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Deepa Veeraraghavan- ()     11/29/2008 03:19 AM

I ordered for Emergency Light with Fan in Rediff.shopping website and paid the money Rs.1029/- through net banking on 3rd November 2008. But till date I did not received the consignment. On 20th November I received the mail from Rediff mentioning "Due to out of stock we are reversed your order, you will get your money in your account".Till date i did not received the money. If anybody could help me in refund of my money is better.

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Hemachandra R G- ()     11/26/2008 03:41 AM

I ordered 2 GB iPOD last 4 days back on rediff.com online. when I got the package, I did not receive CD installation disk & instruction manual in that. I tried contacting the vendor number specified in the order mail, but, to my surprise, it says phone is switched off. The answer is coming from the morning. Moral of the story is : DONT BUY OR SHOP ANY STUFFS on REDIFF.COM online shopping. They dont take care of their customer in a proper sense. infact we are the customer & in turn we become the seller to the customer (rediff.com)

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Nizam- ()     11/20/2008 05:55 AM

This is kind attention to all of you that at rediff online shopping I ordered a drill machine from Ojjas Enterprises, Mumbai, India. It was showing BUY 1 GET 1 offer but I received only one machine.
Tried to contact Ojjas Enterprises at their phone but no body is picking up. Send a mail but not recieved any response.
So I think rediff online shopping is not taking care of their customer.
I have a very nice experience of online shopping with other vendors but this has scrued me up.

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vijay kumar- ()     11/12/2008 04:14 AM

i have purchased two goods from rediff shopping but they sent me wrong product. I have mailed them but no reply from there. So dear moral of the stroy buy product from rediff and see how rediff fuck you.

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anon-me- ()     11/03/2008 11:32 AM

I ordered white shirt for Deepavali from Rediff shopping. When i opened the package, i realised that something was wrong. Then On closer look, i noticed two initials S.K under the color. I realized that what i got was a used white shirt which was put on Laundry and sent to me! If you think its a spam, I can share photos of it

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Mrs Hyder- ()     10/03/2008 06:46 AM

I had ordered for a Nova NM73 7 Speed hand Mixer and Blender (Rs 3049 including shipping). What i got was a Rs600-Rs700 plain hand mixer which I could have bought anywhere. I am still awaiting thier response and also the response of Rediff. It is true that rediff also doesn't do anything to help. I should have browsed well before buying but well no sense crying over spilt milk....NEVER SHOP AT REDIFF.

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Kishor Soni- ()     09/27/2008 04:20 AM

Never purchase from Rediff shopping.

I experienced very bad.

They sand different item and very late dispatch.

Neither rediff customer care nor seller reply any question by email after receiving payment.

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shirish- ()     09/24/2008 05:08 AM

But I received a shirt of diff manufacturer.
I forward my complaint thru mail but I wont get any responce.Its already 15 days passed.So conclusion is that,NEVER DO SHOPPING ON REDIFF.

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Raj- ()     08/29/2008 06:16 AM

dont ever shop on sifymall. if your order is not shipped, and you have paid by credit card, kiss your money goodbye.
thier business model seems to be to frustrate the customer to the point where he gives up and you pocket the money as 100% profit.
in my case, i purchased a perfume costing rs 1988/- and paid by credit card. this was not shipped. nobody is available to take calls on the customer care numbers, emails are not replied to, chat session sare closed inthe middle when theyr relaise your are complaining, and so on.

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vivek- ()     08/25/2008 05:44 AM

i ve recieved a 1gb mp3 player form rediff which worked very well few days but now its a piece of crap not at all working hardly i've used it 1 month, it seems rediff thugging customers and taking no responsibility i think we should take the help of media to expose such misbehaviour and foul play
please reply if nyone is interested in taking action

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