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seattleshailja     01/16/2019 13:27 PM

Travelling with Advance Parole is a very scary experience, but this forum helped me a lot with my anxiety during traveling so I want to share my experience. I am in the process of getting my GC (married to USC) waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I traveled to India for 3 weeks using my advance parole. On the way back, my husband joined me and we headed back to US and entered the customs at Seattle. It was relatively smooth experience.

I traveled with ANA airlines and at the Delhi airport during check-in, it took the agents a little while (25 minutes) to get me my boarding pass because they had to figure out how to do the paperwork for AP properly. So make sure you reach the airport way ahead of time to account for these delays as they will most likely happen.

When we landed in Seattle, I told the airport personnel about my AP, and they directed me and my husband to a line (shorter than the rest yay), and the officer took my docs and my husband's passport. He took my finger prints and picture, returned my husband's passport. He gave my documents (passport, AP, custom form) to another officer who escorted us to a secondary inspection. It was also the counter for global entry. We sat there and waited for about 15 minutes. Remember to not use your phone there. Then the officer called us. He asked us where we are coming from, how long we were there, why were we there, did we buy something there, are there any plants/meats in our luggage, where we lived in Seattle, where I worked in Seattle. Then he entered all this information in the system, ran background checks and stamped my passport and we were all set to go!

Makes me regret all the anxiety I had for this trip, it was quite smooth. I have a little overstay (under 180 days) and no criminal record. The officers were polite and helpful (despite the shutdown and not getting paid).

Let me know if anyone has any further questions, I would be happy to answer.

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Kkimm     01/09/2019 17:24 PM

I went to USCIS for a emergency travel parole last week and got denied because I didn’t have a death birth certificate for my relative that pass I had police report and proof of relationship but the immigration officer said I was enough so I left anger as ever and I decided I’m going to my congress office right at the moment for them to help I did already email them like a week before so he was familiar with ever thing ..he took my document and expedite for me I can him yesterday to check up on my case he said he’s working on it and I will be hearing from him before the day is over and before the day over he told me that the USCIS office is approving my emergency travwl parole I just need to go and pick it up ..so I went this morning and told them I was here to see the supervisor my congress office send me And they were expecting me it took me less thank two hour to get my emergency travel god is good and don’t be afraid to go to the congress office they do care

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Skyworld     01/09/2019 01:50 AM

ok so I'm trying to renew my EAD and apply for advance parole, so I can get a combo card this time. If any one can help me answer these questions I have about the forms.

1) on the i131 question #6 class of admission what do I put for that? Do I put what is on my i94?
     (I had DACA, travel with AP, now pending AOS).

2. on form i765 for the EAD it ask what is your current status, what should I write for that?
       (no longer have DACA, just pending AOS) what is my current legal status?

thanks in advance for responding.

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pdoct10     01/07/2019 16:50 PM

I am not worried about travelling with Advanced parole even after overstaying the visa . the question is does the 10 years bar applied to anyone before . like you came back to the US but they reject your 485 because of becoming inadmissible ??

Any good experience of people traveled after overstaying and got their green card already ??


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shae     01/07/2019 16:50 PM

We have an PD of 3/21/18. At that time, we filed the I 130, I485 and I 765. We did not think to file for the AP because i was not knowledged enough on the processing time. I finally filed the I 131 on behalf of my husband with a priority date of 10/3/18. Is there any reason for USCIS to deny it? While we wait i'm getting more and more anxious

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Skyworld     01/03/2019 13:52 PM

so I currently have an i485 AOS pending. Priority date 3/5/18. so I already have an approve EAD from 7/15/18, but did not get a combo i131 didn't think o would need it. but I want to Apply for it now because my husband possibly wants us to travel this summer. my question is has anyone ever applied for advance parole after already having an approved EAD from pending AOS. Also anyone willing to help me if I need to ask direct messages about filling out the i131, it's kind of confusingly worded? Thanks in advance for responding.

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Kkimm     01/02/2019 20:54 PM

I having a hard time getting my brother death certificate because of his sudden death :( I gather every other information like condolences postes , him in the news paper and our birth certificate proving our relationship should I try getting the emergency ap with just those

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applicant123     12/28/2018 17:58 PM


I am planning to travel internationally using my Advance Parole document. However my country of citizenship is on the list for "travel 'ban".

Would that be an issue?

I would appreciate if you could kindly share your experience.

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soybostero     12/25/2018 20:52 PM

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on if I can travel using advanced parole. I am a DACA recipient and have never gotten the chance to leave the country. I know that they stopped accepting AP applications last year, but I am reading about many people traveling. Should I apply?

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robertgarcia     12/13/2018 09:01 AM

I travelled on Advance parole in July 2017 from Eastern Europe back to the US. It was the time when it was difficult to travel for many people because of the newly appointed administration in the White House. I was a little afraid as most of you probably are. I flew from Madrid to New York City and I remember it was a horrible experience during the time where I had to wait for my American Airlines flight. Please, avoid this airline if you can, use it only for domestic flight!!! In Madrid people did not know what was an Advance Parole so you have to explain to them. I had a green card application pending at the time. In Eastern Europe people also don't know what an Advance Parole is, but I managed to get into the flight. As I arrived at JFK Airport I had to use the visitors line in order to proceed and I remember I had to wait a loooooong time and I desperately needed to go to the restroom, I was ready to explode. After literally 2 hours wait my time came, the officer saw my documents and took me to the small room where there was a podium and chairs in front. I told the officer that I need to use the restroom and he replied that the processing officer was there. I was ready to explode. Anyway, he came, he saw my paperwork, checked me online on the computer, gave me my passport and parole and said: "Have a nice day!" and that was it. I went to take my bags and went straight home. Before I left for Europe I did get the phone numbers of my lawyer and staff. If you have no criminal background or arrests there shouldn't be any issues using the parole. This is all I can say.

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