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Sup- ()     04/01/2005 16:21 PM

They are horrible travel agents. They don't know what are they doing. I had to literally suffer woking with them.

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immihelp     02/18/2005 22:43 PM

Transit visa is required for Germany

For all Indian citizens, unless you have greencard with 10 year validity, transit visa is required for Germany, if you are coming to US in Lufthansa (or any other airline like Delta that has stop in Frankfurt.)

More information is available at http://www.immihelp.com/visas/nonustransit.html

Grace period for this requirment is till Feb 24. After that, it is must. In other words, all visitors to US from India must get it if traveling through Germany, even if not getting out of airport.

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Saraschandra- ()     02/18/2005 22:14 PM

Surprise to know about the requirement of Transit visa. My parents are travelling on 23rd from India. Now i am planning to cancel the tickets.

I called Lufthansa inda and they said that they are not sure of Visa and it required from 24th. They are allowing to cancel and change date at free of cost.

Lufhtansa here they are directing to German consulate

German consulate here they said that visa is required

German consulate in india not confirming any thing and they are directing to Lufthansa.

Agents in india doesn't have any idea on this

Big dilema.......

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Rajesh G Goudar- ()     02/14/2005 22:40 PM

Their is big change in the Transit Visa policy in German Airport.Who ever travelling through FRANKFURT air port,from India or US,they need a Transit Visa.This policy has been implemented from the past 10 day's.Many of them are not aware of the change and even air lines are not bother to inform the passengers who ever travelling through Frankfurt which has resulted deport to many passengers for the past few day's.

 There is a big change in transit visa
policy. Every passenger transiting Germany NEED transit visa except pax with GREEN
CARD WITH the validity of 10 years will not need transit visa.
 From their website
List of countries whose citizens do need a airport transit visa http://www.germany.info/Vertretung/usa/en/04__Legal/02__Directory__Services/01__Visa/__Transit__Country__List__Visa.html

Exception 1 to the list above:
If you hold a residence permit for a member country of the European Union or if you
hold a permanent residence permit allowing unrestricted return for Andorra, Japan,
Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland or the United States of America (only green cards
with 10 years´ validity will qualify) you do not need an airport transit visa.

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Anand CP- ()     09/30/2004 03:10 AM

I refer to the earlier posts about TSA's racial profiling of indians alone by putting yellow marks on tickets, etc.,
As a person who has travelled to US twice in past 2 years, i can vouch that this is NOT the case.
If your tickets, passport and visa are proper AND if you travelled abroad earlier before, TSA employees or the immigration/security checkers do not blackmark or do anything. They treated me the same way they treated their citizens or other people.
Of course we have to give our fingerprint and photo taken at airport, but that is all and if you are polite and YOU smile, they really smile back and like you.
It depends on how you interact with them. If you are shifty eyed and avoid americans, and behave like withdrawing from contacts, not knowing english, etc., they will get suspicious and put a mark on you. They have every reason to be paranoid. If our country were hit by a disaster like 9/11 i imagine our folks to behave more worse.

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KU Flier- ()     08/31/2004 08:35 AM

Kuwait Airways offers a very good and cheap flight from NYC to India...
My parents flew back to India on this and they had a 5 hour halt at Kuwait...the airline gave out dinner and refreshment vouchers and there was a really sumptous buffet to choose from...
the dinner aside; the new Kuwait air terminal is very posh and its easy to kill time there waiting for your flight.
Would definitely recommend this airline to people flying home or back..

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Harshi Shah- ()     08/04/2004 13:27 PM

Singapore airline has started the service direct service from Ahmedabad to Singapore. It's the best thing for people going to Gujarat and the Service is the best.

My mom arrived in airline from Ahmedabad-Singapore-San Francisco......

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Neeraj- ()     07/25/2004 00:01 AM


Does any one know the travel agency which would give me the cheapest arifare from NY to MUMBAI in the month of Dec. I am doing my Masters and dont want to spend too much money for my India trip!!

i know aeroflot is the cheapest but i am not sure about their service...



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Andy- ()     07/16/2004 13:12 PM

As a consultant I do a lot of traveling across the US and there is one more thing that I have noticed. I cannot say for sure that its racial profiling. But sometimes TSA(Security) will put a yellow mark on the ticket foil. I noticed that only desis or at least people who were brown skinned like me, had that yellow mark. Upon seeing the yellow(flourescent) marking on the ticket, the security guys do thorough search or give one more 'keep an eye' look. This could be part of racial profiling. I saw them do this at some locations. I dont think this is repeated often but this is one of the subtle ways of racial profiling people like Indians bcoz we may have middle eastern looks.

I also noticed that earlier the computer would randomly generate your name for checking at airports.

Again, the above are only my views and I dont intend to spread any misgivings about anything.

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siddchan- ()     04/27/2004 08:57 AM

There is a non stop flight from kuwait city to JFK and Emirates is also starting one, from Dubai to JFK soon!
They are both available as non-stop and with a fuel stopover in London..

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