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angel- ()     10/16/2012 04:07 AM

Good day!

3 years ago( I was 19 yrs.old) my mom's petition was successfully approved our visa together with my sister after 12yrs. of waiting..but then i refused it. Now that I'm 22 , i wanted to follow them in Wa.D.C.. i just don't know if it still possible...maybe yeah...but it'll take long period of time i guess...i really regret that..:(

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Wadih Sakhri- ()     09/09/2012 15:53 PM

Dear Madam, Sir,

I won a lottery DV2009 and I got my immigration visa valid from August 2009 till Feb. 2010. Unfortunately for personnel reason I could travel until now. Now I am read to travel and move to USA for good. We are in Sep. 2012. Can I reapply for a visa again?

Thank you,

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dhanya sobha- ()     03/19/2012 09:00 AM

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From: shahid Akhtar <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]
Sent: Monday, 17 May 2010 6:24 PM
Subject: from Shahid-WWICS
Dear Pinky,


Due to some problem in my company server was unable to reply you.You may reply me on my offial ID as problem is likely to be resolved soon.It took me some time to ascertain whether your name appears on the list of clients who have been cheated by Ms Jancy as the list (with Jancy's signature) was submitted to the Head office.Yes she admitted(written letter) that she owes Rs 25000 to you.There were 7-8 clients who she owes money to and the total amount was Rs 434000.She gave us a cheque which was submitted to the bank but it bounced.Head office sent her a legal notice to which she did not respond.At branch level,we lodged a complaint at local police station .For few days she was absconding but later she reported at the police station.The officer told us that he would pressurize her and tried to settled,however that also seems to not working as she kept crying and and tried to influence police officer that she is not in position to pay and wanted 4-6 months time. The officer told us to file a cheque bouncing case on her,which we will be doing very soon as legal notice period has to expire.Infact we wanted to file a cheating case however that may not materialized as major protion of the amount belongs to clients and only clients can file cheating case on her. However,we are trying our best to help clients recover their money.


The recovering might take longer time and when recovered will be refunded to you or if she settles directly to you then your matter will be resolved.


I spoke to head office,you need to pay a fresh visa fee ,the company will able to file your case without that.Also initially you opted for gold installment payment plan in the month of april 2008 ,wherin your were required to pay following payment


1.Rs 30,000 retainer fee(paid by you)


2.Rs 20,000 and USD 500 at the time of file number (you paid Rs 20,000 but usd 500 is still pending)


3.usd 800 at the time of interview/waiver

4.usd 800 at the time of medical.


Again on 24th march 2009 you retained our services for the fast track processing(under the old system processing time was 4-5 years) and paid Rs 30,000 which is company's extra charges for refiling under the fast track scheme.In this case the earlier payment made(Rs 25,000 retainer fee and Rs 20,000) were adjusted towards your new file.Now in case you want to proceed the outstanding payment of usd$ 500 is also need to be cleared and once you get your interview/waiver and medical you need to pay balance usd 1600(800 +800) as mentioned above.You may refer to the agreement signed in the year 2008.

 Hope this clarify your doubt.

  Dear Suresh,

Since I will be travelling to southern branches ,kindly be in touch her and provide all the support she needs.








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From: Pinky Mathew <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 02:27:34 +0200
Subject: Re: status of my file

Hi Shahid,

I still await your reply about my file proceedings.


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dhanya- ()     03/19/2012 08:23 AM

Chandigarh, Feb 21,2012,IANS:

Claiming to be the ''world’s largest immigration group'', multi-billion rupee WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) here is under the police scanner after it was found dealing in work permit visas without having a licence for it.

Chandigarh police, which have a special investigation team to probe into the immigration fraud being played on youth by immigration firms in and around this city, conducted raids on the sprawling headquarters of the WWICS in Mohali near here and other offices of the firm in recent days. Police claim to have found that WWICS had been running its business ‘illegally’ since it had no licence from the Protectorate of Emigrants since 2008.

But a WWICS spokesman said: “The services provided by WWICS are not under the ambit and not amenable to the provisions of The Emigration Act, 1983. We are working in a transparent manner since 1993 and have built the trust and confidence of the people.”

The first raid on WWICS was at its office here in Sector 22 on February 2 along with 19 other immigration firms in the city. The offices of all firms were sealed by police and documents and records taken away for investigations.

“WWICS is a big name in this field. We did our complete homework before raiding their premises. Serious anomalies in their business were found during investigations. They have been fooling people for a long time. Investigations are still being made from their records and the people they have sent abroad without having the licence to do so,” SIT head Anil Joshi said here.

As per the WWICS website, “Established in 1993, the WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services is the world leader in providing Global Resettlement Solutions, which is vouched by more than 80,000 people who have happily settled in their dream destinations like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

WWICS and its promoters have been in controversies earlier over immigration cases and land dealings. A golf resort set up by the company near Chandigarh was declared illegal by the Supreme Court.

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mukesh jain- ()     08/09/2011 05:00 AM

Dear All,

I think ..me also trapped in the jaws of WWICS... I have filed my documents for skill assessment and as of now ..no reply from any body and nobody is giving me any correct
I would like to request you all, now how can I go directly and apply for the Australian Migration
I'm an Electrical Engineer ..working in UAE and have 4 Yrs experience (3 yrs Gulf); IELTS 6.5 and (I'm sure ..I can score 7)....PLS HELP ME

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Rajesh shari- ()     05/07/2011 04:22 AM

I agree that WWICS is a big cheat, after reading all you guys comment on this blog. Thats why I gave my case to small firm called R. R. Consultancy in our city and they are the best, much much better than any other consultancy firm. I just got my Canada Visa and will be going soon to my dream country. R. R. Consultancy is the best. You can call them on - 00917875699799 and their web address is www.rrcs.webs.com and pls do mention my name when calling them.

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olga palomares- ()     03/22/2011 23:06 PM

I'm a US citizen my husband traveling abroad for A visa interview. What do I expect to see happen?. Where do I file a waiver, IN US or embassy/consulate where his interview is scheduled

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Blizzard- ()     01/27/2011 17:40 PM

Please go to CSIC HOMEPAGE, go to discipline & hearing, go to hearing schedule & scroll down, you will see DEvinder & Parvinder sandhu of WWICS scheduled for a pre-hearing.I request you to promptly send your experience with WWICS at:

[email protected]

I want to see them brought to Justice as I am a victim of their fraud too

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Johnson Varghese- ()     01/24/2011 08:03 AM

I agree with those of you who say that WWICS is a big fraud. They tried to play the tricks with me. I filed my complaint against them at the district consumer court (mohali) which I won. The buggers went to the state consumer court for a stay. I appeared on the day with all my arguements on the day and then company tried to strike a compromise with me--to which I agreed (because i had a lot of future programs coming up). though i did not get all the money back; i got most of it. I suggest to those guys who feel cheated to go to the consumer court and file a case. you can argue your case yourself. not much of expenses involved. the only thing is that you should have all your documents in place. consumer court cases gives speedy results--usually within 3 months time.

good luck guys.

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Priya- ()     01/06/2011 03:37 AM

WWICS is a big fraud and no one should trust them ever. They have taken my 67K and not provided any service and even refuse to refund the amount.
Bidhaan and his manager Rajiv at the Delhi office of WWICS are the biggest frauds in immigration you would find.

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