 for two nights in a 4 start resort - as this place has less tourist from Sunday night. And its a ski place - so amazing sight seeing and cheap food / bars. (415 full breakfast for two, and a full Indian dinner for $30). I would suggest for all the folks planning to stay back to get their visa back on weekdays to get great deals for Whistler. its a full vacation.

But I have not heard back yet from the visa office or got any mail. The website (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx - it opens fine on Internet Explorer)) still shows "Administrative Processing". Do anyone here have idea about when we can get email for passport pick up, if the interview was on Friday? Should I extend my stay and flight for Tuesday evening (today is Monday evening already). Is there something to be worried about?

Please do let me know... Not sure how much time will I have to wait...

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