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NYkir     11/21/2019 06:19 AM


We had our employement based AOS interview in August 2019 but we do not get our green cards yet. We want to travel our country for Christmas. Is Advance Parole enough to travel or do we also need a valid visa ? This makes us nervous.

I appriciate any comment and experience

All the best

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Cactus006     11/19/2019 14:23 PM

Hi Everyone,
1st i like to say Use Your AP without thinking twice, let me tell you my experience,
I was illegal Presence for more then 1year in USA, married to US citizen & got my Ead combo card with AP & i Decided to go to India for Visiting Parents & Family.
And i took a Trip for like 50 days, I wasn’t so worried while coming back, Landed in SFO airport & stand in 1st immigration Line, my turns comes & i gave him my passport & EAD Combo card, he took finger prints & photo and said I don’t have STAMP here you have to go to Back room(Secondary Immigration), in that room i waited like 10-15mins & they callled my Name & asked Who Sponsors you for GC.
I gave my answer & He said Welcome Back to SFO.

With my experience They just asked me 1 question which is easy.
To all My friends who want to visit their Families Use your AP & enjoy your Trips without any Problem. (My Background is Clean as Crystal water).


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Sara88     11/19/2019 02:11 AM

Hi all,

is there a way to check that your i-485 is still open? I don't want to travel on my AP to find out later that it is not open.


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lyly585     11/14/2019 18:25 PM

Hi fam,

I am planning visiting my family back home. I have emergency AP (my dad passed away).
I did work without authorization. My concern is, is it safe to travel?
Please share your experience.

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lyly585     11/14/2019 16:44 PM

Hi fam,
I am planning on going back home with AP at the end of the month for a few days. I did work without work authorization. Is it safe to travel? Please share your experience.

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Samilanki     11/13/2019 16:07 PM

I married my wife in good faith with true love to start up a family and we loved each other but the mother is not aware of our marriage because my wife told me the mother will not support our marriage if she find out that I don’t have papers and no good job. The mother finds out about our marriage and also found out that I don’t have green card or citizenship she forced her daughter to divorce me. My mother inlaw turned my wife’ heart against me and I refuse to accept any divorce which they presented to me as the only option to spare me and they now jointly threatened to deal with me by calling USCIS and reporting me for marriage fraud that I married my wife for papers and not for true love. Though USCIS did not notify or summon me with any letter but they delayed in approving my I-485 after our interview which have been pending for 16months and my marriage is 2years and 6months old. I tried to contact USCIS to know if they will tell me anything about my case but to no avail then I felt abused and helpless then I filed for VAWA and got my I-485 held in abeyance until the I-360 will be approved. The USCIS did not deny my application and did not send me any notice about my wife and mother’s claim though I don’t know actually if they reported fraud to USCIS but that’s what they informed me they did. Right now my I-360 is still pending but I was able to renew my work permit which came with travel parole. I would love to visit my old sick father because he is suffering from kidney related problem now and might die at any moment...Please I want to know if it advisable for me to go home to Africa and come back safely to America without being denied entry..I had no criminal record, overstay or unlawful presence though was out of status on my F1 visa before I married my wife and filed for adjustment of status..please help ...I need a candid advise.

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kangsun91     11/13/2019 00:51 AM

Hi All, please share your timeline if you married to GC holder.

I-130 PD: 10/05/2018
I-485, I-765, I-131 PD: 06/03/2019
Finger print: July 2019

No update since then,

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Bellaaa     11/12/2019 18:41 PM

June filers update please.. I’ve been waiting for my combo card and still no nothing I’m app frustrated:(

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arion     11/12/2019 14:45 PM

Hello all, I am an asylum seeker and married to a USC. I don't have an advance parole document yet, and I haven't filed my I485 since I want to wait to the two years so they can approved the green card without condition. However, I have gotten a job that is based in London, and I wanted to have the opportunity to travel, but I'm scared to get the Advanced parole and not to be granted re-entry to the US.
I have no criminal record, and I wanted to know if any of you have traveled outside the US to a country that IS NOT your country of origin, and what's your experience? Did they let you in? Did they hold you? Did they deny your entry?
Can someone please give me your input, I have asked my lawyer and her answer is always NO, NO, NO. But I can't be the only one who has a pending asylum application that has gotten AP and wanted to go out of the US, to another "developed" country and be denied the entry with the AP.

Has anybody travel outside while on pending asylum, with an AP? Is it safe? Will they deny my entry back?

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TGIL     11/12/2019 11:07 AM

Hi everyone!

I got my combo card in the mail today.
I am filing for I-360 and I-485 at same time after I was married to abusive husband. (I file before with him but I did withdrawn it) I didn't get the the approval for the I-360
I want to travel to my country (Israel) for 18 days with my combo card after 6 years that I didn't travel outside USA.

My question is : How safe for me is to travel with the combo card? Do I need to bring with me anything beside the card? It is better to wait for the approval??

Thank you!

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