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patience001     11/21/2019 20:54 PM

Around 7:50pm I got the notification about approval from egov.uscis.gov website.

ID —-11 sep,2019


AFTER 70 days i got the approval.

Very soon all of us will get approved.

Good luck for all of us.

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eb2row!     11/21/2019 18:12 PM

I just had my EB2 interview today at NYC and it was approved right away!
I've been reading a lot from this forum and it really helped me.

Here's my timeline:


I-140 received on 12/26/18
RFE submitted on 01/29/19
I-140 approved on 02/06/19

I-131/I-765/I-485 received on 02/19/19
Biometrics on 03/15/19
I-485 RFE received on 08/02/19 (needs diploma even though it was already submitted)
EAD with parole received on 08/2019

ready for interview on 09/12/19
schedule for interview on 10/11/19
interview date on 11/21/19

Waited for an hour with my lawyer.
The officer was really nice. Took the oath, then give her my passports (old and new)/driver's license/EAD with parole.
She basically asked what's on the first 9 pages of the form I-485 that was submitted to verify, then around 10-15 questions for the yes/no questions.
I just have to give her my I-94 (print it out at the USCIS system) since I used my EAD twice to go out of the country. She carefully looked on my I-20s (I am on F1 visa) to make sure that I was never out of status. And made me signed the corrections made.

She asked for my paystubs/W2/ITR/medical clearance form. She never asked for employment verification letter since I485 J was already submitted.

She said that everything looks fine and checked if there is a visa available. My lawyer said it is current and I also brought her the November visa bulletin. She will just review and approve it. She gave me the white paper stating I had the interview today.

In less than an hr, my status changed to "new card is being produced."
I am now waiting for the GC and already booked tickets to Europe!

It was a relief.

I hope this one helps.

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E216     11/21/2019 17:25 PM

Hello everyone,
I just had my EB3 I-485 interview done today at Baltimore office
Everything went smooth didn’t take longer than 10 mins at the end of the review the officer said nothing back she handed back to my the notice of interview results, with no box checked, my lawyer was present he asked why we were getting a notice with no box checked, she did reply back she only says we need to wait for a visa number, and my lawyer replied that he checked today and it current she didn’t reply back escorted us out. Few mins later a got a text notification stating that my case is under review. Anyone has experienced such a thing. I am deeply confused, and not sure what to do

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Sandy33     11/21/2019 15:58 PM


Well, I just got approved today, on the 65 day after the interview.


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Jackalope     11/21/2019 14:30 PM


I find this website helpful during the waiting precess. Hope my time line ease up the stresses.

I suggest to take a look at this spreadsheet that has been circulated around. Really helpful.

PD 12/10/2018
I485/ I140/ I131. 5/3/2019
I 140 approved in 2 weeks
I 131 approved early september
Interview 8/26/2019
Card in production 11/20/2019

Good luck,

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ultracombo     11/21/2019 13:59 PM

I've been looking at this forum for months now, and I'd like to provide my experience.

EB3/ Employment-Based

The interview was held on 09/16/2019 in the El Paso, TX Office
The interview was fast and simple. The officer asked me about my current job, whether I have any other names or nicknames, current address, etc.

At the end of the interview, the officer told me to wait for my date to become current before getting my green card as I was hit by retrogression. Lucky for me, my PD became current in October.

In my case, the Case Status Page has been working fairly well and I've been receiving all updates. Exactly after 63 days, my status changed to "New Card is being produced"

Take it with a grain of salt but it takes more or less 60 days after your interview for USCIS to make a decision.

If it's taking more than 65+ days, you can talk with your lawyer or contact your local representative to see what's going on.

Like all of you mentioned before, if the officer told you that you're approved or that you just need to wait, then we just need to be VERY patient.

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Sandy33     11/21/2019 13:12 PM

I notice not much happening these days, we have to be patient and wait,I guess.
I do not see folks who had their interviews in Aug/Sept receiving any news from USCIS.

It's been 65 days since my interview and nothing....

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zmkarim     11/21/2019 09:34 AM

My interview was on 21 october 2019 in Islamabad. After my interview officer gave me 221g white slip asking for correct on passport and nothing else was mark on it. its been a month for my interview and one week for submission of my correct passport.
 so does anyone know how long it take to heard back about my case.
does anyone know outcome of the case. what would happen usually

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NYkir     11/21/2019 06:13 AM

Today is Day 87,

Yesterday we called USCIS. We told them our case was approved in September, we also got Welcome Notice but since then nothing. We did not got our cards yet. Officer told us our case is still under review (although we got Approva/Welcome notice!!) and this delay due to the visa availability issue.

We want to visit our family in christmas, we have Advance Parole but we hesitate to use it, considering if any issue when we reenter the country. We have our combo card. After we got approval notice my husband stopped going to school because he started working. So his student visa cancelled. Now, we are not sure if this cause a problem in reentering the country although we have advance parole.

I appriciate any comment, experiance, idea

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EB2filer     11/20/2019 19:36 PM

Hi all,

Finally i have received my GC . I have mostly been a silent reader on the forum , but thanks for all the support
ID 8/28
affected by retrogression
case remained at ' interview was scheduled' up until last week, when it changed to 'fingerprint review was completed', 3-4 days later my lawyer got our approval notices and informed us . then another 3-4 days later got our GC.
Thankfully its over !

Thank you all once again !

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