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silentmechanism     08/31/2019 03:36 AM

Hi, I'm posting mostly to ask about similar experiences to mine that you all might have had, and options you might have considered.

I've been a doctoral student in Computer Science since Fall 2014. Within CS, my research area is Formal Verification (not on the Technology Alert List as far as I know) and during my studies I've done three summer internships (CPT) at Intel, Apple, and Oracle, all related to my field. I returned to India in Dec 2018 for some family stuff and to renew my F1 visa which was expiring in May 2019. I was eligible for the interview waiver (i.e. drop box), but then I got three 221(g) letters. The first was through the post on 09 Jan, asking me to appear for an interview at the Mumbai Consulate. During the interview, on 11 Jan, they asked me about my progress towards my degree, my research area, and a car accident which had occurred in 2015. At the end of the interview (Mumbai) on 11 Jan, they gave me a second letter asking me to submit some documents related to the car accident. I submitted these documents along with my passport at the drop box on 25 Jan, and received the third letter through the post along with my passport in the middle of Feb. Since then, I've been writing to the Consulate often, asking if there are any documents I can provide to speed up the process, and passing on letters of recommendation from professors and staff at UT. Each time, I get the same kind of formulaic response, and when I send any documents they tell me that no documents are required. By the way, the same formulaic response was sent by Consulate staff to a US Senator from the state where I study after I requested the Senator's office to query on my behalf. To be clear, I haven't been approved, and I haven't been denied, I'm just in administrative processing.

I'm trying hard to keep my university's Computer Science department happy by taking care of TA duties remotely and writing research papers of which one has been accepted at a conference. Still, 8 months is an incredibly long time and I'm concerned the department may terminate my student status given that this is my third semester (Spring, Summer, Fall) being away from campus. Have you all ever faced such a long wait and got the visa at the end? How have you managed if your visa is denied after several years in the program? Is there any way to contact anyone in charge of this dysfunctional process? So far I have received zero replies to 3-4 registered post letters I have sent to the Consul General in Mumbai and to the US Ambassador to India in New Delhi.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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ankurrastogi09     08/28/2019 00:42 AM

Hello everyone!

My wife attended visa interview at Vancouver, Canada on 27 August 2019 for status change from F2 to F1. The US consulate didn't ask her much questions and handed her 221g information. He pasted a yellow slip on her passport and kept it with him. He told her that it should not take more than 5 days.
Now she doesn't have her passport and we cannot even fly back to US.
Anyone has faced the same issue? How long does it take?
Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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dnclem     08/27/2019 03:20 AM

Interview on 25th June, 2019:

VO asks for my I-20 & passport.
I pass him my I-20, passport & SEVIS payment confirmation. He inputs my details on his computer.

VO: Is your brother on an H1B visa?
M: He's a green card holder.

VO: What does he do?
M: He's an IT consultant.

VO: How did he get his green-card?
M: He was sponsored on an H1B by the first company he worked for.

VO: Which university did he study from?
M: Told him the name.

VO: Is this program related to your Bachelor's Degree?
M: Yes.

VO: How many universities did you apply to?
M: 7. 6 in the US & 1 in Canada.
VO: "Wow!".

VO looks at my I-20 and smirks.
"That's a lot of money..".

VO: Who's sponsoring you?
M: My family, primarily my father.

VO: What does he do?
M: Told him.

VO: Have you taken the GRE?
M: Yes.

VO: Do you have an advisor?
M: Yes.

He proceeded to hand me a yellow-slip, and requested for my CV, my advisor's CV, and research plans. I sent those the same day. 100% a TAL issue because my program is an ME in Robotics.

No update since. It's been 63 days. Had to defer for a semester.

To those who underwent TAL AP: how long did it take to clear? What are the chances my visa is issued before January?

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Gurk     08/26/2019 22:38 PM

Slot 9.15

Vo: greetings! Pass your passport.
Vo: how many universities have u applied, why.
Me: 2. Ottawa university and lindenwood. Bcz they were providing practical based mba program
 Something like this. And kansas and missouri are near to each other. As my frienda are near to that area.
Vo: why long gap.
Me: (8years) because my mother was suffering from cancer. I was nursing her. She expired this april 2019. So wanted to restart my career.
Vo: other members
Me: ( my parents are separated. Only meet each other for kids and finances).. my father was working as gazzeted. Retired in 2017. Siblings both working. So they were not able to take care of my mother.
Vo: what siblings did not care of ur mother.
Me: they both are engineers working with tcs and infotech. Went to usa for ms both. Now working in india. They both were busy studying and working.

Typed few lines.


Please help me.
What should i do.
My i20 is valid . Oct and jan session.

My persnl life.
I dnt have gmat and gre score. Done my eng(hons) from du and ma literature.
Working as ielts trainer since 2014. Financial docs. My mother's father is showing my fund. I m 89 born. 30 years. My parents are separated. My mother was govt principal. My mother gave money to my maternal uncle n grandfather to support me. My father and siblings are not supporting. I was with my mother. My siblings are busy in their life. I am divorcee. Got married in 2014 and got divorced in 2014. I left my studies and have a gap to care for my mother.
When she was little okay. I joined job in my city only. 12k per month. Had joined 2 ngos to help the people. And was dedicated to my mother. Now she is expired. I have to make my career. What i will do by doing mba at this age from india. No good uni expct cat to take me. I seriously just wanted to study and find job in india. Because i know how hard life is there. I have no proffsnl exprience. I gt i20 for mba from ottawa univerity. Knsas campus. Mba cpt.

Please help. What should i do. I just want a nice job after international studies.

Gurpreet kaur.

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Student in waiting     08/25/2019 11:13 AM

Hello all.

Here are my case details:

Interview date: 15 July 2019
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Waited 2hrs for my turn. VO first asked why I was applying with a UK passport from pakistan to which I replied that I had my family here. Asked about my parent's citizenship.

Then asked about my major (non-TAL xyz engineering masters leading to PhD) and uni. Told him. Asked about my research. Well I have no experience yet and was to decide at the uni my exact plans. He said he needed more info about my course of study.

Handed a green slip. Says I'd receive an email my evening asking for some info from me. Kept my passport

No email for several days.

23 July: asks for my CV. Sent same day.

30 July: asks for my offer letter and adviser CV. Sent same day.

Missed my prebooked flights on 9 August. Embassy doesn't care. Missed my orientation.

Today, been 6 weeks since interview and 4 weeks since docs submission. Classes start tomorrow. CEAC has no update since 15 July (interview date) and passport tracking says 'no info available'.

So worrying. What should I do

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sriblr     08/23/2019 07:46 AM

I was nervous. However it went well !

Bio metric : June 10
Consular Interview : Aug 6
 Interview slot : 7:30

The VO was denying all applicants VISA . I was the 4'th to go to that counter

VO: Greeted
ME: Greeted back
VO : Asked for the passport and i20
ME: Passed it through the counter opening
VO: How long are you been married ?
ME : 5 Years and know each other for more than 12 years
VO : Do you have any kids ?
ME : No
VO : What is your spouse doing ?
ME : She is on OPT with XYZ company
VO : What is she doing ?
ME : Software developer in one of their product
VO : What is her salary ? (Here , i didn't hear the 'her' )
ME : Told my salary per month
VO : Looked at me , and asked per month ?
ME : yes, (here, i got something fishy ) . I asked her back are you asking my salary or Spouse's
VO : Your Spouse .
ME : oh okay!. i thought mine . Its so and so dollars per month
VO : So you work here ? With whom? . Have you resigned ?
ME : No i haven't . This is my vacation plan . I work with XYZ company

I saw her typing vacation plan (lip movement) in the system,

VO: What will your wife do after OPT?
ME : She might come back to India.
VO: Suspiciously "She Might" ?
ME : Yeah ! . We will look for transfer to Bangalore . as i have a job here and we own a house in bangalore
VO: oh so you own a house in Bangalore ! nice.

Typed in the system for few seconds .
VO : Here's your I20 , you can take it back , Your visa is approved!

This is my experience . No documents other than i20 and passport has been asked.

If you fill your DS160 , and your answer's matches with what's mentioned in there ,good chance of getting visa approved .

Good luck to all!

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sid594     08/20/2019 04:22 AM

As there are not many F2 Visa experiences shared on platforms, I had a difficult time trying to gauge what exactly can be asked and what should I be ready for. Hence I decided to share my experience.
I hope it helps people like me, who are searching for a recent F2 Visa experience.

Consulate - Mumbai
Interview Date - 16th August 2019

The Interview -

Me : Good Morning
VO : Pass me your passport and both the i20's
Me : Given
VO : Which school did your husband study from?
Me : He completed his MS from XYZ
VO : Can you pass me your marriage certificate
Me : Given
VO : You don't have the original one?
Me : This is the original one, you can check the rear side, it's signed and stamped by the registrar
VO : What is he currently doing?
Me : He is currently working as a XYZ in the company ABC
VO : When did you get married?
Me : Said
VO : Can you pass me your wedding Album
Me : Given
VO : Is it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
Me : It's a Love marriage, we've been dating for 8 years out of which 3 have been long distance.
VO : when did u guys meet?
Me : we were together in the same school, and started dating during college
VO : Which school was this? And where is it located?
Me : The school was XYZ, located in Mumbai.
The VO then Flipped through the album till the end.
VO : Congratulations your visa bas been approved, and handed me a white slip.
Me : Thankyou so much!

I recieved my passport and visa within 3 days.

A Few points to remember while going for the interview :

1. BE CONFIDENT from the moment you enter the counsulate. This can be a very daunting process and you will feel nervous, but just keep calm.

2. Do not fumble while giving your answers, rehearse and practise all possible questions. My husband took mock interviews for me, and this helped me alot.

3. Do not be affected by rejections happening. While you're waiting for your turn, you will be able to hear and see other's interviews. Don't get scared or affected by it, and just focus on what you are going to say.

4. Greet the officer and keep a smile on your face. You should look happy that you're finally going to be with your spouse. Looking scared or nervous might just raise suspicions.

5. Keep all your documents arranged properly and make sure you know what is kept where. If asked for wedding Album, open the album then pass it on.

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williams123     08/19/2019 01:18 AM

Vo:- serious face
Me:- good afternoon sir
Vo:- (no reply) pass me your I20 and your passport
Me:- okay
Vo:- which college have you applied to?
Me::- I applied to a community college sir Orange Coast College
Vo:- how many universities did you apply?
Me :- only 1
Vo:- why?
Me:-( I don't really know what I said) all stupid things
Vo: why college why not a university?
Me:- because it's affordable and there's a lot of diversity of international student( wtf is wrong with me I could have explained better)
Vo:- sorry mam I'm not approving your Visa this time
Me:- okay

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abc777     08/18/2019 00:41 AM

Did not find too many posts on this and not many people go through this process so wanted to share my experience.

My F1 visa expired in May 2019, my OPT is until June 2020 so traveled to renew my visa.

Consulate: Hyderabad, India

Interview Date: Aug 6, 2019

Walked and greeted him, he greeted back. Took my i20 and passport.

Interviewer: Tell me about your college you're going to man.
Me: Uhhh, I graduated 2 years ago, I am on my OPT.
Interviewer: Oh! ok, tell me where do you work at.
Me: Told
Interviewer: Can you spell it for me?
Me: Spelled it out.
Interviewer: Have you ever violated F1 Visa in the past?
Me: No Sir! Absolutely not.
Interviewer: Ok, we need additional time processing your case, don't worry it should be fine.

Handed me a white slip, didn't ask for any additional documentation.
My case was on administrative processing for about 10 days. Got the email to pick up my passport after the processing was done.

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thenewbie     08/15/2019 01:13 AM

Hello everyone,
 I have a question, I finished the interview and i just received a letter for RFE for Supplement J form (only item needed) but it has to be in person. Is this a common practice to hand in RFEs in person? if so does that mean I would require another interview or I just need to hand it in person and that's it?
Thank you all in advance! This page as helped me a lot.

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